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10 Sep. 1978
The Judas Game
The Saint is sent to rescue Selma Morell, a British secret agent captured by the Albanian secret police and held in a prison in the mountains. With the help of a local agent he is able to break into the prison and rescue Selma, but he must also identify the double agent who betrayed her.
17 Sep. 1978
The Nightmare Man
In Paris the Saint meets a distraught woman who says that she has had a vivid dream in which her husband, the new Italian ambassador to Britain,is killed whilst travelling in an open coach in a London square. The Saint goes to London and meets the ambassador and his wife - though she is a different lady to the one he met in Paris. The Saint must solve the deception before somebody is indeed killed.
24 Sep. 1978
Duel in Venice
Whilst in Venice the Saint runs up against an old adversary looking for revenge, who kidnaps Sally, the Saint's female companion. He rings the Saint to tell him that he has put a necklace on Sally which, when the allotted time runs out, will garotte. The Saint enlists the help of Claudia, a lady gondolier who knows the city well, to trace Sally before she is killed.
1 Oct. 1978
One Black September
The Saint teams up with Israeli Captain Leila Sabin, a counter-terrorist officer, to track down Abdul Hakim. He is a member of the Black September terrorist group who has defected and is in hiding in London and knows the names of anti-Israeli agents. They must reach him before other members of his gang get to him.
8 Oct. 1978
The Village That Sold Its Soul
The Saint is met with a wall of silence when trying to investigate a murder in the remote Italian village of Santa Maria. Only young widow Sophia Castracano agrees to help him unravel the mystery, going up against Boldoni, the local police chief in the process.
15 Oct. 1978
Assault Force
The Saint agrees to help a young Eurasian woman and her colleagues kidnap a visiting politician who, they say, is a very bad man. Only after they have taken the man does the Saint realize that he has been duped, the prisoner was actually a peace-maker whom he has delivered into the hands of terrorists and now he must save the day.
22 Oct. 1978
Yesterday's Hero
Several years earlier the Saint was on a secret mission with three other men, Gates, Cleaver and Diskett. Gates was captured and it was assumed that he was killed. However, he now returns from the prison where he was held and tortured to gain revenge on Cleaver, the man who betrayed him and who is now an arms dealer. He turns to the Saint for help.
29 Oct. 1978
The Poppy Chain
Jane Platt, sister of the Saint's girlfriend Jenny, dies from a shot of impure heroin. Her father, a retired general, is bristling for revenge but the Saint prevents him and travels to the Camargue, home of a ruthless family of drug racketeers headed by Scorbesi and his son Dominic who control the traffic of drugs into London. The Saint plans to stop them for good.
5 Nov. 1978
The Arrangement
When Greer Stevens suggests to Sheila Northcott that each woman kills the other's husband, Sheila does not take her seriously until her own spouse is killed by Greer, who then tries to coerce her into keeping her side of the 'deal'. Sheila turns to the Saint for help.
11 Dec. 1978
The Armageddon Alternative
A deranged scientist, rejected for a top government post, gets his revenge by setting off explosions all over London. He threatens the biggest explosion of all unless sculptress Lynn Jackson is publicly executed and the Saint teams up with Commander Denning of Special Branch to stop him.
19 Nov. 1978
The Imprudent Professor
Emma Bartlett asks the Saint to guard her father, a scientist who has recently invented a petrol substitute. She is concerned that he may be kidnapped or forced to defect because of his product. After a confrontation with a man who claims to be a secret service agent responsible for the professor's well-being, the Saint runs into the seductive Samantha, who works for the organization Genius Inc. which sells very clever people to the highest bidders. Meanwhile the professor disappears, lured by a fake telephone call to meet up with the Saint, who must rescue him before...
26 Nov. 1978
Signal Stop
The Saint is on a train where he meets Janie Lennox. She tells him that she has just seen somebody being killed in an empty building the train passed by. The police can find no evidence of murder and inform the Saint that Janie has recently had psychiatric treatment but she sticks to her story and the Saint decides to investigate.
3 Dec. 1978
The Roman Touch
In Rome the Saint meets up again with Michelle, a girl he has known since she was a child. She is now a successful pop singer but she is being over-stretched by her producer. She is also under threat from the local Mafia. The Saint takes it upon himself to see if her twin problems are connected.
10 Dec. 1978
Tower Bridge Is Falling Down
When Charlie Stewart is found crushed to death on one of his demolition sites his daughter Jenny seeks the Saint's help. She is convinced that her father was killed by his business partner Ray Dennis who also conned him out of a large sum of money. The Saint devises an elaborate plan which will appeal to Dennis's greed and hopefully expose him as the killer.
17 Dec. 1978
The Debt Collectors
The Saint rescues Jerri Hansen when her horse bolts in Hyde Park. She does not think it was accidental and tells the Saint that her sister has disappeared and she believes that she has been taken by agents to flush out a spy in the British Secret Service.The Saint agrees to help her locate the missing sibling.

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