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The remixed soundtrack on the Anchor Bay release omits a line of dialogue near the conclusion when Susy is creeping down the secret hallway. It cuts out Tanner's faintly-heard declaration "All right, we must come to a decision. The situation can no longer be tolerated."
All UK DVD releases are uncut. Some English-language video versions (including the Japanese DVD) seem to be missing a few seconds trimmed from the opening murder (mostly from the slow pan over the dead girl's body hanging from the ceiling; there's a noticeable jump cut in the music score when this happens).
The original UK cinema version was cut by the BBFC with edits made to the opening heart stabbing murder, Sara's throat being slashed, and a dog savaging the blind man's throat, and the 1990 Entertainment In Video release featured the same print. The 1998 Nouveaux video was uncut but suffered from a poor print transfer, and all later releases were widescreen and intact.
Some prints featuring the American edit of the film (with the most extreme moments of violence removed) also feature another segment cut out of the film: the scenes where Daniel's dog attacks the little boy and Daniel is thrown out of the school are completely missing, therefore making the reason for his death a mystery.
The unrated USA version features more explicit gore than the edited, R-rated version, most notably in the opening murder sequence and when the blind pianist (Flavio Bucci) is attacked and killed by his seeing-eye dog.
The original (and only) version released in Italy is approx. 95 minutes long (98 minutes including credits). Contrary to popular belief there is no longer 107 minutes director's cut: this rumor started because of an erroneous publicity slogan on some US trailers. The US posters for the movie featured the tagline "The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 minutes of this film are the first 80" (80+12 = 92 minutes, i.e. the approx. length of the original US theatrical release, minus credits). The voiceover on some US trailers misread the quote as "The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 minutes of this film are the first 92", thus suggesting that the complete film was 12 minutes longer than it really is. Some reviewers took this as an indicator that the film had originally been available in a longer version and circulated the 107 minutes version myth (107=95+12). The trailer with the wrong '12+92' slogan is included on the Japanese DVD version.
There are two versions of the opening titles. In one, the movie's title card is presented in a stylish printed font. In the other version possibly the American print, the letters of the word "Suspiria" are made of weird pink flesh-like organs that pulsate and seem to breathe, sort of a cross between hearts and lungs. These pink formations actually appear on the American one-sheet movie poster.
In the aforementioned version with the pink logo, the first shot of the film (a pan across the airport as Suzy arrives at the gate) is trimmed, awkwardly broken into two shots.
The first German Video, released by VMP, is completely uncut. The following release by NEW VISION was cut to reduce violence. The Version by VMP is hard to find.
Anchor Bay's DVD release is the complete, uncut 98-minute version.
The U.S. home video version released by Quality Video, Inc., lists a running time of 92 minutes (the running time of the R-rated U.S. theatre version) on the box and videocassette label. The tape itself contains the more complete 98 minute version.
One of the scenes in the beginning of the film had its soundtrack remixed in the U.S. Anchor Bay Special Edition of the film. There are now loud bursts of thunder overlapping Pat shouting about the secret room and the iris flower to Sara, making the former's lines almost completely inaudible.

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