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Season 1

28 Aug. 1978
Flying High
Three attractive young women Marcy Bower, Pam Bellagio, Lisa Benton succeed in qualifying for airline stewardess training at Sun West Airlines and then start getting a taste of the rigors and fun of the real thing as rookie stewardesses.
29 Sep. 1978
Fear of Cheesecake
Lisa been trying to get certified as a pilot. But an incident shatters her confidence. A woman who knows the girls gives them a cheesecake but she doesn't know that some the ingredients were bad. The girls give the cake to the pilots who eat it and come down with food poisoning. The Captain puts the plane on autopilot and tells the girls to wake him up when they're about to land. Marcy asks a doctor who's among the passengers if he could help. And what he does is give them a sedative which knocks them out. So Pam and Marcy tell Lisa that she has to land the plane. So ...
27 Oct. 1978
In the Still of the Night
Pam and Marcy are assigned on the flight to Miami but due to bad weather conditions, the jet is diverted to Georgia where they spend Halloween night at a haunted hotel. Lisa attends a Halloween party and falls in love with an older, rich playboy.
3 Nov. 1978
The Vanishing Point
Some college students play a prank on one of their classmates. They stick him in the plane completely naked. A girl who's traveling with no adult. And Pam runs into an ex who once stole from the place he worked. And one of the passengers claims that her diamond is missing and Pam's ex was the last she was with before it went missing.
24 Nov. 1978
High Rollers
During a flight to Las Vegas, Pam gets to know Wilbur Dobson, a dentist on the verge of retirement. This one tells her of his intention, following a conflict opposing him to his psychiatrist son Glen, to open a home for the elderly. Hearing that, Pam decides to try anything to reconcile the two men. As for Lisa, she finds herself outright assaulted by Steve Enders, a variety artist who has got it in his head to test on her his theories about love at first sight.

 Season 1 

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