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Season 7

29 Sep. 1984
A Haunting We Will Go
After hearing that a nearby house is supposedly haunted by the ghost of its dead owner, Arnold and Sam decide to visit the house and do some investigating on their own.
6 Oct. 1984
Arnold and Lisa's Mother
Arnold, Dudley, and Robbie, sick and tired of Lisa squealing on them, decide to sabotage her project for the science fair. However, they have second thoughts when Lisa's mom becomes their new teacher.
13 Oct. 1984
When Sam starts wetting the bed, Arnold is anything but sensitive to his problem.
20 Oct. 1984
Undercover Lover
Willis starts romancing the new girl at school who turns out to be an undercover narcotics agent.
27 Oct. 1984
Arnold's Strike
In order to impress a girl, Arnold becomes the ringleader of a student strike formed to protest the new school dress code. However, things take a turn for the worse when he is the only one suspended from school.
3 Nov. 1984
Sam's Father
Maggie gets very emotional when Sam decides that he wants to temporarily stay with his father.
10 Nov. 1984
Carmella Meets the Gooch
When Sam gets bullied by the Gooch at his school, Arnold tries to stand up to him but is unsuccessful. So he decides to get the new Italian exchange student to fight the Gooch in exchange for the promise of a date with the unsuspecting Willis.
17 Nov. 1984
Arnold the Entrepreneur
Arnold starts up a door-to-door business selling bug spray with Sam as his assistant. When he gets greedy and cuts Sam out of the profits, Sam decides to quit working for him and compete against him.
24 Nov. 1984
The Honorable Arnold J. Jackson
Arnold faces a tough decision when he is appointed judge of his classroom court and he must choose between his friend Robbie and his girlfriend Jennifer.
1 Dec. 1984
The Gymnasts
Willis paralyzed friend, Stuart, who was once a terrific gymnast, comes home to visit. Drummond and Willis surprise him by naming a gymnasium after him and inviting the US Olympic Gymnastics team to the ceremony. However, Stuart makes it known that he is fed up with everyone's charity.
8 Dec. 1984
Drummond sets a bad example when he talks Sam into going to the hospital for a tonsillectomy but later refuses to be checked in himself for a knee injury.
15 Dec. 1984
Arnold's Songbird
Arnold finds himself in a difficult spot when he promises his class that he can deliver a celebrity for the school talent show but has no luck finding anyone.
5 Jan. 1985
Baseball Blues
When Sam's little-league baseball-coach quits, Drummond takes over - but Drummond's coaching methods antagonize the other kids' parents. Meanwhile, Willis yearns for an expensive car as his graduation present.
12 Jan. 1985
Arnold Saves the Squirrel
Upon hearing that Sam's favorite morning show host will be losing his show due to cancellation and replaced by Maggie's exercise show, Arnold organizes a letter-writing campaign to try and save the show.
19 Jan. 1985
Sam Adopts a Grandparent
As part of his cub scout project, Sam must go to a retirement home and adopt a grandparent to work on a model airplane. However, when his adopted grandparent storms out on him, Sam is left feeling down in the dumps.
26 Jan. 1985
Harry Birthday Drummond
Kimberly returns home from school in Paris to surprise Drummond on his birthday prompting Arnold and Willis to try and match her special gift, they decide to change their name to Drummond, until Willis suddenly has second thoughts.
2 Feb. 1985
Sam's New Pal
Drummond faces a tough decision when Sam asks if he can have a sleepover party with his new friend, who happens to be a girl.
9 Feb. 1985
Russian Embassy
Arnold's innocent action of setting off a model rocket ship attracts international attention when the school project lands on the Russian Embassy building! Can Drummond and the others clear up this misunderstanding before they are branded international terrorists?
16 Feb. 1985
Cheers to Arnold
Arnold faces being permanently grounded when Drummond gets a call from school saying he was caught in the boy's bathroom with a bottle of whiskey, in violation of the school's zero-tolerance policy on alcohol. Arnold must find a way to explain the misunderstanding: He was trying to stop a friend who was actually the alcoholic beverage's owner from imbibing.
23 Feb. 1985
A Camping We Will Go
Drummond takes Arnold and Sam camping to strengthen the bonds. But this bonding session is seriously hampered when Sam's father shows up.
2 Mar. 1985
Beauty Is in the Eye of Arnold
Arnold is on cloud nine after he meets a girl whom he really likes- until his friends convince him to dump her so he can go out with a more popular girl.
9 Mar. 1985
Blue Collar Drummond
Putting his career and reputation on the line, Drummond covertly takes a job on the assembly lines at one of his Trans-Allied factories as part of an attempt to get in touch with his employees and make recommendations to boost morale and production.
23 Mar. 1985
Street Smarts
Arnold is traumatized after becoming a street mugger's latest victim. However, Arnold puts up his bravado in front of his friends, claiming he held his own ... until a classroom exercise brings Arnold's true emotions (which he tried to conceal to the knowing Drummond) to the surface.
4 May 1985
A Special Friend
Arnold and Sam learn that their new friend, a street performer, has epilepsy. Their emotions become a ball of confusion and misconception ... until someone very close to them (namely, Pearl) shares her experiences with the disorder.

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