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2 Jan. 1987
So Shall Ye Reap
Threatened by B.D. Calhoun's menacing presence, J.R. takes the necessary steps to rid himself of the mercenary.
9 Jan. 1987
Tick, Tock
Sue Ellen is unsuspecting when B.D. Calhoun, whom she knows as Peter Duncan, makes contact with her in his vendetta against J.R. Calhoun "accidentally" bumps into Sue Ellen and Pam. Ray feels the frustration of losing his wife and their expected child.
23 Jan. 1987
Night Visitor
Ewing Oil makes a financial comeback as Bobby and J.R. secure important deals, but J.R. is too overcome with anxiety about B.D. Calhoun to savor the success. Bobby becomes suspicious when J.R. acts overly concerned about Southfork's security system.
30 Jan. 1987
Cat and Mouse
Bobby finally learns the reason behind J.R.'s recent mysterious actions. B.D. Calhoun continues to terrorize J.R. with his dangerous game playing.
6 Feb. 1987
High Noon for Calhoun
Fearing for the safety of their families, J.R. and Bobby send Sue Ellen, Pam, John Ross, and Christopher to California to escape the menacing threat of Calhoun but J.R. is forced into a deadly showdown when the terrorist locates them.
13 Feb. 1987
J.R. pays an emotional price for his involvement with Calhoun but he may face a bigger danger with the law for consorting with a terrorist. Despite her growing relationship with Senator Dowling, Donna feels stifled in her efforts for the oil lobby.
20 Feb. 1987
A Death in the Family
Shocking news from California raises questions of who is the true proprietor of the elusive 10 percent of Ewing Oil. The quiet search for Jack Ewing is continued by J.R. and April Stevens.
27 Feb. 1987
Revenge of the Nerd
An ecstatic Cliff Barnes unloads a stunning bombshell on the Ewing brothers. Furious at Cliff's disturbing disclosure, J.R. divides the Southfork house by accusing Pam of scheming with her brother to bring ruin to Ewing Oil.
13 Mar. 1987
The Ten Percent Solution
J.R. deviously schemes to frame Cliff Barnes for Jamie's death. While secretly maneuvering to secure the infamous ten percent of Ewing Oil, J.R. also orchestrates a meeting between April and a friendly judge who may end up being helpful to his cause.
20 Mar. 1987
Some Good, Some Bad
J.R. and Bobby get some aid in their never ending quest for the ten percent of Ewing Oil from a surprise visitor.
3 Apr. 1987
War and Peace
An intensive court battle results in a decision which causes pandemonium in both Ewing and Barnes' camps. J.R. and Bobby undertake a vicious custody battle with Cliff for the elusive ten percent of Ewing Oil.
10 Apr. 1987
Ruthless People
Double crossed by J.R. and April Stevens, Jeremy Wendell vows revenge on Ewing Oil.
1 May 1987
The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
Tired of J.R.'s underhanded business tactics, Bobby, Ray, and Miss Ellie sell out, turning their shares of Ewing Oil over to J.R. News from Washington hurls the Southfork family members into angry turmoil.
8 May 1987
Miss Ellie is distraught over the fate of both Clayton and Ewing Oil.
15 May 1987
Fall of the House of Ewing
Bobby and Pam's dreams of a serene and happy future are shattered. The impending loss of Ewing Oil has a desperate J.R. fighting for his life while a smug Jeremy Wendell reveals his plot to him.
25 Sep. 1987
After the Fall: Ewing Rise
The Ewings are thrust into a state of tragic despair while awaiting the fate of Pamela after her car accident.
25 Sep. 1987
After the Fall: Digger Redux
Miss Ellie worries about Clayton's activities while Sue Ellen meets Nicholas Pearce, a dashing investment banker who seeks to help her build up her lingerie business. Meanwhile, J.R. obtains the will for Pamela in case she doesn't make it.
2 Oct. 1987
The Son Also Rises
A veiled figure, who invades Pam's hospital room, sends shock waves through the Ewing household. A confused and angry Christopher vanishes from Southfork, sending the ranch into further turmoil.
9 Oct. 1987
Gone with the Wind
Bobby makes a startling discovery when he enters Pam's hospital room.
16 Oct. 1987
The Lady Vanishes
Bobby and Cliff and the rest of the Ewings desperately search for Pam, fearful that the mystery figure may be involved in her disappearance. Bobby and Cliff make an odd pair as they scour Texas to unravel the mystery surrounding Pam.
23 Oct. 1987
Tough Love
J.R. and Ray have to stop a frustrated and furious Bobby from destroying a bar full of cowboys while on a rampage.
30 Oct. 1987
Last Tango in Dallas
Pam unloads another devastating bombshell on Bobby.
6 Nov. 1987
Mummy's Revenge
The families of Southfork anxiously await news from the hospital concerning Clayton. J.R. tries to comfort a scared and nervous Miss Ellie as Clayton undergoes surgery.
13 Nov. 1987
Bobby comes to a weighty resolution concerning his beloved Pam. Christopher's reaction to the bad news from Pam provides Bobby with the impetus for his decision.
20 Nov. 1987
Bedtime Stories
Ray and Jenna reveal their good news to Bobby and the rest of the Ewings. Despite their budding relationship, Bobby severs ties with Lisa Alden in the interest of Christopher, but takes the initiative with another woman from his past.
27 Nov. 1987
Lovers and Other Liars
Frustrated and furious at Cliff for shutting down his oil rig, Dandy takes control with a shotgun. J.R., with the unwitting help of April Stevens, continues to pursue Weststar, as well as Kimberly Cryder.
4 Dec. 1987
Brothers and Sons
With Bobby as best man, Ray and Jenna finally exchange wedding vows. The wedding day finds Christopher struggling with the discovery of the identity of Lucas's father, while Jenna pines over past feelings for Bobby.
11 Dec. 1987
Brother, Can You Spare a Child?
Bobby prepares to fight the lawsuit Lisa has against him while Sue Ellen has dinner with the Cryders. Meanwhile, Casey makes plans to work against J.R. and Charlie is caught with her boyfriend.
18 Dec. 1987
Daddy's Little Darlin'
Bobby prepares for a brutal court fight to retain custody of Christopher. J.R., who learns of Casey's disloyalty, plans to teach the upstart a lesson while he continues to badger Kimberly to set up a meeting between him and her powerful father.

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