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Season 3

7 Sep. 1979
Hit Man/The Swimmer
Connecticut clothier Fred Forbush, who business is failing, wants to be killed so that his family can collect on his life insurance; and former swimmer Terry Summers who was paralyzed in a car wreck, seeks a cure for her condition.
14 Sep. 1979
Goose for the Gander/The Stuntman
Diner owner Marjorie Gibbs enters a cooking contest to win money to relocate her business. Retired stuntman Peter Rawlings hopes to reconcile with his son Bill, also a stuntman, who is about to attempt a life-threatening stunt for a film.
21 Sep. 1979
Tattoo: the Love God/Magnolia Blossoms
Tattoo asks Roarke to grant his fantasy of being a "love god", which Roarke takes literally. Friends Myra Collinsky and Gladys Boylan want to experience the days of the Civil-War-era South.
5 Oct. 1979
Baby/Marathon: Battle of the Sexes
Tattoo decides to adopt the orphaned infant of a native islander; and Gretchen Wasserman and Bunny Kelly want to win the Fantasy Island Marathon to save the floundering barbell-manufacturing plant where they work.
19 Oct. 1979
The Chain Gang/The Boss
Californian Mike Jenner joins a chain gang to get information that he hopes will clear his father's name; and switchboard operator Cindy Carter of Illinois wants to be a corporate CEO.
27 Oct. 1979
The Red Baron/Young at Heart
Wisconsin locksmith Cornelius Wieselfarber wants to be a World War I flying ace; and 50-year-old Pennsylvania librarian Helen Philips wants to be half her age for a weekend.
3 Nov. 1979
The Wedding
Roarke is set to marry the love of his life, but Tattoo overhears a conversation that suggests the man who grants others' fantasies may not be able to realize his own.
10 Nov. 1979
Tattoo's Romance/Handy Man
Selfish and bitter Ellie Simpson takes advantage of Tattoo's attraction to her niece Donna May to try to make the girl a country-music star; and gangland killing witness Holly Ryan seeks refuge from his would-be killers in an orphanage.
17 Nov. 1979
Nobody's There/The Dancer
Klutzy private eye Betty Foster hopes to solve her first case; and wealthy Texan Big Jake Farley wants to meet the ballerina who inspired him to success.
24 Nov. 1979
The Pug/Class of '69
Young Mitch Lee wants to see his father Joey win a boxing championship; and plus-sized Brenda Richards seeks revenge on former classmate Lance Reynolds, who humiliated her in front of the entire school at their prom years earlier.
1 Dec. 1979
The Victim/The Mermaid
Julie Brett disregards Roarke's warnings and dates her dream man Michael Duvall, only to wind up as a sex slave; and college professor Harold DeHaven, hoping to make a significant scientific discovery, meets up with a mermaid.
8 Dec. 1979
The Cheerleaders/Marooned
Kentucky candy factory workers Cathy Wilton and Marg Atkins want to be cheerleaders for a professional football team; and Kansas truck driver Melvin Mews wants to be shipwrecked on a deserted island with his favorite movie star Liz Merrill.
15 Dec. 1979
The Inventor/On the Other Side
Professor Dwayne Clebe of South Dakota hopes to perfect his preservation formula and receive acclaim for it; long-widowed Irma Gideon hopes to contact her dead husband after twenty-five years of fruitless attempts.
22 Dec. 1979
The Look Alikes/Winemaker
Idaho salesman Harry Simpson enters the world of gambling when he changes places with his double, while Tattoo promises Sister Veronica of California that she'll win a wine tasting content before he discovers her wine is undrinkable.
12 Jan. 1980
Unholy Wedlock/Elizabeth
Young bachelor Danny Collier gets into trouble in his quest to marry his fiancée; and thirty-year-old Lisa Corday needs Roarke's help to defeat a dangerous ghost and end a nightmare.
19 Jan. 1980
Rogues to Riches/Stark Terror
Lawyer Pete Gilbert is determined to lose himself in the eighteenth century, despite the entreaties of his partner Mark Hendricks; and young Amy Marson, rendered mute by her mother's death, wants to find out if she was responsible.
26 Jan. 1980
PlayGirl/Smith's Valhalla
Sick of male chauvinism, Erica Clarke wants to turn the tables and treat men as sex objects; and Oregon rancher Jason Smith asks for a chance to lead a commando raid.
2 Feb. 1980
Aphrodite/Dr. Jeckyll and Miss Hyde
Picky Alan Blair seeks the perfect woman and meets Aphrodite; and stern psychologist Melanie Griffin wants to understand what attracts women to bad men, in hopes of rescuing her younger sister Jennifer from the clutches of a creep.
9 Feb. 1980
The Swinger/Terrors of the Mind
Middle-aged divorced Herman Dodge wants to be the swinging single that he didn't get to be before he married. Sharon Sanders gains the power to see into her future.
1 Mar. 1980
Nona/One Million B.C.
Blind detective Ned Scott wants his sight back so he can search for a missing actress. Mindy Harris and Caroline Taylor return to a time of old-fashioned chivalry in men and daintiness in women.
8 Mar. 1980
Jungle Man/Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate
Unemployed actor David Farley gets to reprise his signature role of Jungle Man. Acclaimed ventriloquist Mary Ann Carlin is afraid that her marionette Valerie has taken over some of her personality traits.
10 May 1980
My Fair Pharaoh/The Power
Lucy Atwell yearns to immerse herself in the ancient Egyptian world of Queen Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Fred Webster asks Roarke to give him the power of telekinesis.
17 May 1980
Eagleman/Children of Mentu
Widowed businessman Morris Binstock wants to become his estranged son Barney's favorite comic-book superhero Eagle Man to get the boy's attention. Journalism student Rochelle Mackenzie seeks out the story that will make her career.

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