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9 Jan. 1980
The Election
While a new housekeeper, Adelaide Brubaker, takes over from Mrs. Garrett, Mr. Drummond decides to run for city council after a friend's suggestion.
16 Jan. 1980
Friendly Mate
Mr. Drummond is lonely so Arnold and Willis set him up with a date from a computer dating service but do not know that Mr. Drummond's friend set him up with a date as well.
23 Jan. 1980
Poor Drummond
Arnold and Willis apply for welfare when they think Mr. Drummond's company may be going under.
30 Jan. 1980
Big Business
Arnold and Willis go into business together selling Adelaide's homemade brownies.
6 Feb. 1980
Return of the Gooch
Arnold is tired of being bullied at school so he takes karate lessons.
13 Feb. 1980
Valentine's Day Retrospective
Arnold and Willis get trapped in the building's storage room and reminisce about time with the Drummonds.
20 Feb. 1980
Skin Deep or True Blue
Mr. Drummond scolds Arnold for secretly recording other people's conversations. Arnold disobeys him and records Kimberly's boyfriend Roger making racist comments about Willis to his sister.
27 Feb. 1980
Teacher's Pet
Arnold's classmates accuse him of being a teacher's pet when their teacher, Miss Osbourne, goes out with Mr. Drummond.
12 Mar. 1980
The Slumber Party
A huge fight ensues when Kimberly invites her friends from Eastland Academy over at the same time that Willis has his friends over.
19 Mar. 1980
Arnold Faces Fatality
Arnold's beloved goldfish Abraham passes away.
26 Mar. 1980
The Squealer
Willis joins a gang in spite of Mr. Drummond's warnings.
12 Nov. 1980
The Bank Job
Arnold and Willis become hostages during a bank robbery by two experienced criminals.
19 Nov. 1980
Small Claims Court
After Arnold buys a toy train that doesn't work, he takes the owner of the store, who refuses to refund his money, to small claims court.
26 Nov. 1980
Substitute Mother
When Adelaide goes away, Drummond hires a temporary housekeeper to take her place. With the new housekeeper, Arnold soon realizes that she reminds him a lot of his mom and tries to arrange it so that she and Drummond fall in love.
3 Dec. 1980
The Accident
Everyone is planning a huge surprise party for Drummond on his 50th birthday. But the real surprise is a very tragic one: On his way home, Drummond is critically injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver.
10 Dec. 1980
Little Mother
A misunderstanding with a visiting friend leads Drummond, Arnold, and Willis to believe that Kimberly is pregnant.
17 Dec. 1980
Football Father
When he sees that Arnold is heartbroken after not making his Pee Wee league football team, Drummond secretly meets with the coach and agrees to buy the team new uniforms in exchange for Arnold being given a spot on the team.
31 Dec. 1980
First Love
With his grades down, Drummond forbids Willis to see his new girlfriend, Charlene. However, a love-struck Willis is determined to see her, even if means doing it behind Drummond's back.

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