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4 Jan. 1991
Sail On
Things go from bad to worse for J.R. when Ewing Oil slips further from his grasp and James makes a shocking announcement about Cally in the midst of J.R.'s engagement toast to Vanessa.
11 Jan. 1991
Lock, Stock and Jock
A forgotten moment from J.R.'s past returns to haunt him as Lee Ann takes control of Ewing Oil and plots with Michelle to destroy every facet of J.R.'s life.
18 Jan. 1991
'S' Is for Seduction
J.R. contemplates romancing Lee Ann in his effort to win back Ewing Oil, unaware that he's falling into her trap.
1 Feb. 1991
Designing Women
Lee Ann continues her sly seduction of J.R., taking the final steps in her elaborate plan to drastically change his personal and professional life forever.
8 Feb. 1991
Lee Ann De La Vega sells Ewing Oil to Michelle Stevens. Michelle then fires J.R., Phyllis and Sly. Bobby enlists the help of Liz Adams to find Hillary Taylor. He finds out Hillary's daughter Jory is in Malibu and goes to find her.
15 Feb. 1991
Smooth Operator
Bobby gets a jolt of adrenaline when he learns that Sheila Foley will be in town soon, but he can't ignore his growing involvement with his unsuspecting ally, Jory, Sheila's daughter.
1 Mar. 1991
Win Some, Lose Some
Southfork experiences another turbulent marriage and this time J.R. plays referee as James and Michelle duke it out. Meanwhile, Liz bargains to sell her company to J.R. in exchange for Cliff's appointment as the government's energy czar.
8 Mar. 1991
Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons
Bobby and J.R. get a respite from their troubles when they take their sons -- James Richard, John Ross, and Christopher -- on an authentic Southfork cattle drive.
29 Mar. 1991
When the Wind Blows
J.R. treads lightly as he keeps Debra Lynn, the woman who claims to be James' wife, at bay while manipulating James into returning to his current wife, Michelle.
5 Apr. 1991
Those Darned Ewings
The whole family finds out about James' former wife and child. J.R. gets a terrible health report from his doctor. Jory stops by the ranch to confide in Bobby. John Ross is jealous because of all the attention that James' baby is getting.
12 Apr. 1991
Farewell, My Lovely
J.R. finds out that Cally's baby is his and hires a detective to find her. James faces increased pressure to choose between Debra Lynn and Michelle. Cliff and Michelle hatch a plan to send Debra Lynn packing. Clayton comes back to the ranch with news. Bobby begins spending more time with Jory.
19 Apr. 1991
Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out
At her daughter Jory's request, Hillary Taylor, aka Sheila Foley, agrees to meet with Bobby at Southfork, unaware of the danger that lurks there.
26 Apr. 1991
The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire
J.R., nearing a breakdown from recent losses, faces another major defeat when a vengeful enemy from his past returns with unwelcome news. In other developments, Cliff is shocked to learn that his nemesis is now his business partner.
3 May 1991
J.R. is drunk and dejected; he has lost his business to Cliff Barnes, his son has moved to England, and the ownership of his beloved home was given to Bobby. He wants to end it all, when an otherworldly creature calling himself "Adam" offers to show him what a world where J.R. Ewing was never born would be like. In this alternate reality, Gary would be the first son and would run Ewing Oil -- into the ground but become a successful lawyer. Jock would kill himself over it, leading to Miss Ellie's death "from a broken heart" two years later. Sue Ellen would be a ...

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