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Season 2

16 Sep. 1978
Homecoming/The Sheikh
Less-than-hunky teacher Edward Breen wants to have a harem, and replaces a real sheik who's marked for assassination; and presumed-dead Vietnam vet Alan Boardman wants his now-remarried wife and his son back.
23 Sep. 1978
The Big Dipper/The Pirate
Pickpocket Pete Raymond and his daughter pose as farmers to hide from authorities, who want to put the girl in foster care; and painter Ted Cavanaugh becomes a pirate to win back his ex-wife before she remarries.
30 Sep. 1978
The Beachcomber/The Last Whodunnit
Under tremendous pressure from his job and family, Charles Preston chucks it all to be a beachcomber; and devoted fan Mabel Jarvis of a mystery writer tries to find out who killed her, acting out the writer's final unfinished manuscript.
14 Oct. 1978
Best Seller/The Tomb
Book store clerk Barney Hunter wants to write a best-selling book, which turns out to be an obstacle to a new romance; and archaeologist Neville Marlowe is determined to uncover the secrets of a long-buried Egyptian tomb -- which is cursed.
21 Oct. 1978
I Want to Get Married/The Jewel Thief
Pennsylvania librarian Cindy Barker is set to have her wedding on Fantasy Island - all she needs is the groom; and manufacturer Jordan Montgomery hopes to pull off one major heist as a cat burglar. Tattoo runs a greeting card business.
28 Oct. 1978
The War Games/Queen of the Boston Bruisers
Vietnam vet Ted Garmon finds that a reunion with his former Sergeant Joe Beck is actually a quest for revenge; and roller-derby skater Drusilla Roberts wants to become a refined lady so that her daughter's fiancé's family will accept her.
4 Nov. 1978
Let the Goodtimes Roll/Nightmare/The Tiger
Buddies Duke Santucci and Ernie Kowalski relive the good old days of the late 60s; Janine Sanford experiences a recurring nightmare to the end to find out what it means; and game hunter Victor Duncan tracks an elusive dangerous tiger.
11 Nov. 1978
Return/The Toughest Man Alive
Roarke falls in love with New Yorker Helena Marsh who is returning to the island after four years. Engineer and self-professed wimp Tony Emerson wants the strength to stand up for mild-mannered people like himself.
18 Nov. 1978
The Appointment/Mr. Tattoo
San Francisco doctor John Carlson pursues a large monetary grant to build a hospital; Tattoo helps Las Vegas chorus girls Didi Verona and Evelyn Kastenbaum, who want to meet and marry millionaires.
25 Nov. 1978
The Island of Lost Women/The Flight of Great Yellow Bird
Sailor Barney Shore wants to spend the weekend on a mythical island with nothing but beautiful women; and adventurer Eddie Malone searches for Sasquatch and hopes to finally prove the creature's existence to the world.
2 Dec. 1978
Carnival/The Vaudevillians
Secretary Dorothy Weller wants to know if the affair she had on vacation was the real thing or just a dream; and old-timer Charlie Parks, whose kids want to put him in a nursing home, hopes to revive his old vaudeville act with his partner.
9 Dec. 1978
Charlie's Cherubs/Stalag 3
Three insurance secretaries want to solve a crime by emulating their idols on "Charlie's Angels" (1976)_; and a quartet of World War II veterans reunite in the hope of recovering a treasure stolen by the Nazis.
16 Dec. 1978
Vampire/The Lady and the Longhorn
Method actor Leo Drake prepares for his next role by becoming said role - a vampire; and cosmetics queen Vera Templeton must marry for money in order to shore up her failing business.
13 Jan. 1979
Young Claire Conti takes part in séances to find out how her twin brother died; and California fisherman Joe Capos dreams of finding a treasure that will solve his financial problems.
20 Jan. 1979
Cowboy/Substitute Wife
Texan Brian Kehoe wants to keep his son from discovering that he's not the star of the rodeo, but a clown instead; and hypochondriac Nadine Winslow seeks a cure for her imaginary ailments.
27 Jan. 1979
Photographs/Royal Flush
Photographer Nancy Weston seeks an explanation for the appearance of the same little girl in all her pictures of a European trip; and poker player Johnny Court wants to win big against the best poker players of the time.
10 Feb. 1979
The Stripper/The Boxer
Heiress Maureen Banning tries to escape an arranged marriage and finds herself the replacement for a stripper in a traveling vaudeville company; and boxer Billy Blake wants to win a match despite the fact that it will probably kill him.
17 Feb. 1979
Pentagram/Casting Director/A Little Ball
TV reporter Jane Garwood seeks help in finding out why her boyfriends keep dieing. Sister Mary Theresa suffers a crisis of faith after a fellow nun's premature death. Felix Birdsong becomes the casting director of a Hollywood film.
24 Feb. 1979
Spending Spree/The Hunted
Sally Glover and Esther Bolling are given half a million dollars but have trouble spending it. Thrill-seeking hunter Charles Wesley unexpected becomes the prey.
3 Mar. 1979
Birthday Party/Ghostbreaker
Carol Gates gave up her twins for adoption and now wants to be present for their birthday; and librarian Elliot Fielding can't get his ghost-busting guide published so he wants to exorcise a real ghost to prove his skills.
17 Mar. 1979
Yesterday's Love/Fountain of Youth
Siblings send their divorcing parents Charles and Peggy Atwood to the island hoping they'll rediscover love. Wealthy, dying J. D. Pettigrew pays one million dollars to Captain Jeff Bailey to lead a search for the fabled Fountain of Youth.
5 May 1979
The Comic/The Golden Hour
Gag writer Jerry Burton, about to be fired by his famous-comedian boss Danny Baker, wants to become a star comic himself; and invalid Sandy Larson meets her prison-bound pen pal Mike Banning face to face for the first time.
6 May 1979
Cornelius and Alphonse/The Choice
Ne'er-do-well Cornelius Kelly and his accomplice Alphonse kidnap Tattoo in an attempt to get revenge on Roarke for firing him years earlier; and orphaned siblings Mark and Rebecca want the chance to choose their own adoptive parents.
12 May 1979
Bowling/Command Performance
Mediocre bowler Lou Fielding of Minnesota wants to compete against professionals; and former circus owner Naomi Gittings reunites her performers to find out who's trying to kill her.
13 May 1979
Amusement Park/Rock Stars
Young Darius Scott's wish to run an amusement park hides his real hope of reuniting him with his father; and the four orphaned Collins siblings want to be rock stars to keep a social worker from splitting them up.

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