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7 Jan. 1983
The Ewing Blues
Miss Ellie and Pam meet with Mark Graison in hopes of his family releasing Brooks Oliver to help break Jock's will. Donna is ready to give up on the Texas Energy Commission and JR, who goes on TV in an effort to boost more support from the common man, only to further the hatred of him among the oil industry. And Bobby has found a loophole to force the Cartel to re-open the Wellington field.
14 Jan. 1983
The Reckoning
Heated tensions remain as the hearing concerning Jock's will approaches. Everyone learns that if Jock's will is overturned, it would result in Ray and Gary receiving almost nothing as a result. JR learns from Sue Ellen that Mark Graison is interested in Pam. Bobby, having forced the Cartel's hand, feels the outside pressure on Ewing Oil, as well.
28 Jan. 1983
A Ewing Is a Ewing
The race for profits between J.R. and Bobby Ewing continues in the aftermath of the court's ruling on Jock's will.
4 Feb. 1983
Crash of '83
Having bragged about being able to sink to JR's level, Bobby does just that. Miss Ellie returns from Galveston with a new outlook on the race between her sons. Clayton decides to sell his ranch in San Angelo, while Cliff goes berserk when he finds out that what happened between Afton and Gil Thurman was really true. Lucy tells Ray the real reason why Mickey was delinquent in performing his duties on the ranch.
11 Feb. 1983
Blame is placed and accepted all over the Barnes-Wentworth, Ewing, and oil community when Rebecca dies as a result of a mid-air collision of the company jet. JR's variance is revoked and he scrambles to find where his next big profit is coming from. Meanwhile, Holly tries, once again, to rid her company of him.
18 Feb. 1983
After Pam leaves Southfork, Holly gets the cold shoulder in her chance meeting with Bobby, as he's beginning to think the only thing left for him to do is throw himself into the fight for Ewing Oil, whole-heartedly. The Barnes-Wentworth clan gather for the reading of Rebecca's will. JR begins to unload his gas stations as Walt Driscoll returns from the Carribbean with money for the illegally-sold oil.
25 Feb. 1983
Brothers and Sisters
Pam's sister informs her she's moving to Dallas, unaware that Kathryn's also trying to move in on her husband, while Mark keeps trying to move in on Pam. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to find solace in something other than a bottle and Cliff can't get over the self-blame for the death of his mother. Donna begins to realize the serious effects of JR moving in on a senatorial seat in Washington when Dave talks to her about it because he feels threatened by the notion.
4 Mar. 1983
Caribbean Connection
After Holly consults with Bobby regarding JR's latest scheme, he enlists Ray help in finding out where JR is really shipping a million barrels of oil. When JR is approached to run for senate, Sue Ellen is reluctant to be in the spotlight because of her past problems with alcoholism.
11 Mar. 1983
The Sting
When Bobby and Ray pull a sting operation on Driscoll, JR starts dancing for the Cubans as he tries to retrieve his money, leaving Driscoll to rot in jail. Bobby finds out that Pam had lunch with Mark Graison and Lucy grows closer to Mickey Trotter, compelling her to be honest with him about what happened with Roger. Katherine proposes a deal to JR that would benefit the both of them.
18 Mar. 1983
Hell Hath No Fury
Katherine continues to plot to win Bobby by talking Pam into going to France with Mark Graison. JR plots to go to Cuba to retrieve his lost money. Cliff plots to take over for Bobby in the Canadian oil deal, and Holly plots to try one more time to get JR out of Harwood Oil.
25 Mar. 1983
Cuba Libre
Sue Ellen begins to investigate Holly's claim that JR is being unfaithful. JR, meanwhile, flies to Peurto Rico in hopes of retrieving what he can out of the forty millions dollars he lost without having to fly to Cuba. After learning that Pam has flown to France with Mark Graison, Bobby takes Christopher out to Southfork, where Punk Anderson is discussing Clayton's intentions with Miss Ellie. Mickey's aunt calls and Donna talks her into flying down from Kansas, much to Mickey's chagrin. Katherine continues to burn the candle at both end, plotting with JR to help him ...
1 Apr. 1983
Tangled Web
Battle lines are drawn across the globe, as Bobby needs the Canadian oil fields to come in, but fears they won't without Barnes-Wentworth new drill bit, and the deciding vote is sitting in comfort in France with Mark Graison, who's really putting the romantic pressure on Pam. Cliff denies the bit to him because he wants Bobby's deal in Canada for himself. Katherine wants Bobby to have the bit because she wants Bobby for herself. When JR returns from Cuba, Sue Ellen and Holly Harwood haggle over his fidelity, so she sets the stage for Sue Ellen to find out for herself.
15 Apr. 1983
Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork
Sue Ellen, having found JR returned to his old ways, returns to her old ways, as well. Pam flies home to Dallas and drives straight out to Southfork, treating Bobby like she stole their son and accusing him of having something personal to do with her sister, Katherine. Cliff still refuses to let go of the drill bit that Bobby desperately needs. And Mickey and Lucy continue to grow closer together.
29 Apr. 1983
The latest ramifications of the fight for control of Ewing Oil surface when Sue Ellen is involved in a drunk driving accident and Mickey, who tried to stop her from driving, lays in a hospital bed, fighting for his life. Bobby confronts Holly and blames her for Sue Ellen returning to the bottle and Cliff lays his cards on the table and tries to convince Pam to refuse Bobby the drill bit he so desperately needs.
6 May 1983
Ewing Inferno
The sixth season comes to a close...just like Bobby's marriage...and Afton's relationship with Cliff...and Ray's attempt to find the other driver that ran Sue Ellen and Mickey off the road.
30 Sep. 1983
The Road Back
Bobby tries to get cooler heads to prevail with Ray and JR, who points out that Ray and Bobby are just as responsible for Mickey's condition as he is. Clayton has a little trouble keeping Miss Ellie from finding out about the fire at Southfork, while Harv Smithfield discusses his intentions when JR and Bobby agree to give up the fight for control of Ewing Oil.
7 Oct. 1983
The Long Goodbye
Southfork, and the Ewing relationships, undergo rebuilding after the fire and other recent events. Away from the ranch, Mickey regains consciousness. Bobby asks Pam to come back and they agree to have dinner together, which upsets Katherine and Cliff.
14 Oct. 1983
The Letter
J.R. and Katherine plot against Pam and Bobby. Sue Ellen is convinced that her and J.R.'s son, John Ross, needs help and she takes him to a psychologist who recommends a day camp where Peter Richards is a counselor.
21 Oct. 1983
My Brother's Keeper
Bobby and Pam end their marriage as J.R. and Katherine cheer from the sidelines. Sue Ellen finds she has an admirer at her son's day camp. J.R.'s plotting against his brother includes cutting him out of Ewing Oil.
28 Oct. 1983
The Quality of Mercy
Unless their truce holds, Bobby learns that only a miracle could put him ahead of J.R. in their fight for Ewing Oil with the showdown only a few days away.
4 Nov. 1983
Check and Mate
The J.R. and Bobby Ewing contest for Ewing Oil officially concludes with startling and unexpected developments. J.R. and Bobby turn over their books for the final audit, which determines who will run the family company.
11 Nov. 1983
Ray's Trial
With the fight for the family company finally resolved, the Ewings make futile attempts to repair the lacerations in their lives caused by the contest.
18 Nov. 1983
The Oil Baron's Ball
Emotions spill over at the Oil Baron's Ball as the Ewing and Barnes' parties confront each other. J.R. is delighted to see Bobby and Pam with other dates but shocked when Cliff is named Oil Man of the Year.
25 Nov. 1983
Morning After
The Oil Baron's Ball ends with fists and food flying between J.R., Bobby, Cliff, Ray, and Mark. Cliff sets the Ewings on edge by defaming Jock's memory during his acceptance speech at the ball and with other sarcastic remarks to J.R.
2 Dec. 1983
The Buck Stops Here
The Charity Rodeo at Billy Bob's brings out the best of the Ewing clan's riding skills but uncovers the depth of their emotional crises.
9 Dec. 1983
To Catch a Sly
J.R.'s determination to discover how Cliff is getting information about Ewing Oil's operations pays off when Sly falls into his trap. When J.R. confronts his secretary, she tells him how Cliff coerced her into working for him and he decides to use...
16 Dec. 1983
Barbecue Four
Clayton Farlow and Miss Ellie have a surprise for the guests gathered at Southfork for the annual Ewing barbecue. Reactions vary after Clayton announces that he and Ellie are engaged, but J.R. is furious.
23 Dec. 1983
Past Imperfect
J.R.'s resolve to prevent the marriage of his mother and Clayton Farlow becomes more determined when Miss Ellie receives an engagement ring during dinner at Southfork.

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