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When Teresa meets Tony in the bar, she is reading "The Godfather", just as she does in the original novel. He comments that he has seen the movie. Diane Keaton (Teresa) plays the part of Kay in The Godfather (1972).
The events depicted in both the book and the movie were inspired by the events surrounding the brutal real-life 1973 murder of twenty-seven year old New York City schoolteacher Roseann Quinn.
This picture has never been released on DVD.
Actress Diane Keaton's contract explicitly prohibited the manufacture of any production photograph stills from any "sexually suggestive" frames from the film's print.
Mary Ellen Mark, a documentary photographer, was asked to go to bars and take pictures of the bars to play during the opening credits. The director rejected the pictures because they were "too realistic."
The film's source "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" novel was turned downed for filming an adaptation by directors Mike Nichols, Sydney Pollack and Roman Polanski.
The film was made and released about five years after the murder of 28 year old New York City school-teacher Roseann Quinn whose death the film and its source novel was based on.
One of the first theatrical feature films of actors Richard Gere and Tom Berenger. The picture was Gere's first stud role, something which would become a trademark of Gere's early career with Breathless (1983) and American Gigolo (1980).
Film debut of Brian Dennehy.
The film was made and released about two years after its source novel of the same name by Judith Rossner had been first published in 1975.
In order to get artistic control and creative freedom, director Richard Brooks took the minimum scale director's fee plus % for directing the picture.
According to director Richard Brooks, actress Diane Keaton's salary was US $50,000 or about one third of her usual paycheck for a picture but with % points of profit.
Director Richard Brooks interviewed around 600 women who had read the film's source novel. This was so as to connect with the film's "magical key" which was the popularity of the book which had become a best seller. Brooks used the meetings for insight and feedback in preparation to make the picture.
One of two feature films that actress Diane Keaton starred in in 1977. The other film was Annie Hall (1977) for which Keaton won the Best Actress Academy Award. Keaton was not Oscar nominated for her performance in Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977). The movie did receive two Oscar noms though, for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Tuesday Weld) and Best Cinematography (William A. Fraker) but failed to win either.

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