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1 Jan. 1982
Barbecue Two
Miss Ellie plans the annual Ewing Barbecue to celebrate Jock's return from South America. Lucy invites Mitch to the party but is annoyed when he neglects her. Ray gets drunk and embarrasses Donna. Miss Ellie gets a shocking phone call.
8 Jan. 1982
The Search
After a phone call from South America devastates Miss Ellie, J.R., Bobby, and Ray fly down there to try and find Jock. They find his medallion.
15 Jan. 1982
Jock's death has a devastating effect on J.R. and Bobby has to cover for himself as well as his brother in running Ewing Oil. J.R. is unable to deal even with the simplest of business demands in his grief.
22 Jan. 1982
Head of the Family
With J.R.'s continued absence from the business and Ray's apathy and negligence toward the running of the ranch, Bobby is struggling to keep Ewing Oil afloat.
29 Jan. 1982
The Phoenix
A recovered J.R. brings John Ross to the Ewing Oil offices to introduce him to what he hopes is his son's future. Later, when he tells Sue Ellen about it, she is far from delighted.
5 Feb. 1982
My Father, My Son
J.R. tries to convince Donna that the only way to save her marriage is to persuade Ray to give his ten voting shares to J.R., thereby severing his ties to the Ewings.
12 Feb. 1982
J.R., behind the scenes, gets a job offer for Cliff to get him out of Southfork so he can make a move to rekindle his relationship with Sue Ellen. Ray is caught with another woman by Donna and Lucy confronts Evelyn about Mitch.
19 Feb. 1982
J.R. has Ray arrested during one of his binges then shows up at jail and persuades a distraught Ray to sign over his ten voting shares in Ewing Oil. Cliff discovers J.R.'s plot to get him a phony job with Olco Industries.
26 Feb. 1982
The Maelstrom
J.R. returns to Southfork where the family is celebrating Christopher's adoption which serves to depress him further as he realizes he may be a long way from having his own son back. Ray cleans up his act and starts to put his life back together.
5 Mar. 1982
The Prodigal
Katherine looks for J.R.'s help because Cliff has taken over Wentworth Tool and Dye. Donna uncovers a secret in the pasts of the Ewings and Culvers while Clayton does some investigating to find out if Cliff is good for Sue Ellen.
12 Mar. 1982
J.R., through his manipulations, dupes Cliff into spending millions on a phony land deal. Farraday meets with Bobby and wants money and a ticket to Rio while Cliff proposes marriage to Sue Ellen.
19 Mar. 1982
Bobby Ewing's worst fears are realized when Farraday is murdered but a much worse blackmailer takes his place, his brother, J.R. With copies of Christopher's adoption records in his possession, J.R. realizes that he is probably the real father and now he can force Bobby to do his will so that Pam will never find out.
26 Mar. 1982
The Investigation
Bobby is in a difficult position when he is questioned by the police about the extent of his involvement with Farraday. Lucy is released from her bondage after she is found by Pam and Bobby.
2 Apr. 1982
Miss Ellie makes a decision on the book Donna is working on and comes to accept that Jock has died. The police recruit Bobby's help in setting up a plan to catch Farraday's killers and Cliff is fired by his mother for embezzlement.
9 Apr. 1982
Goodbye, Cliff Barnes
Cliff is devastated by Sue Ellen's return to J.R. and when Afton visits him she makes a shocking discovery. Bobby comes clean and reveals Christopher's true parentage to Pam. Clayton makes a return to Southfork and Lucy admits to a terrible secret.
1 Oct. 1982
Changing of the Guard
J.R. is the focus of everyone's wrath at Southfork. J.R. is blamed by the other Ewings, as well as Afton and Rebecca, for driving Cliff to suicide. Bobby has his own reasons for being furious with J.R. after being blackmailed by him over Christopher.
8 Oct. 1982
Where There's a Will...
J.R. schemes to get an advance look at Jock's will after discovering his father's wishes have sealed it until it can be revealed to the entire family.
15 Oct. 1982
Billion Dollar Question
J.R. tries to push his mother and Bobby into a decision that would open Jock's will. Bobby and J.R. agree that it is time their mother gets out and meet old friends.
22 Oct. 1982
The Big Ball
The Oil Baron's Ball opens up a new era for Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen is shocked when Dusty shows up at the Southern Cross while she is there visiting Clayton. Lucy decides she must get on with her life and put the past behind her.
29 Oct. 1982
Jock's Will
The Ewing clan gathers at Southfork to hear the contents of Jock's will. Miss Ellie realizes that there is little hope of Jock ever returning so she takes her own advice about "moving on".
5 Nov. 1982
With Jock's will pitting them against each other, J.R. and Bobby prepare to do battle to prove who is the best man and entitled to Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie is in the middle as her two sons square off and Ray is happy that he is now on par financially with...
12 Nov. 1982
Hit and Run
J.R. and Bobby take different routes in their efforts to outdo each other for Ewing Oil. J.R. again is up to his old tricks to gain the advantage over his brother in their rivalry.
19 Nov. 1982
The Ewing Touch
J.R. and Bobby's true colors emerge as they jockey for position in their race for Ewing Oil. Members of the Ewing family experience varied emotions when Ellie invites a gentleman friend to dinner.
26 Nov. 1982
Fringe Benefits
J.R. Ewing and Cliff Barnes vie for the same oil refinery, with either Sue Ellen or Afton holding the trump card to win the deal for her man.
3 Dec. 1982
The Wedding
Oilmen boycott JR's wedding to Sue Ellen as they are all up in arms over his variance to pump oil at full capacity. Meanwhile, JR rubs Cliffs nose in the fact that he's re-marrying Sue Ellen by inviting him to the wedding. Other guests include Clayton Farlow, who tries to help console Miss Ellie over the fight between JR and Bobby. In an effort to fight JR's variance, the state of Texas is willing to create a different oil commission, but only if Donna will serve on the committee.
10 Dec. 1982
Post Nuptial
Cliff goes nuts at JR & Sue Ellen's dance, resulting in half the wedding party taking an unscheduled dip in the pool. Afton later admits to Cliff her part in his securing the purchase of his oil refinery from Gil Thurman and Bobby reveals his knowledge of JR being behind Harwood Oil.
17 Dec. 1982
Barbecue Three
Holly Harwood entertains thoughts of getting JR out of her company and Bobby into her bed at the same time. The Texas Energy Commission deliberates on JR's variance, as he pulls a move that threatens the entire Texas oil community, which shows up at the Ewing annual barbecue like an old-fashioned Texas showdown.
31 Dec. 1982
Mama Dearest
Having decided to contest Jock's will, Miss Ellie meets with resistance from JR, Bobby, and Harve Smithfield, who must defend the will and recommends someone else to her. Donna meets with resistance from the Texas Energy Commission when she stands her ground about JR's variance.

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