The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Poster

Plot Keywords

submarine british
jaws teeth
sea ski chase
henchman egyptian pyramid
british secret service underwater
nuclear missile pyramid
chase shark
shootout battle
hand grenade harem
lawrence of arabia spoof russian spy
damsel in distress submarine crew
submarine captain femme fatale
girl in a bikini world war three
helicopter pilot karate
explosion martial arts
violence judo
driving a car into the ocean five word title
1970s lotus the car
villainess female pilot
dead woman woman shot
hero kills a woman exploding helicopter
silent henchman woman with a gun
cult figure cult film
hero killing woman british navy
woman spy woman agent
undercover agent spy film
soviet union secret service agent
secret mission scotland
sardinia russian enemy
intelligence agent intelligence agency
gadgetry foreign agent
england car chase
british intelligence britain
amphibious vehicle villain
villainy underwater scene
underwater fight tanker
surveillance submarine world
submarine boat spying
spy hero sports car
sphinx speedboat
secret service secret base
ocean mountain
motor boat motor bike
metal plate intelligence
high tech hero
gadget fight
female spy female agent
false teeth espionage
egypt bond girl
big teeth atlantis
arch villain action hero
u boat title mentioned in song
reverse footage tenth part
blockbuster official james bond series
skiing train
flamethrower megalomaniac
van invincible henchman
motorcycle sequel
nuclear submarine parachute
telephone serviceman automobile
dental implant mushroom cloud
shark pool nightclub
impostor base jumping
soviet spy spy
desert hitman
woman killed by shark submersible
motorcycle with a sidecar oil tanker
gadget car thrown through a window
nuclear weapons ruins
jet ski based on novel

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