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Season 2

5 Sep. 1978
The Captive Tower
Peter and Jameson are attending the opening of a new building which is automated. Some men come in and they take control of the computer and lock everybody in a room. The leader then calls and demands money or he will kill them. Peter then turns into Spiderman and goes outside the building to try and save them.
12 Sep. 1978
A Matter of State
Top Secret NATO defense plans are stolen from a courier at the airport. Peter's rival Julie Masters accidentally snaps a picture of one of the crooks who do anything to protect his identity. Lucky for her, she can count on Spider-Man's protection.
25 Nov. 1978
The Con Caper
When Rita's former boss James Colbert is released from jail, she is there to support him. Shortly afterwards, a prison riot breaks out and Colbert volunteers to act as negotiator. Peter Parker goes along to cover the story and soon uncovers a plan by convicts as Spider-Man.
30 Dec. 1978
The Kirkwood Haunting
Jonah asks Peter to prove a ghost sighting at the Kirkwood Estate is a scam to get the widow to change her late husband's will. Julie Masters tries to get the scoop too but forgets about the wild animals roaming the Kirkwood grounds.
7 Feb. 1979
Photo Finish
Peter is interviewing a coin dealer and is showing Peter a valuable collection when someone breaks in and knocks Peter out. When he comes to, the police ask for the pictures he took. When Peter develops the film, he discovers a picture he didn't take which appears to be of the robber and it appears to be a woman. Peter chooses not to give it. Peter talks to the dealer ex wife who could resemble the woman in the picture. It turns out the dealer was behind it and is trying to frame his ex wife. The police think Peter didn't give them all the pictures so he is arrested.
21 Feb. 1979
When a man discovers a compound that can make people do whatever he wants, he makes them commit crimes. He starts by making three people including Rita steal something. Later he plans to steal something from a former employer.
6 Jul. 1979
The Chinese Web: Part 1
A Chinese official who's a friend of Jameson comes to New York to locate three men who during the war approached him and offered him money for secrets about Mao. Which he refused. But now it appears the incident is being investigated and he needs to find one of them to verify his innocence. He asks Jameson to help him find them but he wants it done quietly because it seems that there are elements who want him convicted, so Jameson asks Peter Parker to talk to someone in the military to find them discretely. But it seems one of those elements is an industrialist who is...
6 Jul. 1979
The Chinese Web: Part 2
Peter goes to China with Dent and Emily so that Dent can prove Emily's uncle's innocence. But the industrialist tries to stop them.

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