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Season: 1 | 2 | 3
Year: 1978 | 1979 | 1980 | 1981

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Baptism of Fire

24 September 1978
Father Neil, the young new curate, arrives at the Parish of St. Jude, and crusty old Father Duddleswell wants to know what kind of man he's been sent. For Father Neil's baptism of fire - his very first confessionals.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring
Kevin Collins ... Jeremy
Susan Sheridan ... Child at Confession (voice)
Rosie Collins ... Young Lady (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: The Bell of St Jude's

1 October 1978
Billy Buzzle, whose property abuts St. Jude's, has pigeons that roost in the church tower and keep Father Duddleswell from his afternoon nap. The father has a solution. Get a bell for the tower to ring at dawn, noon ad dusk. Now it's Billy who can't sleep, and a noisy neighbor war begins.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Parish Bazaar

8 October 1978
Father Duddleswell sets himself the lofty goal of raising 600 pounds in this year's parish bazaar - over twice what they barely pulled in the previous year. Despite the many doubters around him, Father D moves doggedly forward while insisting all should have faith, but is his faith blind?

Season 1, Episode 4: The Doomsday Chair

15 October 1978
The absence of true faith always leads to superstition. That's Father Duddleswell's stand which he must now back by challenging the local legend of the doomsday chair - a cushioned seat, situated in a local pub, that reputedly brings death within a week to whomever sits on it.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring

Peter Bowles ... Fred Bowlby
Phyllis MacMahon ... Mrs. Bowlby (as Phyllis McMahon)
Eugene Geasley ... Paddy
Christina Halstead ... Nellie - Barmaid (as Christianne Halstead)
Charles Adey-Grey ... Man (uncredited)
Betty Cameron ... Woman (uncredited)
David Cleeve ... Man (uncredited)
Diana Daniels ... Woman (uncredited)

Ron Gregory ... Man (uncredited)
Joan Harsant ... Woman (uncredited)
Derek Holt ... Man (uncredited)
Dennis Jennings ... Man (uncredited)
Penny Lambirth ... Woman (uncredited)
Jimmy Mac ... Old Man (uncredited)
John Mankins ... Man (uncredited)
Len Mathewman ... Man (uncredited)
Ronald Mayer ... Pianist (uncredited)
Margaret McKechnie ... Woman (uncredited)
David Melbourne ... Man (uncredited)
Giles Melville ... Man (uncredited)
Maureen Nelson ... Woman (uncredited)
Derek Parkes ... Man (uncredited)
Annet Peters ... Woman (uncredited)
Patrick Ryan ... Man (uncredited)
Maureen Stevens ... Woman (uncredited)
Sonia Stratton ... Woman (uncredited)
Colin Thomas ... Man (uncredited)
Cy Town ... Man (uncredited)
Desmond Verini ... Man (uncredited)
Garth Watkins ... Man (uncredited)
Tina Winter ... Woman (uncredited)
William Wyatt ... Man (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 5: Father and Mother

22 October 1978
A dour portrait of the saintly french nun who founded the orphanage near St. Jude is damaged, revealing a rare and valuable work beneath it. If taken to auction, to whom should the money go, or should the only known image of the orphanage's foundress be preserved instead? Father Duddleswell must reluctantly meet with the imposing and humorless Mother Stephen about it.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Tennis Match

29 October 1978
The town of Fairwater will get its first Catholic mayor and Father Duddleswell asks him to remain open about his faith. There's a price. The mayor-elect needs to show that he's not in the priests' pocket, so he asks Fathers Duddleswell and Boyd to agree to play doubles against the Anglicans in a clergy tennis match. Father D agrees superficially but then schemes to prove he can win without ever touching the ball.

Season 1, Episode 7: The Seal of Confession

5 November 1978
"Faith comes from hearing" says the good book, but St. Jude's needs some sound help: it's confessional walls are cardboard thin and it's pulpit speaker system hums loudly. While Father Duddleswell okays these improvements, Mrs. Pring's treatment of Father Neil's earwax buildup leaves the curate with temporary hearing problems, but the real disaster descends when Father D forgets to shut off his new cordless mic while in the otherwise soundproofed new confessional.

Season 1, Episode 17: Women

July 1981
A few days without Mrs. Pring show Father Duddleswell that he needs at least one woman in his life.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Blessings from Heaven

11 November 1979
Father D is not pleased to announce that lately there've been less births among the parishioners than he'd like. However, there IS a singular miracle - one woman in the blessed way - which soon has Father D butting heads with Mother Stephen in claiming divine credit for it.

Season 2, Episode 2: Father Neil's First Miracle

18 November 1979
Father D appoints Father Neil the official Catholic chaplain to the hospital to keep him active. Father Neil soon finds himself drawn into case where an elderly African man believes himself cursed and needs "the white witch doctor" to cure him.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring

Phoebe Nicholls ... Nurse Owen
Lionel Ngakane ... Mr. Ofori
Gyearbuor Asante ... Mr. Affram (as Christopher Asante)
Barbara Hicks ... Matron
Nicholas Le Prevost ... Dr. Spinks

David Ryall ... Billy Buzzle
Ralph Morse ... Young Cleric (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 3: Fatal Lady

25 November 1979
Special attentions from a rich middle-aged female parishioner is getting young Father Neil a little hot under his collar.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring
Margaret Flint ... Mrs. Carlin (as Maggie Flint)
Barbara Young ... Miss Davenport
Anne Bruzac ... Maid

Season 2, Episode 4: The Heart of a Curate

9 December 1979
Father Neil has appendicitis. While recovering in hospital, Father Duddleswell fears his head may be turned from the priesthood by the administrations of a pretty nurse.

Season 2, Episode 5: All at Sea

16 December 1979
A seaman lies dead and Father Duddleswell vies with the Anglicans for his body and soul. Unforeseen is that the man's will stipulates a burial at sea.

Season 2, Episode 6: The Season of Goodwill

23 December 1979
As Christmas nears, Father Duddleswell enters into his annual period of being on his best and most charitable behavior. It's a grand opportunity for others like Father Neil and Mrs. Pring to test the limits of his temporarily sweet disposition.

Season 2, Episode 7: A Back to Front Wedding

6 January 1980
Lately inundated in weddings, Father Duddleswell loses track of one. It necessitates a reception that comes before the nuptials while the embarrassed Fathers - both away at the movies - race to make it back to the church on time. Though cleaver Father D adopts a white lie to make the event a happy one for all, a further oversight creates a greater problem a lie can't cover.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring
Charles Pemberton ... Cinema Manager
Penny Ryder ... Cashier
Derek Hollis ... Best Man
Alan Cheeseman ... Richard Faber
Rowena Roberts ... Wanda French
Anne Robson ... Mrs. Faber
Ruth Holden ... Mrs. French
Patrick McAlinney ... Dr. Daley
Polly Miller ... Maid

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Things Are Not What They Seem

5 July 1981
Molly Downes, wife of P.C. Johnny Downes (Neil's closest friend), has Father Neil come round for a series of private talks. She fears her husband is fooling around and seeks advice, but it's Father Neil's visits to Molly that set tongues wagging against the curate's clandestine behavior.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring
Jim Wiggins ... Hugh
Michael McCabe ... Father Jim (as Mike McCabe)

Michael Troughton ... Father Tom
Steven Mann ... Father Bob
Liza Flanagan ... Barmaid
Diana Weston ... Land Girl
Hetty Baynes ... Molly Downes (as Henrieta Baynes)

Daniel Gerroll ... Johnny Downes
Sheila Keith ... Mother Stephen

Season 3, Episode 2: Women

12 July 1981
It's Mrs. Pring's birthday and family news takes her away for a few days, leaving Fathers Neil and Duddleswell to tend to their own cooking, cleaning and washing. To further Father D's growing appreciation of all that Mrs. Pring does for them, Father Neil plants the idea that Mrs. Pring may soon be gone for more than just a little while. Meanwhile, while Mother Stephen wants Father D to plant her mother foundress's tibia in the church, Father Neil grows weary of giving Catholic instruction to Mrs. Rollings.

Season 3, Episode 3: Beddings and Weddings

19 July 1981
Hoping to curb the decay in family values, Father Neil initiates family group counseling sessions which produce quite the opposite of the intended effect of bringing and keeping couples together.

Season 3, Episode 4: Fire & Brimstone

26 July 1981
St. Jude goes through Hell week, so to speak. Father D's sermon on the fires of eternal damnation has everyone abuzz about it, from Father Boyd's private instructions to Mrs. Rollings to his newly appointed lessons for ten-year-olds, to the family of an angry patriarch as he nears death, and to an interfaith conference between the Fathers and the Anglicans, with Mother Stephen and Billy Buzzle attending.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring
Pamela Ruddock ... Mrs. Rollings
Caroline Goodman ... Mrs. Hughes
Mark Burdis ... Child in Church
Natalie Collins ... Child in Church
Joseph Daniels ... Child in Church
Sam Davies ... Child in Church
David Doyle ... Child in Church
Anna Hayes ... Child in Church
Mark Luxford ... Child in Church
Lee Macdonald ... Child in Church

Mark Monero ... Child in Church / Johnny
Dicon Murray ... Child in Church
Melissa Wilkes ... Child in Church (as Melissa Wilks)
Ernest C. Jennings ... Mr. Bingley (as Ernest Jennings)

David Ryall ... Billy Buzzle
Sheila Keith ... Mother Stephen
Linda Renwick ... Mrs. Baxter
Gerald Cross ... Mr. Probble
Geoffrey Drew ... Mr. Pinkerton

Season 3, Episode 5: A Legend Comes to Stay

2 August 1981
New Year's Day finds Father Duddleswell more irascible than ever thanks to neighbor Billy Buzzle's all night party next door. Now the old priest's lumbago is ailing him terribly, but the topper comes with the sudden visit of Father Abe, the wild old priest to whom Father D was once a curate - an inveterate smoker, drinker and gambler who feels his arrival comes just in time to help ailing Father D run his parish.

Season 3, Episode 6: Porgy and Bess

9 August 1981
With a new stench about the church, the livin' ain't easy. Neighbor Billy Buzzle's built a sty next door for Porgy and Bess, his two newly acquired pigs. When Father D takes action against Porgy's roving and destructive habits, Billy takes Father Duddleswell to court.

Season 3, Episode 7: A Mixed-Up Marriage

16 August 1981
Father Duddleswell and Mother Stephen are equally distressed about Christine Hammond, who grew up in their orphanage and now wants to marry a Jewish boy.

Arthur Lowe ... Father Charles Clement Duddleswell

Daniel Abineri ... Father Neil Boyd
Gabrielle Daye ... Mrs. Pring
Sheila Keith ... Mother Stephen
Cyril Shaps ... Rabbi Emmanuel Rosen
Benny Lee ... Mr. Goldman
Julia Chambers ... Christine Hammond
Gary Brown ... Isaac Rosen
Geoffrey Drew ... Mr. Pinkerton

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