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Season 5

10 Oct. 1981
Show Me a Hero/Slam Dunk
A woman insists on closure with her old boyfriend before she can get on with her life with the current one; and a man tries to impress the girl he has a crush on by joining the basketball team her father coaches.
17 Oct. 1981
Devil and Mr. Roarke/Ziegfeld Girls/Kid Corey Rides Again
Mephistopheles uses Julie to force Roarke into another confrontation; two elderly women want to relive their days as members of the Ziegfeld Follies; and a Brooklyn shoe salesman travels back to the Old West to meet his favorite outlaw.
24 Oct. 1981
Cyrano/The Magician
A woman in search of the most chivalrous and romantic man of all time winds up meeting Cyrano de Bergerac; and a magician trying to perfect his craft faces a huge problem after he makes his assistant vanish.
31 Oct. 1981
The Lady and the Monster/The Last Cowboy
A scientist discovers that Dr. Frankenstein really did exist -- by meeting his monster; and a middle-aged man with a hankering for the Old West is annoyed to find himself still stuck in the present day.
7 Nov. 1981
Mr. Nobody/La Liberatora
Julie accidentally provides a man looking for inner strength with physical prowess instead; and a flamboyant classical guitarist hopes to trace her roots back to the legendary El Lobo Rojo in the days of Spanish California.
14 Nov. 1981
Night in the Harem/Druids
An unprepossessing fellow gets more than he asked for when he requests one night with a harem; and a young woman who wants to be the center of all attention learns that being a queen can be perilous.
21 Nov. 1981
Perfect Husband, The/Volcano
A woman hoping to find and marry her dream man but learns that perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be. A seismologist, who places science above humanity, has his values tested when he and a group of others are threatened by an erupting volcano.
28 Nov. 1981
Lillian Russell/The Lagoon
A woman time-travels to gather information for her biography on Lillian Russell, and actually becomes the singer; and a man who wants nothing more than tranquil solitude is unwillingly forced to face up to events in his past.
5 Dec. 1981
Romance Times Three/Night of the Tormented Soul
An answering-service operator wants to meet the three men she's known up to now only as voices over the phone; and a brother and sister face a weekend of horror while trying to find out how their father died when they were young.
2 Jan. 1982
A Very Strange Affair/The Sailor
A man trying to solicit operating funds for an orphanage receives assistance from a truly odd source; and a woman falls in love with a sailor, but must exchange her life for their happiness.
9 Jan. 1982
House of Dolls/Wuthering Heights
A window dresser in love with one of his mannequins asks Roarke to bring her to life; and a woman enters the world of her favorite classical novel in order to meet Heathcliff.
16 Jan. 1982
The Magic Camera/Mata Hari/Valerie
A photographer, who wants to take unique pictures, finds his request granted in a way he didn't anticipate. A woman looking to learn more about Mata Hari finds herself in the legendary spy's shoes. Also a young man is in search of a woman he fell in love with, who then disappeared.
23 Jan. 1982
King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court/Shadow Games
A man's quest to meet his legendary hero goes awry when King Arthur is somehow transported to the present; and a country singer wants to make one last record with her boyfriend -- who is believed to be dead.
30 Jan. 1982
Daddy's Little Girl/The Whistle
A woman who's never met her real father wants to find him so he can give her away at her wedding; and a scientist desperate to make a great discovery pays for his determination with a weekend of sheer terror.
6 Feb. 1982
The Case Against Mr. Roarke/Save Sherlock Holmes
A woman presents Roarke with her daughter, claiming he's her father; and a security guard wants to work with a fictional detective of Roarke's choice.
13 Feb. 1982
The Challenge/A Genie Named Joe
A wealthy business tycoon (Vic Morrow) is out to take Fantasy Island away from Roarke (Ricardo Montalban); and a florist (Kim Darby) enlists the help of a genie (Larry Linville) to find her perfect husband.
20 Feb. 1982
Funny Man/Tattoo, the Matchmaker
A stand-up comic is ashamed to tell his fiancée that he's alone in the world, so he has his imaginary family brought to life to introduce to her; and Tattoo starts a computer-dating service which matches all its female clients with the same man - Roarke.
6 Mar. 1982
Sitting Duck/Sweet Suzi Swann
A big-game hunter, bored with tracking animals, moves up to humans, and chooses Roarke as his target; and a fashion designer's assistant, fed up with her boss' taking her for granted, wants to fall out of love with him.
20 Mar. 1982
Face of Love/Image of Celeste
A bitter young woman with a long criminal record gets a chance to turn her life around; and a woman, having seen a painting by Gauguin of a woman who looks exactly like her, wants to find out the identity of the painting's subject.
10 Apr. 1982
Forget Me Not/The Quiz Masters
A completely amnesic woman hopes to find out who she is and where she comes from; and two legendary game-show hosts compete against each other to win the ultimate game.
1 May 1982
The Big Bet/Nancy and the Thunderbirds
A man who's bet his buddies that he'll bed a pretty woman comes to regret his impulse when he meets her; and a woman raised by a Native American tribe faces the necessity of fulfilling the tribal leader's prophecy for her.
8 May 1982
The Ghost's Story/The Spoilers
A woman has to stay a full night in a haunted house in order to prove her knowledge of the occult; and a bounty hunter sets out to catch a wily and elusive bank robber.

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