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7 Jan. 1982
Burial Ground
When it is learned that Drummond's upcoming construction project may be located on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, he faces protest from a Native American who threatens to go on a hunger strike if the land is built on. Arnold and Willis follow suit by going on a hunger strike of their own.
14 Jan. 1982
Hello Daddy
A visit from a Korean woman reveals that Mr. Drummond may have fathered her son during the Korean War.
21 Jan. 1982
After Willis and Charlene have a fight, Arnold and Kimberly spot her at the movies with another guy. With Willis upset by this, Arnold comes up with a scheme to get them back together.
28 Jan. 1982
After Drummond cancels a family fishing trip to go on a business flight to Canada, Arnold begins to have nightmares which prompts Drummond to contact a therapist.
4 Feb. 1982
After being selected to play Abraham Lincoln in his school play, Arnold develops a case of stage fright. His confidence suffers even more after Kathy blows up at him when he tries to convince her to walk with her crutches.
11 Feb. 1982
When Drummond and his sister Sophia get word that a part of their building is on fire, they try to keep it a secret from the kids in hopes that it will be put out quickly without spreading.
18 Feb. 1982
The Squatter
Drummond's plan to tear down old apartments and replace them with luxury condominiums creates anger among one soon-to-be homeless elderly woman who refuses to leave the Drummond household.
25 Feb. 1982
The Car
Willis realizes the reason Charlene decided to date another boy is because Willis doesn't have a car and the other boy does. This leads to a decision that has far-reaching consequences for Willis and his relationships with both Charlene, the law and - when he finds out - his very angry father.
11 Mar. 1982
Crime Story: Part 1
Arnold and Dudley, unsure how to deal with two schoolyard teenage bullies who demand their lunch money, decide to ditch school to avoid them.
18 Mar. 1982
Crime Story: Part 2
After the schoolyard bullies put Willis in the hospital, Arnold considers wearing a wire to try and get evidence on them.
25 Mar. 1982
While trying to impress an exclusive club, Willis distances himself from the family. When this happens, it breaks Arnold's heart.
1 Apr. 1982
Green Hair
Aunt Sophia pleads with Drummond to get involved with an effort to address pollution, but Drummond stubbornly refuses. Then, Kimberly's hair turns green after washing it with dirty water.
8 Apr. 1982
Have I Got a Girl for You
Sophia fixes Drummond up with one of her friends whose simple lifestyle conflicts with Drummond's high class living.
15 Apr. 1982
After Willis saves Arnold from a falling piano, he gets annoyed by Arnold's tireless efforts to try and pay him back. So he come up with a plan to make Arnold look like a hero by staging a phony holdup at the garage he works at.
22 Apr. 1982
Stress? What Stress?
Willis, suffering from stress due to a hectic schedule, makes a false promise to Drummond that he will quit the school election, which stresses Arnold out when he finds out.
6 May 1982
The Music Man
Willis forms a band with his friends but faces a tough decision when the band members favor Kimberly over Charlene as the lead singer.
13 May 1982
Short But Sweet
Arnold's self-consciousness over his short stature once again rises to the surface when he realizes all of his friends have girlfriends, but not him. Drummond has to convince his son that looks - or in this case, height - aren't everything.
20 May 1982
On Your Toes
Arnold's sudden interest in ballet is hampered when Willis tells him that dancing will give him a 'sissy' label.
2 Oct. 1982
Shoot-Out at the O.K. Arcade
In his efforts to help Willis dethrone an arrogant video game champion at the local arcade, Arnold becomes hooked on video games.
9 Oct. 1982
In the Swim
When Kimberly transfers to public school, she causes Willis embarrassment by insulting the class president and trying out for the boy's swim team. Drummond hires a new housekeeper with an impressive resume.
16 Oct. 1982
Cyrano De Jackson
Dudley, too shy to talk to Lisa, his love interest, turns to Arnold to help him woo her with poetry. However when the plan backfires, Arnold finds himself unable to get rid of Lisa, who is in love with him, and unable to talk to Dudley who is mad at him for stealing Lisa.
23 Oct. 1982
Big Brother
Arnold, feeling sorry for a new boy at school who has no friends, asks Willis to serve as a big brother to him. When Willis begins spending all his time with his "new brother", Arnold feels neglected.
30 Oct. 1982
The Peacemaker
Willis steps in to mediate a feud between rival gangs, which has been intensifying. When the effort fails, Willis finds out his personal safety is in danger, so he decides to buy a gun, a move that could really exasperate matters.
6 Nov. 1982
Substitute Teacher
Arnold and his classmates gets really upset when a substitute teacher, filling in for Miss Chung, really piles on the homework. When the teacher accidentally strikes Arnold, who is fooling around in class, Arnold and Dudley decide to lie about the incident in hopes of getting him removed.
13 Nov. 1982
The Older Woman
Willis obtains a fake ID and dons a fake mustache to get into a nightclub. While at the club, he gets a date with a much older woman and spots Mr. Drummond on date with a much younger woman.
20 Nov. 1982
A Case of Overexposure
Arnold's campaign to be elected class president hits a low point when a picture that Kimberly took of him in the shower showing his bare behind is accidentally published in the newspaper.
27 Nov. 1982
A cassette tape, containing a recording of Arnold and Willis' deceased mother, is discovered in a trunk that is returned to the boys. When Drummond innocently plays the tape, it triggers Arnold's deep-seated grief about the loss of his mother.
4 Dec. 1982
Push Comes to Shove
When Arnold is bullied by a kid in the building, Drummond advises him not to resort to violence. However, when Drummond himself is bullied by the kid's father, who happens to be the building manager, he has trouble following his own advice.
11 Dec. 1982
The Executives
When Willis hears from a friend that Drummond's company does not hire blacks, he goes in for an interview using a fake name. When he is turned down for the job, he accuses the interviewer of being prejudice and "fires" him.
18 Dec. 1982
Santa's Helper
A man dressed as Santa Claus breaks into the apartment and steals gifts.

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