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Sex & Nudity

  • Brutus and Nero carries penny upside down by grabbing her underwear and her underwear is shown.
  • We briefly see Penny shirtless in her underwear (from behind only) as she gets dressed for bed. She later shows the mice that Brutus and Nero have torn a hole on back of her underwear earlier. So it show a little bit of skin on right buttcheek.
  • Some tame, innocent romance between Bernard and Miss Bianca, including kissing, hugging, etc.
  • In some prints, there is a test image of a topless women left in the background of one of the scenes. This is unnoticable, unless you know exactly where to look, and can stop at exact frames.

Violence & Gore

  • MILD:
  • Orville the Albatross is accidentally sucked into Medusa's swamp mobile in one scene (he is quickly spewed out of the machine, covered in soot, though otherwise unharmed).
  • Upon first spotting the two mice, Medusa freaks and blasts violently at them with a shotgun (the two mice narrowly manage to escape).
  • Medusa eventually forces Penny (with the two mice hiding in her pocket) into the pirate's cave to obtain the Devil's Eye diamond). Waves eventually pound recklessly at the three characters, nearly causing them to drown (they escape with the diamond unharmed, though).
  • Medusa tells Penny if she doesn't get the diamond she'll leave her in their to drown to death.
  • In the climax, Medusa uses her shotgun attempt to try and shoot Penny. After she misses, she tries firing again, but the bayou critters load a stick of dynamite in her shotgun, literally causing the plan to blow up in her face (she is otherwise unharmed, though).
  • A swamp critter stabs Medusa in the butt with a pitchfork in one scene, causing her to scream (played for laughs).
  • As the gang tries to escape, they set off Mr. Snoops's fireworks, eventually causing the swamp boat to blow up, with Brutus, Nero and Mr. Snoops onboard (they are all unharmed, though).


  • MILD.
  • Name calling "brat", "bungler", "bumbling fool", many other insults are thrown towards Penny and Mr. Snoops by Medusa.
  • Mild threats and verbal child abuse can be blatantly heard throughout the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • MILD:
  • Luke, a muskrat from the Devil's Bayou, has a jug of a home-made alcoholic substances, which he periodically drinks. He gives some to 2 involuntary recipients as a revitalizer.
  • A Rescue Aid Society delegate appears to be smoking a pipe briefly during the opening R.A.S. meeting.
  • When Bianca and Bernard trying to catch a plane at the airport, we see a tobacco sitting on ground.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The opening scene depicts Penny, imprisoned on Medusa's steamboat, sending a message in a bottle, asking for help from Medusa's clutches. During this scene, the alligators, Brutus and Nero, watch her every move, ominously, but she ignores them, and continues to send the bottle away.
  • The opening credits sequence, following, has the melancholy Shelby Flint song, "Who Will Rescue Me?" playing the background, as the bottle makes its haunting journey to New York City. This scene is both emotionally tense and somewhat spooky.
  • When Bianca reads Penny's message in a bottle, she appears to be worried about the girl's safety, and thus she and Bernard set out immediately to try and find Penny.
  • On their way to Penny's orphanage home, Bernard and Miss Bianca cross through the local zoo. Bernard disappears into the shadows, only to come frantically running out from a loud, offscreen roar (he later explains to Bianca that he accidentally upset a sleeping lion).
  • At the orphanage, Bernard as Miss Bianca find Rufus the elderly cat, who tells the mice the heartfelt story of how he last saw Penny, sad on her bed, because she wasn't adopted. He comforted her through the heartfelt poem, "Faith is a Bluebird", and Penny soon felt better for the time being. Later, he says Penny suddenly disappeared, and that the police eventually gave up looking for her, finally concluding the a strange woman who offered Penny a ride earlier, may be responsible for the girl's disappearance.
  • The scene where Bernard and Miss Bianca pay a visit to Medusa's pawnshop, across the street from the orphanage is pretty eerie. The telephone suddenly rings loudly, and Madame Medusa, herself, storms into the room and talks on the phone to her assistant, Snoops. He tells her that he's caught Penny sending messages in bottles. Angry, Medusa yells at him on the phone, slamming it down, and departing immediately for Devil's Bayou. Bernard and Bianca try to stowaway in her red roadster, but her reckless driving (played for laughs) causes them (and her suitcase) to fall out of the vehicle.
  • Around the time the two mice arrive in Devil's Bayou (courtesy of Orville the Albatross), Penny is attempting to run away from Medusa at night. As she slinks off into the swamp forest, Medusa catches her missing, and orders her two pet alligators to track down the escaped orphan (but not to harm her). The two alligators eventually find Penny and bring her back (though she does not appear to be afraid of either of them).
  • As Bernard and Bianca sneak onto Medusa's riverboat, they are discovered and pursued by Brutus and Nero. With all the racket they cause, Medusa herself comes downstairs and freaks at the sight of the two mice, vigorously shooting at them with a shotgun (played for laughs), with the two mice narrowly escaping.
  • Later that night, Penny and Medusa talk. Penny wants to go back to her orphanage after she finds the Devil's Eye diamond, but Medusa, merely sneers, "Adopted? What makes you think ANYONE would want a homely little girl like you?" obviously causing Penny to cry. The scene following has Penny look sadly out over the bayou, eventually gaining some hope by the light of the star of faith, Rufus told her about earlier. Her faith is fully restored when Bernard and Miss Bianca appear.
  • Evinrude, a small dragonfly, is pursued by bats in the night, whilst trying to reach Ellie Mae and Luke's house (he narrowly escapes).
  • The next morning, Medusa forces Penny into the cave to retrieve the diamond. Soon the cave begins to flood, and Penny and the mice nearly drown trying to obtain the diamond (they narrowly get away).
  • BBFC - (U): mild threat, slapstick violence.


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Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Back on the riverboat, Medusa points her shotgun at Penny and Snoops, trying to escape. The mice foil her plan, and the three successfully escape her clutches and make it back to New York, where Penny donates the diamond to a museum, and is finally adopted.

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