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Season 1

9 Sep. 1978
Wanted: The Superfriends/Rokan: Enemy from Space
Lex Luthor creates a Dream Machine that causes the SuperFriends to steal the world's treasures overnight; Bizarro and Cheetah turn people around the world into Bizarros and Cheetahs.
16 Sep. 1978
Invasion of the Fearians/The Demons of Exxor
The Legion of Doom tricks the SuperFriends into making the earth habitable for the Fearians, a race of intelligent three-headed creatures from Venus.
23 Sep. 1978
The World's Deadliest Game/Battle at the Earth's Core
Brainiac tricks Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Black Vulcan onto Toyman's planet of deadly toys, as the Riddler sends the rest of the SuperFriends on a wild goose chase looking for them.
30 Sep. 1978
The Time Trap/Sinbad and the Space Pirates
The Legion of Doom uses Gorilla Grodd's inter-spatial time conveyor to steal history's greatest treasures and to trap six of the SuperFriends in the past.
7 Oct. 1978
Trial of the SuperFriends/The Pied Piper from Space
The Legion of Doom steals the power devices from Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and Green Lantern and force them to fight android duplicates of themselves, which have the advantage of possessing their own devices.
14 Oct. 1978
Monolith of Evil/Attack of the Vampire
Solomon Grundy takes the Legion of Doom down to center of the Earth where he shows them a monolith that he claims is the source of all evil. The Legion schemes to trick the SuperFriends into obtaining it for them.
21 Oct. 1978
The Giants of Doom/The Beasts Are Coming
Bizarro comes up with a scheme to turn himself, Sinestro, Toyman and Captain Cold into 100-foot giants.
28 Oct. 1978
Secret Origins of the SuperFriends/Terror from the Phantom Zone
Lex Luthor takes the Legion of Doom into the past so that they can prevent Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern from coming into existence.
4 Nov. 1978
Revenge on Gorilla City/The Anti-Matter Monster
The Legion of Doom takes over Gorilla City and, with a mind control device, creates an army of gorillas to conquer Africa.
11 Nov. 1978
Swamp of the Living Dead/World Beneath the Ice
A swamp witch conjures an evil being for the Legion of Doom. The sinister disembodied head gives them an army of zombies in exchange for the SuperFriends.
18 Nov. 1978
Conquerors of the Future/Invasion of the Brain Creatures
The Legion of Doom pretends to be the Legion of Good before traveling to 3984 and taking over a domed city with the help of the primitive Barlocks.
25 Nov. 1978
The Final Challenge/The Incredible Space Circus
The godlike ruler, Vartoo, forces the SuperFriends and the Legion of Doom to compete in deadly games.
2 Dec. 1978
Fairy Tale of Doom/Batman: Dead or Alive
The Legion of Doom uses Toyman's fantastic invention to trap three of the SuperFriends in the worlds of storybooks: "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Gulliver's Travels".
9 Dec. 1978
Doomsday/Battle of the Gods
Black Manta, Sinestro and Cheetah take revenge on the Legion of Doom.
16 Dec. 1978
SuperFriends: Rest in Peace/Journey Through Inner Space
The Legion regains possession of the deadly crystal, Noxium, which has the power to kill any SuperFriend instantly - even Superman.
23 Dec. 1978
History of Doom/The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends
Three aliens arrive on Earth after it has been destroyed and learn the origins of the SuperFriends and the Legion of Doom.

 Season 1 

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