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Season 7

8 Oct. 1983
The Other Man - Mr. Roarke/Forbidden Love
A widow discovers that the man of her dreams is actually her daughter's boyfriend; and a woman wants to make her boyfriend jealous, but when the fellow playing "the other man" gets hurt, Roarke is forced to step in, causing the woman to really fall for him.
15 Oct. 1983
The Big Switch/Hooker's Holiday
A woman fed up with her male-chauvinist-pig husband asks Roarke to turn him into a woman to show him what it's like; and a call girl wants a normal life with true love.
22 Oct. 1983
Nurses Night Out
A man grateful for the TLC provided him by three nurses from his hometown hospital rewards them by having Roarke grant them their fantasies.
29 Oct. 1983
God Child/Curtain Call
A little girl whose parents were killed wants to ask God why he took them away from her; and a comedian hopes to revive his act with his two former partners -- who want nothing to do with him.
12 Nov. 1983
The Butler's Affair/Roarke's Sacrifice
A physically disabled former dancer in love with Roarke wants to be able to dance again, but the ability comes with a price. Also, a rich widow in love with her butler finds objections from her friends, his friends, and the man himself.
19 Nov. 1983
Three's a Crowd/Second Time Around
A woman arrives on the island in the hope of saving her failing marriage; and a young man gets angry when he sees his widowed mother falling in love again.
26 Nov. 1983
The Wedding Picture/Castaways
A woman in an unhappy marriage wants to go back to her wedding day to change the choice she made; and a man infatuated with a supermodel wants her all to himself for a weekend.
3 Dec. 1983
Random Choices/My Mother, the Swinger
A dying millionaire is in search of a deserving recipient of his bequest; and a single mother indulges her fantasy of being a swinger.
10 Dec. 1983
Saturday's Child/The Fantasy Island Girl
An actress who gave up her children for adoption now wants to meet them; and a beauty-contest mogul notorious for rigging past competitions wants to clear his name.
7 Jan. 1984
Goin' on Home/Ambitious Lady
A successful country singer wants to reunite with his estranged family; and a couple have two separate fantasies: he wants success, she wants to rediscover their love.
14 Jan. 1984
Sweet Life/Games People Play
A man wants to give his family all the material things he has never been able to; and three women are looking to further their careers with a toy company.
21 Jan. 1984
To Fly with Eagles/The High Cost of Living
An amateur sportsman wants to win a flying competition; and an executive who's been concentrating on her career now wants to find a husband.
28 Jan. 1984
Lady's Choice/Skin Deep
A woman hopes to find the perfect man she's always dreamed of; and a shy fellow wants the chance to be seen with a beautiful woman.
25 Feb. 1984
Lady of the House/Mrs. Brandell's Favorites
Two intertwined stories: a former brothel madam, about to be married, wants to turn over the profits of her investments to her three favorite former employees, who have fantasies all their own.
3 Mar. 1984
Dark Secret/The Outrageous Mr. Smith
A young woman who was raped can't bring herself to tell her husband for fear of rejection; and a shy singer wants to gain self-confidence and cure his stage fright.
10 Mar. 1984
Sing Melancholy Baby/The Last Dogfight
A former rock singer now wants a baby, but not a husband; and a World War II vet wants one more shot at winning an air battle against the Nazis.
17 Mar. 1984
The Awakening of Love/The Impostor
A high-fashion model wants a true and everlasting love, but doesn't trust men; and a woman brings her husband to the island hoping Roarke can cure him of his impulsive assumption of other identities.
24 Mar. 1984
Mermaid and the Matchmaker/The Obsolete Man
Nyah the mermaid wants to shed her immortality, and promises revenge on Roarke when he refuses her; and a banker is faced with being replaced by a computer.
7 Apr. 1984
Lost and Found/Dick Turpin's Last Ride
A woman is all too ready to move on after she learns of her husband's extramarital affair; and a CPA with a fantasy of being Dick Turpin gets into more trouble than he was prepared for.
14 Apr. 1984
Don Juan's Last Affair/Final Adieu
A man in love with his unsuspecting best friend seeks advice from the legendary Don Juan; and a woman wants to end her affair with her married boss once and for all.
12 May 1984
Bojangles and the Dancer/Deuces Are Wild
A man's wife wants to prevent him from realizing his fantasy of performing with the legendary Mr. Bojangles; and two sisters want nothing more than to be taken seriously.
19 May 1984
Surrogate Mother/Ideal Woman
A pregnant young woman fears the day she will have to give up her baby to the couple for whom she is bearing the child; and a man wants to be reunited with the one true love of his life.

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