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Plot Keywords

ballet american
sinister night
ballet school coven
noise friend
apartment murder
europe first part
supernatural horror dead woman with eyes open
woman hanged dead woman
thematic cinema horror art
art horror subjective camera
female protagonist character's point of view camera shot
psychiatry psychiatric treatment
fire ballet teacher
painting fingernails aunt nephew relationship
doctor metaphor
voice over narration cigarette smoking
coughing blood injection
empty world drinking blood
drunkenness corpse
piano player self sacrifice
looking at one's self in a mirror self mutilation
locked in a room climbing through a window
serving tray flickering light
cook blind musician
bitten by a dog zippo lighter
schizophrenia hiding behind a door
house on fire exploding building
character repeating someone else's dialogue taxi ride
color blindness stabbed in the neck
title at the end sister sister relationship
blood on shirt falling through a glass roof
bloody nose hearing voices
indoor swimming pool stabbed with glass
hallucination knife in throat
threatened with a knife breaking a window
hanged woman hanging a dead body
maggot italian horror
telephone call supernatural power
flashback wire
wall painting swimming
study abroad stained glass
stabbed in the throat secret passage
ripped throat reanimated corpse
razor raspy voice
rainstorm new student
nausea musical scene
missing person male dancer
leotard legend
knife wound hole in chest
hallway hallucinogenic
glowing eyes germany
famous opening scene falling from height
explosion drugged food
dressing room dance instructor
dance academy college student
blood splatter blind man
ballet shoes ballet recital
attacked by a dog arthouse
killing an animal remade
one word title grindhouse
gothic falling through a stained glass window
silhouette mercilessness
multiple stabbings critically acclaimed
avant garde nipples visible through clothing
electronic music score surrealism
girl good versus evil
german shepherd stabbed in the chest
throat slitting stabbed in the heart
shadow light
fiend dog attack
evil witch witch
worm whispering
wet violence
victim slashing
scream screaming
sadist sadism
room razor blade
psychiatrist panic
mysterious death knife
knife murder killing
heart headmaster
gargoyle fear
evil power darkness
cruelty brutality
broken glass bathroom
boy taxi
swimming pool rain
piano hanging
dog airport
cult film cult director
seeing eye dog psychotronic
gore hanged girl
fragments of glass blood
witchcraft blindness
occult stabbing
barbed wire bitten in the throat
progressive rock death
impalement bat
surprise ending

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