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19 Nov. 1978
David & Goliath
A young shepherd boy battles a mighty giant in this riveting tale of courage against over-whelming odds.
19 Nov. 1978
Samson & Delilah
A powerful man made weak from passion suffers the consequences in this spellbinding Bible story of strength and betrayal.
19 Nov. 1978
The Story of Noah: Part 1
A man of God follows his faith to populate a new world in 'The Story of Noah', a powerful story of devotion, courage and triumph.
20 Nov. 1978
Joshua & Jericho
Joshua leads the people of Israel into the Promised Land.
20 Nov. 1978
The Story of Moses: Part 1
A man is chosen by God to battle a Pharoah and lead his people from bondage in one of the Bible's most unforgettable stories.
21 Nov. 1978
The Judgment of Solomon
King David must choose between sons Solomon and Adonijah to lead the 12 tribes of Israel.
22 Nov. 1978
Daniel in the Lions' Den
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22 Nov. 1978
Joseph in Egypt
A young man, sold into slavery by his brothers, rises to a position of prominence in this tale of forgiveness, faith and love.
The Story of Esther
Follow a new queen as she saves her people from destruction in 'The Story of Esther'
18 Mar. 1979
Jacob's Challenge
Jacob struggles with his brother's leadership of their people, and only God's mercy can show the path to salvation.
8 May 1979
The Ten Commandments
The powerful story of Israel's journey from Egypt and the gift of God's law to his people is dramatically recreated in this episode.
15 May 1979
The Tower of Babel
One just, God serving man, stands in the way of a megalomaniac in his attempt to enslave his subjects to build a tower to Heaven.
22 May 1979
Abraham's Sacrifice
Tale of Abraham who battles a King for his land and who seeks revenge on Abraham for killing his son. And the birth of his son, Isaac and the scheming of a slave who wishes for his freedom and is willing to do whatever to get it. And eventually his test where he has to sacrifice Issac.
22 May 1979
Sodom & Gomorrah
One righteous man is pitted against the world's most wicked cities in this tale of temptation and vengeance.

 Unknown Season 

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