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Season 3

21 Sep. 1979
David accidentally befriends a depressed Rock star called Lisa Swan who is being dominated by her manager/sister.
28 Sep. 1979
Blind Rage
David 'Blair' is staying with a young army officer and his family, who gets blinded after handling a toxic gas cannister. When David investigates, he soon loses his sight as well.
5 Oct. 1979
Brain Child
David 'Barnes' meets Joleen, a 16 year old genius who has escaped from an institute where she was being tested to find her mother.
19 Oct. 1979
The Slam
David is thrown into the slammer for vagrancy and stealing an apple. As prisoner 1124, he soon finds out the Sheriff and the warden are making money by forcing the inmates to do hard labor for local farmers.
26 Oct. 1979
My Favorite Magician
David 'Barker' is fired from a dish washing job thanks to eccentric old magician Jasper the Great who promptly takes him on as his new assistant.
2 Nov. 1979
David is working as a band aid and aspirin man at a Gastin Rodeo. An over the hill and ailing rodeo star called Jake wants to win one last price enabling him to pay off his younger brother's debts.
9 Nov. 1979
Behind the Wheel
David, working as a cab driver for the struggling Majestic Cab Co., finds himself being harassed by a loan shark's enforcer.
30 Nov. 1979
David finds himself traveling home to Treverton, Grail Valley for Thanksgiving where his sister, who is also scientist, asks him to help find a way to save the family farm from being sold to a land developer.
7 Dec. 1979
The Snare
David 'Bennet' is invited by a millionaire to play a game of chess on his private island. The man turns out to be a hunter and David becomes his prey, with his Hulk form making him even more an appealing challenge.
14 Dec. 1979
David is assisting Doctor Renee DuBois in New Orleans, where the locals believe more in the voodoo magic of former con Babalao than regular medicine.
21 Dec. 1979
Captive Night
David 'Bishop' is working overtime at Slaters department store the night two brothers break in. When the safe proves harder to crack than expected, David pretends to be after the money as well.
4 Jan. 1980
Broken Image
David 'Bowman' is mistaken for criminal Mike Cassidy, who promptly shaves off his mustache to take advantage of the situation.
11 Jan. 1980
Proof Positive
When Patricia Steinhouer takes over her fathers duties at the National Register, she takes Jack McGee off the Hulk story. Jack, who's obsession with the Hulk makes him see the green Goliath everywhere, tries to convince her otherwise.
25 Jan. 1980
David 'Burns' reluctantly becomes the stage manager for a carnival act and gets close to a young 'psychic' who is accused of being a jinx.
1 Feb. 1980
Long Run Home
David hooks up with a lone biker who's wanted by the police for questioning and by his club for deserting them.
8 Feb. 1980
Falling Angels
David 'Bannister' takes a job as a handyman at the Chesley Heights home for girls, only to find out the girls are being schooled in the arts of pick pocketing and safe cracking.
15 Feb. 1980
The Lottery
David 'Becker' befriends reformed con artist Harry Henderson, who buys a winning lottery ticket in David's name. After Henderson collect the money, he starts to set in motion the one big scam he always dreamed of.
22 Feb. 1980
The Psychic
After meeting a kindred soul in Annie, a young psychic who learns his secret just by touching him, David is devastated when the creature appears to have caused the death of a young man. He resolves to take drastic measures, until Annie foresees the death of Jack McGee.
29 Feb. 1980
A Rock and a Hard Place
David 'Braynard' is arrested for carrying explosives for his little old landlady and the forced to help the FBI, who find out his true identity, to catch her. The old lady however, finds out about his other secret.
14 Mar. 1980
A masked man is killing young women at a Prestonville college. Librarian David 'Brent' becomes a suspect and is interrogated while an angry mob gathers outside.
21 Mar. 1980
David 'Beldon' is working in the library of a spoiled heiress who insists that he attends her Equinox Masquarade party. Having almost caught his quarry during the previous Hulk-out, McGee joins the party, wearing a disguise and carrying a tranquilizer gun. Meanwhile, one of the guests has had enough of the host bullying everyone around and plans his revenge.
4 Apr. 1980
Nine Hours
Mobsters want to dispose of an old gangster while he's in hospital. They kidnap the son of David 'Breck''s landlady so he has to let them into the hospital he works at as an orderly. David teams up with another tenant, a washed up ex cop, to find the boy before his time runs out.
11 Apr. 1980
On the Line
David 'Brown' has walked right into a raging forest fire and is both forced to help out and accused of starting it all. McGee also joins the volunteers, looking for the Hulk.

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