Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) Poster

Plot Keywords

empire galaxy
planet princess
rescue rebellion
droid farm
emperor desert
wookiee jedi
sword battle
combat farmer
death star space station
jedi knight smuggler
knight alien
lightsaber hermit
epic spacecraft
holographic message character says i have a bad feeling about this
marksman h combat remote sword and sorcery
sword and planet science fantasy
force choke jedi mind trick
troubled production leitmotif
symphonic music score orchestral music score
castle thunder two word title
tractor beam stormtrooper
single shot preemptive strike
non human lightsaber battle
farmboy design flaw
alternate version telekinesis
exploding ship gunslinger
bar translator
long time ago super villain
galactic war remake of japanese film
space western hand to hand combat
wuxia fiction escape
spaceship fictional planet
shot with a laser gun laser pistol
duel laser cannon
victory swordsman
foot chase chase
hitman ambush
the force gunfight
mixed martial arts martial arts
disarming someone aerial combat
laser gun space war
sword duel tough girl
tough guy action hero
hero allegory of multiple historical events.
husband wife relationship lifting a male into the air
subjective camera slow motion scene
character's point of view camera shot lifting someone into the air
lifting an adult into the air pleading
numbered sequel fourth part
sequel extraterrestrial
uncle nephew relationship neck breaking
future family relationships
aunt nephew relationship destruction of planet
scanimate hypnosis
ancient astronaut exhaust shaft
walls close in cult figure
number in character's name fictional war
shrinking room evil empire
burnt body incestuous kiss
alien race storm trooper
lifted by the throat hyperspace
anti hero famous opening theme
warp speed spaceport
outer space invented language
computer wilhelm scream
death ray twin suns
strangulation spirit
scavenger sabotage
reward monster
mind control medal
loss of family jet fighter
impersonation hangar
governor general
escape pod canyon
assault warrior culture
honor courage
no opening credits part of trilogy
female fighter famous line
totalitarianism space battle
sniper shootout
self sacrifice prison escape
nomad mask
disguise abyss
poetic justice good versus evil
exploding planet blockbuster
reluctant hero hologram
prison android
space travel stop motion animation
underdog bounty hunter
severed arm saga
telepathy space opera
robot cantina
famous score bar fight
murder band
sword fight animated chess
destiny trash compactor
reverse footage genocide
cult film innocent deaths avenged
death of friend

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