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  • Towards the end of season 2 (season 3 on the dvds), JR had enough enemies to over-populate a small country and everyone was a suspect, including Miss Ellie for driving away Bobby and Pam, not to mention Valene and Gary Ewing. In the season finale, three gunshots are fired by an unknown assailant in JR's office, and JR drops to the ground, crippled with pain. In the season 3 opener, Sue Ellen was determined to shoot JR while under the infulence and is arrested for the attempted murder of JR, and cannot recall the events of the night he was shot. The truth is soon told however, four episodes into the new season, that Kristin is indeed the one who shot JR. She offered a heavily-intoxicated Sue Ellen a drink at her apartment, knowing she would put the gun down to take it. Sue Ellen collapsed with drunkenness, and Kristin made her way to JR's office, planting the gun in Sue Ellen's bedroom to frame her. However, JR did not press charges against Kristin because she was pregnant with his child, and he banished her to California in order to avoid a scandal. Kristin soon miscarried JR's child and quickly got pregnant again with Jeff Farraday's child, then passes him off as JR's lovechild.

  • In season 7 (season 8 on the dvds), Jenna Wade wanted to marry Bobby since she had been released from prison. Bobby decided that he couldnt marry Jenna since he already loved Pam, he later proposed to Pam and they were overjoyed to be back together. It is the following morning where Pam's dream begins, which means Donna is still pregnant, Bobby is still alive and Katherine Wentworth never died in the car-crash. Pam then woke up at the end of season 8 and opened the shower to Bobby, alive and well.

  • Dallas never really had a proper ending to tie up all loose ends, but in the 13th season finale, JR had lost his company to Cliff Barnes, his children either wanted nothing to do with him or hardly even knew him, Southfork was officially empty and every family member had left one-by-one. JR began to hallucinate and hear voices, and he was shown what the world would have been like without him, causing many changes in the 'Dallas' universe. In the final scene of Dallas, JR picked up a pistol, ready to commit suicide, and Bobby entered the room.

    However, in the reunion special that aired five years later in 1996, it is revealed that JR shot the mirror in which he was plagued with hallucinations of the devil. JR plotted to win back his company from Cliff Barnes and Bobby and Sue Ellen became a presidential status in Ewing Oil. In the second feature-length installment, JR puts Southfork at risk and gets his just deserts from Bobby, who plans on moving to Europe with a woman named Jennifer. The Dallas universe as we know it, ended in 1998 with JR smirking after taking a punch from Sue Ellen. This was the last we seen of Dallas, and it is unknown if another installment will tie up loose ends.


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