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25 Apr. 1978
High Roller
Las Vegas private eye Dan Tanna probes the murder of Marilyn Ochs, a teenage prostitute who ran away from home because she didn't get along well with her mother Loretta's new husband Merle.
20 Sep. 1978
Model Shawn Adams' agent Nat Finer is a two-bit hustler whose shady friend Mr. Smith drugs Shawn, takes X-rated photos of her, then tries to blackmail her into a five-year contract.
27 Sep. 1978
The Games Girls Play
A senator gets photographed in a compromising position with three housewives whose husbands neglect them. When one girl is run down by a car, it's obvious that all three are in danger from a vengeful victim.
11 Oct. 1978
Mother Mishkin
Mother Mishkin tries to nail shady real estate developer Worthmeyer and thinks her life is in danger from him, so she hires Dan to protect her. Meanwhile, Dan recruits bumbling Binzer to repossess a car from deadbeat Freddie Tibbs.
18 Oct. 1978
Love, Laugh and Die
Call girl Lexy Gardner is shot dead, so her mother hires Dan to find out who did it and how Lexy wound up hooking. The case expands to involve singer Eddie Banning, tennis pro Lou Spitz, and contractor William Virgil.
25 Oct. 1978
Yes, My Darling Daughter
On her wedding day, Cindy Jenner Smalley sees. or thinks she sees, her dead father Hank, a famous country-western singer who vanished shortly after arranging his wife's mercy killing ten years before. Dan takes the case.
1 Nov. 1978
Lady Ice
A sheik who is staying at Roth's hotel doesn't realize that his female escort Allison Jordan is the one female in a trio of crooks who steal twelve rubies from him. Her romantic evening with Dan becomes her alibi for the crime.
8 Nov. 1978
Milliken's Stash
Cocaine smuggler Marty Trafalgar tries to retire, but his former partner Wendell Milliken from Miami won't allow him to do so.
15 Nov. 1978
The Pageant
Mike Logan hires Dan to find his daughter Jenny's rapist. Bella discovers that the serial rapist targets slender blondes in their late teens. When the rapist kills a victim, Jenny becomes a witness and Bea becomes a decoy.
22 Nov. 1978
Lost Women
Tanna investigates the mysterious disappearances of beautiful Las Vegas showgirls and discovers they have been abducted by a white slaver. When he gets caught trying to rescue them, Binzer and Roth try to rescue him.
6 Dec. 1978
Second Stanza
Faded singer Ginny Gordon's comeback is threatened, and her sanity imperiled, by attempts on her life. Is her former partner responsible for the attempts, or is a recent acquaintance terrorizing her?
20 Dec. 1978
Serve, Volley and Kill
Temperamental tennis pro Bobby Howard has been receiving threatening phone calls. His coach Sid Green hires Dan to protect Bobby, who doesn't want it. Meanwhile, Binzer tries to stop Tommy Cirko's petty larceny: impersonating a minister.
10 Jan. 1979
Ghost of the Ripper
Psychotic Jack Schulman is killing prostitutes. Amateur criminologist Philiip Graykirk sees a pattern similar to the Jack-the-Ripper murders and predicts more deaths to come.
17 Jan. 1979
The Eleventh Event
A benefit telethon is planned for Leon Hazlett, a five-time Olympic gold medalist who was crippled in a car crash. But emcee Paul Baker is kidnapped and a $200,000 ransom is demanded.
24 Jan. 1979
Kill Dan Tanna!
When Dan was in Vietnam, he once defied the orders of Captain North, who wound up crippled. North hires goons to help him take revenge by terrorizing Dan and the people around him.
31 Jan. 1979
Death Mountain
Chief Gray Bear is trying to stall a Japanese businessman's construction project on the reservation.
7 Feb. 1979
Best Friends
Dan's childhood friend visits Vegas. Unknown to Dan, he is the felon who kills Erwin Levy and wounds Roth in the process. Will Philip Roth be the next victim?
14 Feb. 1979
Demand and Supply
A teenager gets assaulted at the seedy Pinecrest Hotel. Her mother's friend, begs Dan to take the case. Meanwhile, the pimp threatens to harm another teenage girl if she doesn't turn tricks.
28 Feb. 1979
Everything I Touch
Dan's love interest Christy Winters is strangled in her hotel room. Her friend tries to help him solve the case and becomes the next victim. Both girls were with Dan right before their murders, leaving Dan badly grief-stricken.
7 Mar. 1979
Doubtful Target
Savings and loan president Tyler Dickinson murders investment counselor Cy Winters and then Binzer's girlfriend Kim Sarrason. Binzer is first devastated and then vindictive. Can Dan prevent Binzer from exacting vigilante justice?
14 Mar. 1979
Touch of Death
Newlywed Gary Cole goes to buy some jewelry for his wife Wendy, and disappears. When Wendy realizes he's missing, nobody that she questions seems to recognize the couple. Her hysteria only hampers Dan's investigation.
2 May 1979
The Way to Live
Daredevil Shara Stanley's drunken mechanic Bill Woods tries to talk her out of a dangerous stunt because her beneficiaries plan to sabotage it and have her killed so they can collect on her insurance.
9 May 1979
The Visitor
Dan is hired to be the escort and bodyguard of Princess Zara during her stay in Las Vegas. But political problems follow her. Fanatic Lucille tries to kill both Dan and Zara before she herself is shot dead in Zara's hotel room.

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