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4 Jan. 1980
The Spare Part
Peter has to pay £15 when Sheila calls someone out to mend the washer, the repairman tells him that he can get a new outlet seal from Scotland, and collecting the parcel from the train station proves to be a nightmare.
11 Jan. 1980
Just Cause or Impediment
Peter needs a morning suit when his friend asks him to be his best man, the last-minute change of plan leaves him with a very limited choice, and the groom has to be calmed down when he starts having serious doubts.
18 Jan. 1980
Look Who's Coming for Ever
Peter has to put his father-in-law up while Sheila's brother is on holiday, the amount of belongings he brings with him suggests a longer stay, and an article about the population leads to a question about grandchildren.

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