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5 Jan. 1990
A Tale of Two Cities
An overly honorable James ends up the victim after he puts himself in the middle of a personal collision between Cally and the philandering J.R.
12 Jan. 1990
Judgment Day
As the investigative committee convenes, the fate of Ewing Oil rests with a troubled, but ambitious Cliff Barnes. Sensing the demise of the Ewings, Carter McKay swoops in for the kill and offers to buy the beleaguered company.
19 Jan. 1990
Unchain My Heart
Frustrated at just being the "man of the hour", Cliff is ripe pickings for high powered public relations expert Stephanie Rogers.
2 Feb. 1990
I Dream of Jeannie
A mesmerized Bobby chases after the phantom woman that could be his beloved wife Pam. J.R. resorts to a bizarre technique to enlist the aid of legendary oil wildcatter Blackie Callahan in his quest for crude in Pride, TX.
9 Feb. 1990
After Midnight
Bobby finds himself becoming obsessed with Pam's look-a-like Jeanne O'Brien. April laments her break-up with Bobby while J.R. and Blackie receive the shock of their lives.
16 Feb. 1990
The Crucible
Father and son come to blows when J.R. humiliates James by interceding on his behalf in a business deal.
23 Feb. 1990
Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Cliff Barnes' star continues to rise in the political world -- further raising the ire of J.R. Ewing. Immersed in crushing Cliff, J.R. attempts to woo the woman behind the man -- Stephanie Rogers.
9 Mar. 1990
Paradise Lost
J.R. devises an ingenious plan to rid Cally from his life. Cliff warns Stephanie to steer clear of the dangerous J.R. Ewing, unaware that she is intrigued and challenged by him.
16 Mar. 1990
Will Power
J.R. is forced to resort to desperate measures when Cally vows to make their marriage work. Clayton and Ellie discover another murder -- and the leading suspect is someone they know very well.
30 Mar. 1990
The Smiling Cobra
Cally and James pull closer together in an effort to fend of J.R.'s evil ways. Michelle vows to strike back at the person responsible for foiling her and April's plan for a single's club -- unaware that the culprit is a formidable force.
6 Apr. 1990
Jessica Redux
J.R. is at his worst as he looks to destroy his wife, tear down Cliff Barnes' career, manipulate his son's future, and protect his mother Ellie.
13 Apr. 1990
Family Plot
Cally and James are driven to vow revenge against the man they both vehemently hate -- J.R. Ewing. Aware that it was his sister Jessica who was trying to murder him, Clayton is further floored when she reveals shocking news about Dusty.
27 Apr. 1990
The Southfork Wedding Jinx
Another high-spirited and unpredictable Southfork wedding plays host to April and Bobby. Cally and James begin their plan of deception to destroy J.R. and Clayton decides to petition the court to assume custody of Jessica's Weststar stock.
4 May 1990
Three, Three, Three: Part 1
J.R., after having secretly committed himself to an insane asylum in an effort to coerce Jessica into signing over to him her shares of Weststar stock, discovers the path to her is littered with bizarre and dangerous patients.
11 May 1990
Three, Three, Three: Part 2
J.R., sequestered in the insane asylum, overcomes having to fit in with the inmates and bedding down a notorious "Black Widow" to successfully coerce Jessica into signing over her Weststar shares to him.
2 Nov. 1990
April in Paris
Bobby and April's long awaited, romantic honeymoon in Paris is interrupted by Sheila Foley, an enigmatic, well-to-do woman, while J.R.'s frustration mounts when he realizes all escape routes from the mental institution are blocked.
9 Nov. 1990
Bobby becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of charades with Sheila Foley in an effort to rescue his kidnapped bride, while J.R. faces a life threatening situation in the asylum.
16 Nov. 1990
One Last Kiss
J.R. relies on fellow patients in the asylum as he schemes to secure his freedom, while Bobby turns to his cyclist friends in a last ditch effort to rescue his imperiled bride.
23 Nov. 1990
Still playing the charade, Bobby attends an important oil industry reception with Sheila, unaware of the ominous events about to change his life forever. Meanwhile, back in Dallas, J.R. ties up loose ends now that he is out of the sanitarium.
30 Nov. 1990
Tunnel of Love
The charade played out, Bobby returns from his honeymoon in Paris, a changed man and alone.
7 Dec. 1990
Heart and Soul
Despondent about April, Bobby turns his back on Ewing Oil, while J.R. gets a surprise visit from the only woman he has ever loved. Meanwhile, Michelle is furious with Bobby for returning to Dallas without April.
14 Dec. 1990
The Fabulous Ewing Boys
With the hoodlum Johnny Dancer dead, Carter McKay, Cliff Barnes, and Liz Adams all are likely murder suspects. In other developments, J.R. courts Vanessa, but his hold on her may be tenuous.
21 Dec. 1990
The Odessa File
Venezuelan oil magnate Lee Ann De La Vega attempts to cast a spell over J.R. Ewing when she maneuvers to buy his precious Ewing Oil. Despite J.R.'s vehement objections, Bobby decides to rid himself of the oil company.

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