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7 Jan. 1979
Collision Course: The Brave Goose
Oscar West is killed when his power boat blows up during a race, where the Saint has seen a shifty character of his acquaintance. Oscar's widow Annabelle sets off for the French Riviera to collect 'The Brave Goose', a luxury yacht left to her by her late husband, followed by associates of Oscar, who believe that she knows the whereabouts of the spoils of a gold bullion robbery in which he was involved. In order to get her to talk they trap her in a bull-ring with a fierce bull. Happily for her the Saint has also been on her trail.
14 Jan. 1979
Collision Course: The Sixth Man
The Saint saves Annabelle from the bull-ring but she is adamant that she knows nothing about the gold bullion robbery. Having survived an attempt to murder him - in which a policeman is killed - the Saint takes Annabelle to the 'Brave Goose', where its captain, Captain Finnigan, tells them that Oscar West used to go to Corsica twice a year. The Saint believes that this is where the gold has been hidden and sets sail, followed by the villains and the police.
21 Jan. 1979
Hot Run
The Saint travels to the Italian ski resort of Cortina for a holiday. Here he is approached by American Diane Lang, who asks him to help her find her brother's killer. Diane runs a ski school though the Saint is about to discover that it is really a front for more lethal activities.
28 Jan. 1979
The Murder Cartel
The Saint is approached by the C.I.A. to work undercover in order to prevent the anticipated assassination of the powerful but unpopular oil sheik Kemal. He is to infiltrate and expose the leader of an international ring of killers known as 'the Murder Cartel'. He arrives in Rome to begin his mission, meeting the attractive but lethal Laura.
4 Feb. 1979
The Obono Affair
The Saint is reluctant to act as bodyguard to the ruthless African president Obono. However he agrees to help the president's daughter Mora to discover who has kidnapped her little brother. The President's English aide, Colonel Dyson, a former S.A.S. officer, seems to be a likely suspect. The Saint investigates him.
11 Feb. 1979
Vicious Circle
Roberto Lucci, a retired racing driver and husband of the successful fashion designer Renata, is killed in what appears to be a car accident. The Saint believes Roberto to have been too good a driver for his death to have been accidental and determines to investigate.
25 Feb. 1979
The Saint is approached by his friend Domenico, a reclusive millionaire who lives on an island. Domenico's son was killed in a helicopter crash but Domenico himself was supposed to be on board and he believes that a face from the past is out for vengeance against him and his family. The Saint agrees to investigate.
4 Mar. 1979
Appointment in Florence
The Saint is on a skiing holiday with his friend Christian Van Esser but whilst the Saint is distracted by a girl called Helga Christian disappears. His body is later found in a cable car. The Saint understands that Christian was in pursuit of a gang of Italian terrorists, who killed him and are now based in Florence. The Saint decides to follow them and avenge his friend.
11 Mar. 1979
The Diplomat's Daughter
The Saint comes to the rescue of Marie de la Garde. She is the daughter of an ambassador and her irresponsible brother has notched up large gambling debts. Her pursuers are forcing him into smuggling drugs using their father's diplomatic immunity. The Saint agrees to help her.

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