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Season 7

30 Sep. 1983
The Road Back
Bobby tries to get cooler heads to prevail with Ray and JR, who points out that Ray and Bobby are just as responsible for Mickey's condition as he is. Clayton has a little trouble keeping Miss Ellie from finding out about the fire at Southfork, while Harv Smithfield discusses his intentions when JR and Bobby agree to give up the fight for control of Ewing Oil.
7 Oct. 1983
The Long Goodbye
Southfork, and the Ewing relationships, undergo rebuilding after the fire and other recent events. Away from the ranch, Mickey regains consciousness. Bobby asks Pam to come back and they agree to have dinner together, which upsets Katherine and Cliff.
14 Oct. 1983
The Letter
J.R. and Katherine plot against Pam and Bobby. Sue Ellen is convinced that her and J.R.'s son, John Ross, needs help and she takes him to a psychologist who recommends a day camp where Peter Richards is a counselor.
21 Oct. 1983
My Brother's Keeper
Bobby and Pam end their marriage as J.R. and Katherine cheer from the sidelines. Sue Ellen finds she has an admirer at her son's day camp. J.R.'s plotting against his brother includes cutting him out of Ewing Oil.
28 Oct. 1983
The Quality of Mercy
Unless their truce holds, Bobby learns that only a miracle could put him ahead of J.R. in their fight for Ewing Oil with the showdown only a few days away.
4 Nov. 1983
Check and Mate
The J.R. and Bobby Ewing contest for Ewing Oil officially concludes with startling and unexpected developments. J.R. and Bobby turn over their books for the final audit, which determines who will run the family company.
11 Nov. 1983
Ray's Trial
With the fight for the family company finally resolved, the Ewings make futile attempts to repair the lacerations in their lives caused by the contest.
18 Nov. 1983
The Oil Baron's Ball
Emotions spill over at the Oil Baron's Ball as the Ewing and Barnes' parties confront each other. J.R. is delighted to see Bobby and Pam with other dates but shocked when Cliff is named Oil Man of the Year.
25 Nov. 1983
Morning After
The Oil Baron's Ball ends with fists and food flying between J.R., Bobby, Cliff, Ray, and Mark. Cliff sets the Ewings on edge by defaming Jock's memory during his acceptance speech at the ball and with other sarcastic remarks to J.R.
2 Dec. 1983
The Buck Stops Here
The Charity Rodeo at Billy Bob's brings out the best of the Ewing clan's riding skills but uncovers the depth of their emotional crises.
9 Dec. 1983
To Catch a Sly
J.R.'s determination to discover how Cliff is getting information about Ewing Oil's operations pays off when Sly falls into his trap. When J.R. confronts his secretary, she tells him how Cliff coerced her into working for him and he decides to use...
16 Dec. 1983
Barbecue Four
Clayton Farlow and Miss Ellie have a surprise for the guests gathered at Southfork for the annual Ewing barbecue. Reactions vary after Clayton announces that he and Ellie are engaged, but J.R. is furious.
23 Dec. 1983
Past Imperfect
J.R.'s resolve to prevent the marriage of his mother and Clayton Farlow becomes more determined when Miss Ellie receives an engagement ring during dinner at Southfork.
6 Jan. 1984
Peter's Principle
Sue Ellen has to fight her own emotions to try and convince Peter that he should not jeopardize his future because of her. She is concerned that Peter might try something desperate and goes to his apartment to see him.
13 Jan. 1984
Offshore Crude
J.R.'s capacity for double-crossing comes close to running over as he sets up for a ride in risky offshore oil exploration.
20 Jan. 1984
Some Do... Some Don't
Sue Ellen looks for a way out of her relationship with Peter. Peter talks Sue Ellen out of breaking off their affair but when she is mistaken for his mother her resolve becomes firmer. J.R. wants to have another child which Sue Ellen refuses to do.
27 Jan. 1984
Eye of the Beholder
Miss Ellie changes her mind about marrying Clayton and J.R. is delighted. Clayton broods over Ellie's decision about their wedding and then shows up at Southfork demanding an explanation but J.R. meets him with a gun.
3 Feb. 1984
Twelve Mile Limit
J.R. hides his chargrin at his mother and Clatyon's reconciliation by continuing to work on Cliff's greed for his own advantage.
10 Feb. 1984
Where Is Poppa?
J.R. rushes to Sue Ellen's bedside after she is hit by a car and receives a shocking piece of news. Peter and Lucy also run to the hospital where an unconscious Sue Ellen was taken after a minor accident near Jenna's boutique.
17 Feb. 1984
When the Bough Breaks
Sue Ellen leaves the hospital unsure of who got her pregnant. J.R. and Peter are each convinced that he fathered the child Sue Ellen lost in the accident.
24 Feb. 1984
True Confessions
Bobby confronts Jenna about Charlie's parentage and has difficulty accepting the fact that Jenna has led him on. Katherine sets up a confrontation between Naldo, Jenna, and Bobby but is not pleased with the results and Naldo's predictions.
2 Mar. 1984
And the Winner Is...
Cliff bids high and J.R. bids low but each think he is the winner in the offshore drilling controversy. Randolph confesses to Ray and Donna that he gave J.R. information and all are at a loss to explain why he did not use the knowledge to win the leases.
9 Mar. 1984
Fools Rush In
J.R. gleefully operates behind the scenes to enmesh Cliff in an untenable financial situation he can use to his own advantage.
16 Mar. 1984
The Unexpected
Clayton's sister, Jessica, arrives at Southfork for her brother and Ellie's wedding loaded with gifts but lacking the customary good thoughts. J.R. is especially impressed by Jessica and her present to him -- her late husband's regimental sword.
23 Mar. 1984
Strange Alliance
J.R. and Jessica find an ally in each other as strange alliances are formed. Both J.R. and Jessica share the same sentiments about Ellie and Clayton's wedding plans.
6 Apr. 1984
Blow Up
Pam tries to rush Mark into a quick marriage but he wants a big wedding and Miss Ellie insists on her own small nuptial event with Clayton at Southfork.
13 Apr. 1984
Turning Point
J.R. badgers Jessica to uncover the secret in Clayton's past that he could use to stop his mother's wedding. Cliff has to sell assets to get cash for his drilling without knowing that J.R. is the buyer and is pulling the strings to frustrate Cliff's...
4 May 1984
Love Stories
Bobby asks Jenna to marry him and she eagerly accepts, Clayton pushes to wed Miss Ellie before J.R. and Jessica can interfere, and Pam and Mark's future clouds over after she receives some tragic news.
11 May 1984
Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie
J.R.'s snooping into Clayton and Jessica's past makes him realize his mother may be in grave danger. The concern of the Ewings for Miss Ellie's safety increases after it is learned that she never arrived at a fashion show she was to attend...
18 May 1984
End Game
J.R. becomes the focus of accumulated hatreds in Southfork. A desperate search ensues for both Miss Ellie and Jessica while the fate of Peter is left in Sue Ellen's hands.

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