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Season 5

10 Oct. 1981
Show Me a Hero/Slam Dunk
Texan Helen Ross wants closure with her old boyfriend John Day so she can get on with her life with her current boyfriend Ted Kingman; and sports analyst Matt Kane tries to impress Ginger Donovan by joining her father Red's basketball team.
17 Oct. 1981
Devil and Mr. Roarke/Ziegfeld Girls/Kid Corey Rides Again
Mephistopheles uses Julie to force Roarke into another confrontation; elderly Joan Michaels and Ruby Rogers relive their Ziegfeld Follies days; and Brooklyn shoe salesman Ned Plummer travels to the Old West to meet outlaw Kid Corey.
24 Oct. 1981
Cyrano/The Magician
Philadelphian Marjorie Denton seeks the most chivalrous romantic man of all time and meets Cyrano de Bergerac; Cleveland magician Timothy Potter trying to perfect his craft faces a huge problem after he makes his assistant Suva vanish.
31 Oct. 1981
The Lady and the Monster/The Last Cowboy
Scientist Carla Frankenstein meets her ancestor's monster; middle-aged New York City insurance executive Joel Campbell with a hankering for the "real" West is annoyed to find himself still stuck in the present day.
7 Nov. 1981
Mr. Nobody/La Liberatora
Charlie Atkins wants inner strength but Julie accidentally gives him physical prowess instead; and classical guitarist Dolores DeMercia hopes to trace her roots to the legendary El Lobo Rojo in the days of Spanish California.
14 Nov. 1981
Night in the Harem/Druids
Unprepossessing Herbert Snyder gets more than he asked for when he requests a night with a harem; young Lauren Fandell wants to be the center of all attention but learns that being a queen can be perilous.
21 Nov. 1981
Perfect Husband, The/Volcano
Dorothy Nicholson hopes to find and marry her dream man but finds that even perfection has flaws. Seismologist Hal Workman, who places science over humanity, has his values tested by an active volcano.
28 Nov. 1981
Lillian Russell/The Lagoon
Lillian Martin time-travels to gather information for her biography on Lillian Russell and actually becomes the singer; and Calvin Pearson, who wants nothing more than tranquil solitude, is forced to face events from his past.
5 Dec. 1981
Romance Times Three/Night of the Tormented Soul
Answering-service operator Sally Harris meets the three men she's known up to now as voices over the phone; and siblings Jason and Beth Martinique face a weekend of horror while trying to find out how their father died when they were young.
2 Jan. 1982
A Very Strange Affair/The Sailor
Ron Price solicits operating funds for an orphanage and receives assistance from a truly odd source; and Laura Myles falls in love with sea Captain Hendrik Von Horten but must exchange her life for their happiness.
9 Jan. 1982
House of Dolls/Wuthering Heights
A window dresser in love with one of his mannequins asks Roarke to bring her to life; and a woman enters the world of her favorite classical novel in order to meet Heathcliff.
16 Jan. 1982
The Magic Camera/Mata Hari/Valerie
Mediocre photographer Don Winters gets to take unique pictures. Martha Harris time-travels to 1915 France to learn more about Mata Hari. William Lowell searches for Valerie Larabee, with whom he fell in love before she vanished.
23 Jan. 1982
King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court/Shadow Games
Ralph Rodgers' quest to meet his legendary hero goes awry when King Arthur is somehow transported to the present; and country singer Sarah Jean Rawlins wants to make one last record with her boyfriend -- who is believed to be dead.
30 Jan. 1982
Daddy's Little Girl/The Whistle
Christa Ackland wants to meet her real father so he can give her away at her wedding; and scientist Adrian Brilles, desperate to make a great discovery, pays for his determination with a weekend of sheer terror.
6 Feb. 1982
The Case Against Mr. Roarke/Save Sherlock Holmes
Fran Warner presents Roarke with her daughter Nancy, claiming he's her father; and security guard Kevin Lansing assists a fictional detective of Roarke's choice in solving a case.
13 Feb. 1982
The Challenge/A Genie Named Joe
Wealthy businessman Douglas Picard is out to take Fantasy Island away from Roarke; and florist Rebecca Walters enlists the assistance of a genie to find her perfect husband.
20 Feb. 1982
Funny Man/Tattoo, the Matchmaker
Stand-up comic Beau Gillette's imaginary family is brought to life and clashes with his fiancée Jenny Casey; and Tattoo's computer-dating service matches all female clients with the same man.
6 Mar. 1982
Sitting Duck/Sweet Suzi Swann
Big-game hunter Frank Barton is bored with tracking animals and chooses a human target; and fashion designer Jack Becker's assistant Suzi Swann, fed up with him taking her for granted, wants to fall out of love with him.
20 Mar. 1982
Face of Love/Image of Celeste
Bitter young Laura Jensen has a long criminal record and gets to turn her life around; and curator Celeste Vellon, having seen an 1896 Gauguin painting of a woman who looks like her, wants to find out the identity of the painting's subject.
10 Apr. 1982
Forget Me Not/The Quiz Masters
Amnesiac Ellen Layton hopes to find out who she is and where she comes from; and legendary game-show hosts Ron Ellison and Bob Barclay compete against each other to win the ultimate game.
1 May 1982
The Big Bet/Nancy and the Thunderbirds
Oil driller Corky Daniels bet his buddies that he'll bed pretty Judy Moreau and regrets his impulse when he meets her; and pilot Nancy Carsons, raised by a Native American tribe, must fulfill the tribal leader's prophecy for her.
8 May 1982
The Ghost's Story/The Spoilers
Baltimore secretary Amanda Parsons must stay a full night in a haunted house in order to prove her knowledge of the occult; and bounty hunter Harry Bodine sets out to catch wily and elusive bank robber Nick Tanner.

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