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Corman-esquire cure for insomnia

Author: mstomaso from Vulcan
29 July 2006

Good looking actors like Mimieux and Svenson and pretty scenery can only do so much to save a poorly written story. Snow Beast is a typical 1970s monster horror film and plays out like an over-long ancestral episode of the X-Files without any of the subplots that made that show tolerable. Of course it's about a yeti terrorizing a ski resort. But since the yeti itself (also a pretty good looking creature) only appears in the film for about 2 minutes scattered over the entire 86 minutes of the film, the resort is mostly inhabited by bad actors. Frankly, only Mimieux gives a performance worthy of recording, though Svenson seemed to at least be enjoying himself.

Svenson and Mimieux's characters are married, though seemingly becoming estranged because of Svenson deepening depression. Bob Logan plays a good friend of the couple who appears to be interested in Mimieux for reasons that go beyond friendship. Svenson's problem is that he regrets having given up skiing after winning five gold medals and becoming a champion. This sets up a subplot which is used to justify about 30 minutes of Corman-esquire scenes of people skiing. Svenson is a pretty poor skier for an ex-champion. The hunt for the yeti, which really couldn't justify more skiing scenes, instead explains why most of the last 15 minutes of the film consists of the principle cast riding around on snow mobiles. And lest I forget, Clint Walker shows up, playing himself in a County Sheriff's uniform and leads the snow-mobile brigade.

Like many "shockers" of the 70s, Snow Beast avoids an adequate special effects budget and an R rating (it's a TV movie) by not allowing the audience to see the beast itself or really, any of the horror scenes. You only see the beast when the actors do. And when they see it, they die, while you are only likely to experience narcolepsy.

It took me four nights to get through this one. I have read through some of the more enthusiastic reviews, and all I can say about them is that I am glad that diversity thrives here on IMDb.

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If Love Cheap And Chessy...

Author: the_fog_1980 from USA
7 January 2003

If you love cheap and chessy movies, this little beauty is for you. I love these kinds of films, and this one has a fond spot in my heart. I remember it from 1977. Snuggled up on the soffa with my teenie girl squeeze. This was a cool night for a 14 year old dude. This film is fun with some pretty good moments. This beast did get hit with the ugly stick, big and bad. Maybe that's why it's so ticked off. I found this film as part of a triple feature DVD for under $10.00. And it's well worth the time to look back at a cheap and chessy 70's monster flick. I won't give anything away. I do recommend that you check it out. Plus it's kinda cool to see all the old tv actors from yesterday's gone by. Clint Walker and Bo Svenson are fun to watch. Take care and ENJOY!!

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11 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Jaws on the Slopes

Author: hdavis-29 from Ontario, Canada
23 April 2005

For a low budget, made-for-TV movie from 1977, this one packs quite a wallop. Sure, we never really get to see the monster and there is an abundance of non-professional extras on hand, but the lead performances (Bo Svenson, Yvette Mimieux and Clint Walker) are just fine. There are two very strong qualities which take this film into the recommendable range. One is the excellent location photography. Sure, the Colorado mountains are gorgeous, but the stedicam work around the slopes really add to the tension. Second is the musical score. It is just excellent, so far about the norm for a TV movie of the era. I don't have the composer credit at hand, but it's my guess that there was a connection between him and Joseph Stefano, who wrote the film and was a veteran of Outer Limits, also noted for its engaging musical score. Anyway, between the music and the swooping camera work, this film is often genuinely creepy, almost from the first few minutes. And bless her sweet soul, isn't Yvette gorgeous? She sure grew from the Time Machine into a beautiful woman. Final word: it's hard not to notice the plot similarity between this feature and Jaws. Made two years after the Spielberg classic, we're still dealing with a monster on the loose and a town that doesn't want to admit it for fear of losing tourist dollars. Maybe Jaws on the Slopes would be a good subtitle here.

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11 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

A few choice moments witnessed

Author: pdthorne from Movieland USA
15 December 2003

As you have read Snowbeast is an awful yet endearing "Yeti" film with an all-(ex)star cast. The shockingly familiar "JAWSesque" plotline is quite at home on the slopes of Crested Butte complete with a washed-up Biathlete (that's the ski and shoot type know), a doubting sheriff, a nervous ski-lodge operator, and the usual cadre of hapless and nameless victims... Oh, and a big guy in a fur suit with scary hands to play Bigfoot.

Other reviewers have mentioned the unintentional humor which abounds here. The script was written by Outer Limits' Joseph Stephano with Roger Patterson as consultant. Patterson is eminently qualified as he was responsible for that now famous shaky film of Sasquatch marching through the woods we've all seen too many times. Since Patterson's Bigfoot looks a lot more convincing than the one in Snowbeast he maybe should have been consulting with the make-up department. He seems to know a thing or two about dressing actors up as manbeasts. Stephano is a great TV writer in most cases. He pulled this off in a couple of days I would think.

While some B-movies are for the aficionados only this one is for everybody. Anyone of any age watching this will appreciate it's lack of merit and it's almost purposeful lack of sophistication. It's silly but fun and might make your next trip to a lonely ski slope a little tingly, if you could find a lonely ski slope anywhere in the country. If you want to see what they used to look like check out "Snowbeast."

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Somewhat Entertaining, Made For TV Horror Cheese

Author: MetalGeek from New Jersey, USA
26 October 2009

"Snowbeast" was yet another Dollar Store DVD pickup for me (on a double feature disc with David Janssen in "Moon of the Wolf," which I have yet to watch) and it is a serviceable, though far from great, late 70s creature feature. Several other IMDb posters have referred to it as "Jaws on a Ski Slope" and I'd have to say that's a pretty accurate description. Like the zillions of other 70s monster movies that were obviously inspired by the success of "Jaws," "Snowbeast" duplicates virtually every plot point of the shark classic and transfers them to a dry land location (a Colorado ski resort, to be exact)... the opening scene where the creature attacks a lone girl, the hero with a dark past, the authorities who want to keep the attacks secret for fear of losing business, the eventual hunt for the beast by a small group of people on their own, yadda yadda yadda. Since "Snowbeast" was made for TV you don't get much in the way of blood and guts, therefore the gorehound crowd can skip this one right off the bat. You also don't get to see much of the titular Snowbeast (a Bigfoot-style mountain creature) due to obvious budgetary constraints. The filmmakers try to hide this by shooting most of the Snowbeast-attack scenes from the monster's point of view, which means all you get to see most of the time is a hairy arm and claw shooting out from the edge of the screen to grasp a screaming ski bunny. We do get a two second look at the critter's face when it peers through a window during the resort's Winter Carnival, causing predictable chaos, and I swear that it looks enough like the "Abominable" from "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" that I half expected one of the characters to announce "Didn't I ever tell you about Bumbles? Bumbles BOUNCE!"

Despite the high cheese factor, I had fun watching "Snowbeast." It's not scary in the slightest but was a decent way to kill 90 minutes on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Bo Svenson (as the troubled ski instructor who's honor-bound to kill the beast) puts in a decent performance, as does Yvette ("The Black Hole") Mimieux as his long suffering wife. Everyone else in the cast is basically there to provide cannon fodder/Snowbeast chow and aren't terribly interesting. But the snowy Colorado scenery is nice to look at (though the constant shots of the characters skiing and snowmobiling around the resort while hunting for the monster get a little tiresome after a while; they're obviously only there to pad out the run time) and unlike most movies of this genre, the ending does not set up for a possible sequel (thank God). If this sounds like your bag, you can find "Snowbeast" on DVD at a dollar store near you. Ya can't beat the price and you can do a hell of a lot worse for your buck.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Not enough Yeti!!!

Author: Michelle Souliere (misfitgirl) from Portland, Maine
7 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Too mediocre to rate a 1... this movie had such promise but failed to deliver the furry package of Yeti fun that we all hoped for (like so many other Yeti movies).

Focusing primarily on characters skiing from place to place or snowmobiling from place to place, this becomes one of those "follow the characters as they move around" movies instead of the tightly strung suspense film it might have been. The scenes of dull conversations where vague motives and character points feebly attempt to establish themselves are interspersed with "I am a Yeti looking through branches at prospective victims" shots and the occasional vicious Yeti attack. However, the ratio is disappointingly low on the Yeti side of the equation.

Perhaps a good movie to watch in the middle of the summer when you are wishing you had air conditioning.

The Yeti himself, finally showing more than a claw towards the end of the movie, is pretty terrifying, sending a gymnasium full of teenage girls screaming. RARRRRRR!!!! So brace yourself, okay?

Personally, if I redid this movie myself, I would try something new and interesting. Perhaps some footage cutting back and forth between the skiing/snowmobiling and conversations to portions of footage showing us what the Yeti is up to.

What does he do in his spare time? Housekeeping? Or is he a highly tactical attacker who plots out where his victims will be at certain times? Does he engage in lengthy surveillance, or just wander out randomly when he's finished napping to see what he can find for a lunch nibble? Does he eat a bite or two of his victims, or just leave them to scare the other vapid humans, because he's actually trying to protect what he perceives as his personal territory?

These and other questions mock me from my brain as I watch yet another movie lacking in Yeti insights.

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7 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Enjoyable If You Don't Expect Too Much

Author: Big Movie Fan from England
17 September 2002

I loved Snowbeast when I first saw it. It could never be accused of being a great film but it is very good.

Some Sasquatch type creature is butchering people staying at a ski resort and no-one seems to be able to locate it or kill it. Throughout the movie it kills people and causes some carnage.

You don't actually get many glimpses of the monster. You will see a claw here or there but if memory serves me right, you actually only get split second glimpses of it's face at the end when it is cornered by the good guys. Of course, this doesn't spoil the movie; on the contrary, I think it helps that you don't see the monster every five minutes, it makes the whole thing more authentic. It's much better to hear a few growls here and there and to see the victims reactions.

I recommend Snowbeast to anyone. If you notice it on the TV, make sure you record it.

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

OK they can ski already

Author: manicgecko from United States
6 April 2006

I really want find out where this ski resort is. For an entire movie we saw people skiing and snowmobiling during a supposed celebration and NO ONE was on the course other than the person the camera was focused on and the shadow of the camera man. But then again this is a film about skiing, and snow-mobiling, and more skiing, and more mobiling, and more skiing and more skiing and zzzzzzz. Oh yeah they threw a monster in to break up the skiing. The sad thing is that this movie does have some close to brilliant points, but then they had to put me asleep with either a morality lesson from Gar or, gasp, more skiing. Best actor nomination for this movie was the kid that found the body, nobody else came in even a distant second. And even in snow pants Yvette was worth looking act, but that about sums up the high points. I am thankful this came in a 20 movie set I got for $8 or I really overpaid.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Enjoyable Cheesy 70s TV Movie

Author: jeffy-3 from Springfield, Pa
29 April 2002

I watched this on DVD after acquiring a 10 pack called "Vault of Horror". I was surprised how much I enjoyed this. The acting ranges from competent to embarrassing, you never really see the monster, the storyline apes Jaws from scene to scene, but somehow it works if you watch it in the right frame of mind. Most of all it brought back memories of my childhood of watching those low-budget 72 minute TV movies they used to show from 8:30 to 10:00.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Adequte Yeti Flick.

Author: (eddy-28) from Lake Isabella, CA
14 October 2000

Rating- 3 stars*** out of 5

What else could you ask for a man dressed in a bigfoot-yeti-sasqutach like costume. I have never seen a film about that ledgenary creature but here it is Snowbeast. Not a great title but still okay. It's about that Bigfoot like creature killing skiers at a ski resort in Colorado. Bo Svenson, Vvitte Mineux, Clint Walker and Robert Logan leap into pursuit to stop it. Silva Syndey co-stars. Although the films looks rather like Jaws in some ways. I once had to think Joseph Stefano did great on Psycho why would he try to copy Jaws? Also it's failing of Direction leads to not so great suspense. But it's music by Robert Prince was okay. So if you hav'nt seen a movie about the legendary creature go out and rent it it's not all that bad. Filmed in 1977. Mostly played on T.V but was released to theaters in small quanties.

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