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5 Apr. 1978
The Deadly Dust: Part 1
A physicist at the university where Peter goes announces he is bringing some plutonium onto the campus to conduct experiments. Some of the students including Peter object to it. But the physicist refuses to listen. Three of the students decides to steal it to show that the physicist is being irresponsible. Peter goes to Jameson to ask him if they can do a story on it. Jameson refuses. Then a reporter from out of town comes and says she was sent to get a interview from Spiderman and since Peter is the one who gets photos of him, she wants to stick with him. Peter goes ...
12 Apr. 1978
The Deadly Dust: Part 2
Peter and Gale follow the plutonium thieves to L.A. and J.J., who has paid for the trip, insists on going along. There, Mr. White is threatening to explode the device if his demands, one billion dollars in gold, aren't met.
19 Apr. 1978
The Curse of Rava
Mysterious accidents occur at the Bolt Museum when it is displaying Rava, the Kalistani God of Death. J.J. Jameson, one of the museum's backers, ends up in jail on suspicion of attempting to kill his financial partner. Peter Parker tries to clear his boss's name so the Bugle won't change hands, meaning he will lose his job.
26 Apr. 1978
Night of the Clones
Peter goes and takes photos of a scientist who has perfected the art of cloning, cloning a frog. At the same time, a member of a scientific group who gives scientific awards is killed. And the police get a of description of the person who did it and it's the scientist. But how could have been there when he was at the demonstration. Later another attempt is made on another member of the group but Spiderman saves her, but the woman refuses to implicate the scientist who called her to the meeting. Peter suspects that the motive is that the group refuses to honor the ...
3 May 1978
Escort to Danger
Peter covers the arrival of a foreign President who comes to attend the beauty pageant his daughter is joining. He sees a man who was approaching the President abducted but fails to save him. Later he gets to be his daughter's escort. Later she's abducted and the President wants the whole thing kept quiet. The President is later visited by a woman who happens to be the sister of the tyrannical President he deposed who wants him to resign and name her the new President.
5 Sep. 1978
The Captive Tower
Peter and Jameson are attending the opening of a new building which is automated. Some men come in and they take control of the computer and lock everybody in a room. The leader then calls and demands money or he will kill them. Peter then turns into Spiderman and goes outside the building to try and save them.
12 Sep. 1978
A Matter of State
Top Secret NATO defense plans are stolen from a courier at the airport. Peter's rival Julie Masters accidentally snaps a picture of one of the crooks who do anything to protect his identity. Lucky for her, she can count on Spider-Man's protection.
25 Nov. 1978
The Con Caper
When Rita's former boss James Colbert is released from jail, she is there to support him. Shortly afterwards, a prison riot breaks out and Colbert volunteers to act as negotiator. Peter Parker goes along to cover the story and soon uncovers a plan by convicts as Spider-Man.
30 Dec. 1978
The Kirkwood Haunting
Jonah asks Peter to prove a ghost sighting at the Kirkwood Estate is a scam to get the widow to change her late husband's will. Julie Masters tries to get the scoop too but forgets about the wild animals roaming the Kirkwood grounds.

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