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1 Jan. 1981
Mork's New Look
Mork goes to see a plastic surgeon.
8 Jan. 1981
Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well
Mork becomes so paranoid about natural disasters that he locks himself inside a glass bubble.
15 Jan. 1981
Mork and the Bum Rap
Mork becomes a bum in order to help Mindy open a children's hospital.
22 Jan. 1981
Mindy Gets Her Job
Mindy gets a job at a local news station.
5 Feb. 1981
Twelve Angry Appliances
Mork gets revenge when a disrespectful repairman refuses to fix Mindy's stereo.
12 Feb. 1981
There's a New Mork in Town
An Orkan comes down to Earth in order to challenge Mork.
19 Feb. 1981
Mork Meets Robin Williams
Mindy brings home a record of Robin Williams' "Reality, What A Concept" and notices that Mork greatly resembles the comedian on the album cover. Mork doesn't see it but the people in Boulder do because they think he "is" Robin. Robin happens to be coming to Boulder for a live show and Mork is nearly trampled by crazed fans. Mindy gets to interview Robin and brings Mork with her.
26 Feb. 1981
Mindy, Mindy, Mindy
Mork attempts at creating clones of Mindy when she goes out of town.
12 Mar. 1981
Mork the Swinging Single
Mork becomes a swinger after Mindy suggests he see other single women.
26 Mar. 1981
Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and Ruby
Mindy leads a picket line on Remo's restaurant after he fires an unsuccessful singing duo.
9 Apr. 1981
Mork and the Family Reunion
Fred's estranged brother comes into town for a family reunion, but what happens when Mindy eats an Orkan dessert the night of the reunion?
16 Apr. 1981
Old Muggable Mork
When Mindy's grandmother comes to visit, she is mugged, so Mork disguises himself as an old lady to catch the muggers.
30 Apr. 1981
I Heard It Through the Morkvine
Mork goes on television and gives some tasty but hurtful rumors about his friends.
7 May 1981
Mindy and Mork
Mindy has to work late hours on a new TV call-in show, "Talk to Dr. Lincoln", so she asks Mork to help with the housework. When his cleaning efforts turn the apartment into a disaster area, he calls Mindy on the air for advice and nearly gets her fired. When Mindy asks Dr. Lincoln for advice on how to help Mork adjust better to her working, Dr. Lincoln suggests they do a role reversal exercise - so they switch places.
14 May 1981
Reflections and Regrets
On Mr. Bickley's fiftieth birthday, Mindy refuses to share her regret with everyone else as it's too personal.
8 Oct. 1981
Limited Engagement
Mork proposes to Mindy.
15 Oct. 1981
The Wedding
Against direct orders from Orson, Mork goes ahead with his plan to marry Mindy.
22 Oct. 1981
The Honeymoon
Mindy attracts a lot of Orkans when she and Mork spend their honeymoon on his home planet.
29 Oct. 1981
Three the Hard Way
Mork discovers he's pregnant after he and Mindy return from their honeymoon.
5 Nov. 1981
Mama Mork, Papa Mindy
The newborn Mearth seems to show more affection for Mork than for Mindy.
12 Nov. 1981
My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody
Mork pretends to be a superhero for Mearth's sake.
19 Nov. 1981
Long Before We Met
Mork fantasizes about competing for Mindy in high school.
26 Nov. 1981
Rich Mork, Poor Mork
Mork makes an investment in a boutique of Exidor "originals".
3 Dec. 1981
Mearth runs away upon realizing he's an alien.
17 Dec. 1981
P.S. 2001
Mearth attends school on Ork where he's teased for being an "Earth-head".

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