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Season 4

25 Oct. 1980
The Devil and Mandy Breem/The Millionaire
A woman who resorted to extreme measures to save her husband's life now needs help from Roarke in saving her own; and Tattoo goes behind Roarke's back to make a man a millionaire for the weekend, only to put the man's life in danger.
1 Nov. 1980
Flying Aces/The Mermaid Returns
A man wants to return to World War II in order to meet the father he never knew; and a mermaid asks Roarke to help her learn about human love.
8 Nov. 1980
Skater's Edge/Concerto of Death/The Last Great Race
A Minnesota farm girl wants to be a champion figure skater; a man suspects that his brother, a classical concert pianist, was murdered and wants to find out how and by whom; and a divorcing couple agree to a race to decide the final settlement of their joint property.
15 Nov. 1980
Don Quixote/The Sex Symbol
An eccentric banker fulfills his ambitions to be a modern-day Don Quixote; and a plain Jane wants to be a sex goddess until three men take advantage of her newfound beauty.
22 Nov. 1980
The Love Doctor/Pleasure Palace/Possessed
A very hot movie actress wants a weekend of complete anonymity; a lawyer from an old-money family traces his roots, only to find himself disillusioned; and a mother begs Roarke for help in finding out why her daughter is acting so oddly.
29 Nov. 1980
With Affection, Jack the Ripper/Gigolo
A woman writing a book about the Whitechapel murders goes back to 1888 London to get the final proof she needs, only to place dozens of people in great danger; and a man with no self-confidence around women asks to become a gigolo.
6 Dec. 1980
The Invisible Woman/The Snow Bird
A woman wants the power to become invisible to be sure her fiancé is being faithful; and a circus popcorn vendor joins a trapeze-artist troupe to get closer to the girl he loves.
20 Dec. 1980
Crescendo/Three Feathers
A singer wants to meet the composer whose songs made her famous; and a man needs to convince three former friends that he didn't abandon them after a plane crash the previous year.
3 Jan. 1981
My Late Lover/Sanctuary
A widow trying to decide between three men to marry is constantly interrupted by the ghost of her dead husband; and a man who has been poisoned wants to find his killer before he dies.
10 Jan. 1981
High Off the Hog/Reprisal
A young man whose family sacrificed heavily to send him to college rewards them by making them rich for a weekend; and an orphaned gymnast, mistreated by her aunt and cousin, seeks the power to make things happen.
17 Jan. 1981
Elizabeth's Baby/The Artist and the Lady
"Elizabeth's Baby" Elizabeth Blake wishes to look ahead into her unborn child's future. In "The Artist and the Lady" an untalented artist wishes to possess the talent to paint a great masterpiece.
24 Jan. 1981
The Heroine/The Warrior
The prim and proper author of steamy romance novels wants to step into the shoes of one of her own heroines; and a man tries to impress his wife by fighting for her honor.
31 Jan. 1981
The Man from Yesterday/World's Most Desirable Woman
A photojournalist has ulterior motives in mind for meeting a reclusive man who's been living on the island; and a woman temporarily regains her youth to get back at the husband she's about to divorce.
7 Feb. 1981
The Chateau/White Lightning
The granddaughter of a silent-movie star wants to learn more about her grandmother's life; and two feuding families compete to become the owners of a special moonshine recipe.
14 Feb. 1981
Loving Strangers/Something Borrowed, Something Blue...
A couple who have been happily married for the last 25 years want to find out if they would fall in love all over again if they were just meeting for the first time. Also a bride's wedding plans may be ruined when her past comes back to haunt her.
21 Feb. 1981
Chorus Girl/Surrogate Father
A dance teacher asks Roarke to give his deaf student the gift of hearing, only to watch her discovering a world that may exclude him; and a father must control his compulsive gambling habit or lose custody of his beloved little girl.
28 Feb. 1981
Also Rans/Portrait of Solange
A department-store shoe salesman just wants the boss's daughter to notice him; and Tattoo, granted a birthday fantasy to paint like Toulouse-Lautrec, unexpectedly finds romance.
7 Mar. 1981
The Searcher/The Way We Weren't
A young woman wants the truth about her absent father; and a long-married couple discover that you really can't go home again.
21 Mar. 1981
The Proxy Billionaire/The Experiment
A Wall Street analyst's wish to be ultra-rich brings him nothing but trouble; and a widowed doctor and his daughter, still grief-stricken over his late wife, want to bring her back from the dead.
11 Apr. 1981
Delphine/The Unkillable
Roarke's goddaughter, about to marry her unsuspecting fiancé, wants him to rid her of her magical powers; and a scientist hoping to uncover the proverbial missing link winds up facing something he never imagined.
2 May 1981
Basin Street/The Devil's Triangle
A mediocre jazz trumpeter wants to play in the early New Orleans style, and finds himself back in the actual era; and a woman and her two suitors team up to tackle a mysterious and dangerous section of the ocean.
9 May 1981
Hard Knocks/Lady Godiva
An aspiring private investigator receives advice from none other than Bogart himself; and a young woman wants to go back to the days of Lady Godiva.
16 May 1981
Man-Beast/Ole Island Oprey
A man plagued by terrifying nightmares learns that the dreams have been telling him that he's a werewolf; and a young woman whose father wants her to be a country star would far rather be a photographer.
23 May 1981
Paquito's Birthday/Technical Advisor
A poor couple from Mexico want the best for their son, only to be faced with the prospect of losing him altogether; and a woman with no experience in being in love gets advice from Helen of Troy.

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