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8 Jan. 1988
It's Me Again
After an ultimatum from Dr. Styles, J.R. demands a show of faith from Kimberly concerning their relationship.
15 Jan. 1988
Marriage on the Rocks
J.R. and Sue Ellen's marriage takes a turn for the worse after Kimberly leaves her spouse and demands that J.R. follow suit.
22 Jan. 1988
Anniversary Waltz
An angry Bobby vows vengeance upon the culprit he suspects is behind Lisa's custody battle.
5 Feb. 1988
Brotherly Love
Bobby plots his own secret quest to regain the name of Ewing Oil.
12 Feb. 1988
The Best Laid Plans
J.R. and Kimberly Cryder concoct a scandalous surprise for Sue Ellen. To Bobby's relief, Lisa Alden can't be found, apparently cancelling the trial. Clayton finds comfort from a supportive Laurel, while Miss Ellie walks into the shock of her life.
19 Feb. 1988
Farlow's Follies
Miss Ellie retreats into a drunken rage after she spies Clayton and Laurel together for a second time. Disillusioned and hurt, Ellie seeks comfort in silence, bewildering Clayton. J.R. and Kimberly's scheme to rid themselves of Sue Ellen backfires.
26 Feb. 1988
Malice in Dallas
The long awaited custody trial for Christopher comes to pass, pitting Lisa Alden against a determined Bobby. J.R. and Bobby square off against each other concerning J.R.'s involvement with Lisa.
4 Mar. 1988
Crime Story
April's mischievous undertaking to uncover Nicholas' true identity lands her in hot water. April is forced to go into hiding when some thugs attempt to question her about Nicholas.
11 Mar. 1988
To Have and to Hold
A frightened April succumbs to the strong-arm pressure of thugs and reveals Nicholas' identity. J.R. prepares for the battle with Dr. Styles, but Kimberly fears for her father's failing health.
18 Mar. 1988
Dead Reckoning
Clayton erupts into a vengeful rage when David Shulton tells Ellie about Clayton's tryst with Laurel. To J.R.'s delight, Miss Ellie informs the family she has kicked Clayton out of the house.
1 Apr. 1988
Never Say Never
J.R. sets his sights on the beautiful and innocent Laurel Ellis. Clayton's arrest for murder provides J.R. with ammunition to lure Laurel into his stable of conquests. In their effort to win back Ewing Oil, Kay introduces Bobby to a powerful Senator.
8 Apr. 1988
Last of the Good Guys
J.R. revels in his power when he uncovers evidence that could extricate Clayton from the charge of murdering David Shulton. Holding the key to Clayton's freedom, J.R. decides to use the information to his own advantage.
15 Apr. 1988
Top Gun
J.R. triumphantly prepares to assume control of Weststar Oil. Nicholas reveals his mysterious whereabouts to Sue Ellen and Laurel divulges J.R.'s sexual blackmail plot to a furious Clayton.
29 Apr. 1988
Pillow Talk
In the aftermath of Sue Ellen's victory over J.R., he threatens that she'll never see their son again.
6 May 1988
Things Ain't Goin' So Good at Southfork Again
Jenna returns to an ominously empty home. A lonely Lucy Ewing-Cooper returns to Southfork to learn that Miss Ellie has reached a decision that may change the ranch forever.
13 May 1988
The Fat Lady Singeth
J.R. declares all out war on his brother Bobby, wife Sue Ellen, and Nicholas Pearce. Cliff receives startling news about Pam and Lucy meets the calculating Casey Denault.
28 Oct. 1988
Murder charges are filed as the families of Southfork are torn apart over the shooting of J.R. by his furious wife, Sue Ellen. Cliff finally comes face to face with Pam, as Bobby wrestles with his feelings about his ex-wife.
4 Nov. 1988
No Greater Love
Cliff Barnes, resolving to get out of the oil business, offers Barnes-Wentworth to Bobby and Ewing Oil. Clayton Farlow, immersed in the running of Southfork, also offers to sell his oil refineries to Bobby.
11 Nov. 1988
The Call of the Wild
Sue Ellen, despite securing custody of her son, John Ross, resigns to let him live at Southfork.
18 Nov. 1988
Out of the Frying Pan
J.R.'s lust for the young country girl Cally Harper leads him into a dangerous situation that even his wiles, Ewing money, power, and clout can't get him out.
2 Dec. 1988
Road Work
While J.R. is imprisoned on a torturous chain gang, his long time nemesis, Cliff Barnes, joins Bobby as a new partner in Ewing Oil. Clayton suspects foul play when the river that runs across Southfork mysteriously dries up.
9 Dec. 1988
War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing
A beaten and nearly broken J.R. marries the innocent Cally Harper in a desperate effort to escape the crazed clutches of her vengeful brothers.
16 Dec. 1988
Showdown at the Ewing Corral
Newlywed J.R. struggles to escape from the dreaded Harper farm, while Southfork prepares for war against the unrelenting Carter McKay and his henchmen.

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