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Season 3

7 Sep. 1979
Hit Man/The Swimmer
Connecticut clothier Fred Forbush, who business is failing, wants to be killed so that his family can collect on his life insurance; and former swimmer Terry Summers who was paralyzed in a car wreck, seeks a cure for her condition.
14 Sep. 1979
Goose for the Gander/The Stuntman
A diner owner whose restaurant is to be razed for a new highway wants to win a cooking contest to raise the money to relocate her business; and a retired stuntman hopes to reconcile with his estranged son, also a stuntman, who is about to attempt a life-threatening stunt for a movie.
21 Sep. 1979
Tattoo: the Love God/Magnolia Blossoms
Tattoo asks Roarke to grant his fantasy of being a "love god", which Roarke takes literally; and two women want to experience the days of the Civil-War-era South.
5 Oct. 1979
Baby/Marathon: Battle of the Sexes
Tattoo decides to adopt the orphaned infant of a native islander; and Gretchen Wasserman and Bunny Kelly want to win the Fantasy Island Marathon to save the floundering barbell-manufacturing plant where they work.
19 Oct. 1979
The Chain Gang/The Boss
Californian Mike Jenner joins a chain gang to get information that he hopes will clear his father's name; and switchboard operator Cindy Carter of Illinois wants to be a corporate CEO.
27 Oct. 1979
The Red Baron/Young at Heart
Wisconsin locksmith Cornelius Wieselfarber wants to be a World War I flying ace; and 50-year-old Pennsylvania librarian Helen Philips wants to be half her age for a weekend.
3 Nov. 1979
The Wedding
Roarke is set to marry the love of his life, but Tattoo overhears a conversation that suggests the man who grants others' fantasies may not be able to realize his own.
10 Nov. 1979
Tattoo's Romance/Handy Man
Selfish and bitter Ellie Simpson takes advantage of Tattoo's attraction to her niece Donna May to try to make the girl a country-music star; and gangland killing witness Holly Ryan seeks refuge from his would-be killers in an orphanage.
17 Nov. 1979
Nobody's There/The Dancer
Klutzy private eye Betty Foster hopes to solve her first case; and wealthy Texan Big Jake Farley wants to meet the ballerina who inspired him to success.
24 Nov. 1979
The Pug/Class of '69
Young Mitch Lee wants to see his father Joey win a boxing championship; and plus-sized Brenda Richards seeks revenge on former classmate Lance Reynolds, who humiliated her in front of the entire school at their prom years earlier.
1 Dec. 1979
The Victim/The Mermaid
Julie Brett disregards Roarke's warnings and dates her dream man Michael Duvall, only to wind up as a sex slave; and college professor Harold DeHaven, hoping to make a significant scientific discovery, meets up with a mermaid.
8 Dec. 1979
The Cheerleaders/Marooned
Kentucky candy factory workers Cathy Wilton and Marg Atkins want to be cheerleaders for a professional football team; and Kansas truck driver Melvin Mews wants to be shipwrecked on a deserted island with his favorite movie star Liz Merrill.
15 Dec. 1979
The Inventor/On the Other Side
Professor Dwayne Clebe of South Dakota hopes to perfect his preservation formula and receive acclaim for it; long-widowed Irma Gideon hopes to contact her dead husband after twenty-five years of fruitless attempts.
22 Dec. 1979
The Look Alikes/Winemaker
Idaho salesman Harry Simpson enters the world of gambling when he changes places with his double, while Tattoo promises Sister Veronica of California that she'll win a wine tasting content before he discovers her wine is undrinkable.
12 Jan. 1980
Unholy Wedlock/Elizabeth
Young bachelor Danny Collier gets into trouble in his quest to marry his fiancée; and thirty-year-old Lisa Corday needs Roarke's help to defeat a dangerous ghost and end a nightmare.
19 Jan. 1980
Rogues to Riches/Stark Terror
Lawyer Pete Gilbert is determined to lose himself in the eighteenth century, despite the entreaties of his partner Mark Hendricks; and young Amy Marson, rendered mute by her mother's death, wants to find out if she was responsible.
26 Jan. 1980
PlayGirl/Smith's Valhalla
Sick of male chauvinism, Erica Clarke wants to turn the tables and treat men as sex objects; and Oregon rancher Jason Smith asks for a chance to lead a commando raid.
2 Feb. 1980
Aphrodite/Dr. Jeckyll and Miss Hyde
Picky Alan Blair seeks the perfect woman and meets Aphrodite; and stern psychologist Melanie Griffin wants to understand what attracts women to bad men, in hopes of rescuing her younger sister Jennifer from the clutches of a creep.
9 Feb. 1980
The Swinger/Terrors of the Mind
A middle-aged divorced man wants to be the swinging single he didn't get to be in his younger days; and a young woman requests the power to see into her future.
1 Mar. 1980
Nona/One Million B.C.
A blind detective wants his sight back so he can complete his search for a missing actress; and two women want to return to a time of old-fashioned chivalry in men and daintiness in women.
8 Mar. 1980
Jungle Man/Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate
An unemployed actor wants a last chance to play the role that made him famous; and an acclaimed ventriloquist is afraid her marionette has been taking over some of her personality traits.
10 May 1980
My Fair Pharaoh/The Power
A woman yearns to immerse herself in the world of Egyptian queen Cleopatra; and a man asks Roarke for the power of telekinesis.
17 May 1980
Eagleman/Children of Mentu
A widowed businessman wants to become his estranged son's favorite comic-book superhero to get the boy's attention; and a journalism student seeks out the story that will make her career.

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