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Great remake

Author: Keith Burden ( from Norfolk, Virginia
23 November 2004

While I do not argue with the fact that there is nothing

like the original classic, this remake has some wonderful

moments. I really like the twist that now it is a female who's life is turned up side down. It is a pleasure to see Marlo Thomas in the leading role. It is wonderful to see her act in a feature movie. Also, Orson Wells plays his part to

a tee. I do wish this film was availabe in some format or

at least some stations would run it again. The story is great no matter who is playing the part. I don't understand why it isn't shown around Christmas with so few good holiday movies out there.

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I wish I could get a copy

Author: jllawrence from US
14 October 2004

I totally disagree. This was and is a wonderful picture. I don't view things as whether they match up to the remake but if they are enjoyable and worth watching for my family. I would gladly show this to my family and have asked TCM to dig up a copy this Christmas so they can see it. Cloris Leechman is fabulous and Marlo does a great job.

I can't wait for my family to see it and enjoy both It's a Wonderful Life and It Happen One Christmas.

Go to this Christmas and search to see if they found it.

I always like to see both along with The Bishop's Wife and the new one The Preacher's Wife and I hope they will find a copy of Christmas Eve for us to enjoy. Love that Loretta Young.

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I loved this movie!! It happened One Christmas.

Author: lmcmackin1 from United States
28 December 2006

I saw this movie when I was 15 years old. I never forgot it. It has remained in my heart all these years. I forgot the name of the movie but not that Marlo Thomas was in it. I have been trying to get a copy of this movie now, that I know the name of the movie. It is a great movie. I have Its A Wonderful life and its good too. I just like It Happened One Christmas better. It touched my heart and got into my soul. Some movies do that to you and this one did it for me. I loved that it was in color. I love the modern version. I liked the switch of gender. I related to the struggle in the movie. I was going through a hard time in my life at the time and it gave me hope.It also made me realize that perhaps our lives are not only for ourselves but for others as well. This movie is a real jewel. You can watch it alone or with your family. One movie is not hard to find and the other should be made available so more people can decide for themselves. I wish It happened One Christmas to everyone. We are not all going to be moved by the same movie.This movie did it for me. If you want a copy of this movie I just found a great website for those hard to find movies. Go to click on holiday movies. scroll down until you find the title of the movie,It Happened One Christmas. You can also try My and contact Toni and give him the name of the movie you are looking for.

I can't wait to see the movie after all these years. I have only seen it the one time. The impact of It Happened One Christmas is profound to me. I want it in my collection, and so should anyone who wants it.

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Weird enough to merit showing and DVD release

Author: Pete Wagner ( from United States
27 November 2007

I saw "It Happened One Christmas" in about 1978, I think on Christmas Eve, while sitting alone waiting for my wife to get off work and join me for the holiday. I hadn't seen Marlo Thomas since the original airing of "That Girl" in the '60s. It was wierdly fun to see her on something, and I had never seen nor heard of Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life." Later when I did see "It's a Wonderful Life," I immediately connected the story to that of "It Happened One Christmas," and thought it was scandalous how the original had been ripped off, and how geeky it was by comparison to the classic it had been "appropriated" from.

Today I wish I could find the knock-off on DVD. Now that I've seen Capra's original so many times, it would be fun to see the Marlo Thomas version again, if for no other reason than to bring back the nostalgic feeling of that evening that I first saw it. I remember that I was very touched by the story that night, geekiness of the treatment notwithstanding (or perhaps partly because of it!), and that it contributed to setting me up emotionally for a very special Christmas holiday with my spouse.

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Great twist on the old film "It's a Wonderful Life"

Author: Dolores from Pittsburgh PA
5 December 2003

I love the original movie "It's a Wonderful Life" but I also love "It Happened One Christmas". I loved the twist in using a female. Marlo Thomas was great in this film. I only wish there was a way of purchasing this film since it not on video. I watch my copy every Christmas and enjoy it more each year.

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I'll take THIS version EVERY time. If Universal was smart they should put it on DVD!

Author: Moax429 from United States
22 December 2006

I must admit, I liked "It Happened One Christmas" MUCH better than "It's a Wonderful Life." As with a few other IMDbers, this was the first version of the story I ever saw; when ABC stopped running the film after 1978, and until Universal Television syndicated it to local stations in 1986, I had to settle for "It's a Wonderful Life" in the interim, which I think couldn't, and NEVER will, hold a candle to "It Happened One Christmas" (for one thing, Marlo Thomas DOESN'T go screaming all the way through the scenes, like James Stewart did in the original, where she saw what life would be like without her; for another, Ms. Thomas' version was in Technicolor; and for yet another, there was the novelty of the gender switch in the lead role, telling the story from Mary Bailey's point of view. And, there was yet another plus in seeing such up-and-coming stars as Doris Roberts and Christopher Guest in one of their earlier roles).

"It Happened One Christmas" not only holds some cherished memories of my "wonder years" (I was 15 years old when this film was first shown on ABC; little did I realize December 1977 would be my family's final Christmas in Lansing, Michigan since my father capriciously decided to move us all to Illinois in June 1978), but four years later, in July 1981, my father and I took a trip to California, and we went on the Universal Studios Hollywood tour. When I saw "It Happened One Christmas" again in 1986, there were some parts of the Universal lot I recognized where the film was shot ("Leave It to Beaver" and "The Munsters" were also filmed on that same portion of the Universal lot where the exteriors of "It Happened One Christmas" were done), so yet another pleasant memory was encoded into it!

In mid-1987, shortly after my family bought their first VCR, I wrote to MCA/Universal Home Video (as the company was then known), asking if they would ever put "It Happened One Christmas" on videocassette; they sent back a form letter essentially saying, "not at this time," along with a catalogue of their then-current releases. Two years later, in December 1989, the film was rerun on USA (which Universal had a stake of ownership in at that time, and still does today); I was lucky to have taped "It Happened One Christmas" then (USA showed the entire film uncut, not edited to fit the time slot), but now the tape is beginning to deteriorate after 17 years. (I almost rerecorded "It Happened One Christmas" when it was shown on the ion Network December 22, but was glad I didn't after seeing the "hatchet job" they did on it - all the more reason Universal should put the film, uncut, on DVD!)

All I can suggest is: To those of us like myself who DID like and enjoy "It Happened One Christmas" better than "It's a Wonderful Life," and would like to see Universal Studios Home Entertainment (as they are now known) release the film on DVD, Universal's contact e-mail and snail-mail addresses should be given at their website. E-mail or write Universal and tell them to put "It Happened One Christmas" on DVD; remember: the more requests Universal gets about this film, the faster they'll unearth it and put it on DVD (one point to emphasize to Universal when writing: they NEVER even released this TV movie on VHS tape)!

I give "It Happened One Christmas" a perfect 10. And to those who thumbed their nose at this version, I'd like to rephrase a statement the late showman P.T. Barnum once made: "The critics be damned!"

Happy Holidays!

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A turkey

Author: ColinBaker
1 August 2005

Allow me to correct two misconceptions from other posters. Firstly, to describe Marlo Thomas as more animated than Jimmy Stewart is fantasy of the highest order. Secondly, anyone who dares to describe It's A Wonderful Life as sickeningly sweet is missing the point completely. What's sickeningly sweet about a man who is frustrated at every turn in his efforts to leave his home town? What's sickeningly sweet about a man who is on the verge of suicide because of the threat of prison, bankruptcy..? What's sickeningly sweet about going around your home town and nobody knowing you, and your town has changed for the worse? Having asserted the brilliance of Jimmy Stewart (one of the greatest actors of all time) and It's A Wonderful Life, let's turn to It Happened One Christmas. The idea of turning the original concept on its head, so that Mary becomes the main character (with Peter Bailey as her father, and a younger brother called Harry who becomes a war hero) is interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't avoid comparison with the original. Nevertheless, a reasonably gifted actress might have been able to convey some of the raw emotion evident - to most people - in Jimmy Stewart's portrayal. Alas, Marlo Thomas is so bad that she reminds me of the inadequacies of the worst of Demi Moore. But there are other problems. James Stewart was supported by other talented actors in 1946. Here, even the presence of Orson Welles as Mr Potter does not compare with the sheer nastiness which Lionel Barrymore brought to the part. Cloris Leachman gamely tried her best with Clara, but the whimsy of Henry Travers as Clarence is in a different league.

For me, It Happened One Christmas fails on every level. Maybe there's a case for a remake of It Happened One Christmas. Unlike its illustrious source of inspiration, It Happened One Christmas can only improve with a remake.

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Not a reversal . . .

Author: Neil Smith from las vegas, n
22 December 2014

The acting, sets and script are fine - the producers & cast owe everything to Frank Capra as well they owe his family an apology. There are a growing number of classics being re-imagined from a feminist perspective - which is great when they are a total reversal. In this film a total reversal of the original would mean making the Potter character a woman. The George Baily role is played by a woman as well as the Clarence Oddbody role - also played by a woman. Where they go wrong is with the despicable evil Potter role - that character is still male. The result means rather than the movie being the reverse of the original movie - it simply makes the protagonist and other pleasant characters female.

The original movie is much better for several reasons - the foremost is that it is the way that the original writer and Capra together imagined it to be. Capra did not approve of this movie and was not consulted - he considered it plagaristic. Ratings for the movie were very low - which is why the movie is mostly forgotten.

I look forward to seeing a real reversal where every single character is reversed - not just the nice or good characters but all the unsavory ones as well.

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Absolutely Charming

Author: Paul Sadek from Minneapolis, MN
28 December 2012

Make no mistake: Marlo Thomas is still a most attractive woman; but 35 years ago, she was just the right age for the role of Mary Bailey Hatch. Probably more damaging than anything else in 1977 was the fact that "That Girl" was only six years off of network, and likely in wide syndication, leaving Marlo typecast as the ditzy "Ann Marie," a character far removed from the young businesswoman in "It Happened One Christmas." Perhaps that was one of the reasons why Marlo took the part.

Remaking "It's a Wonderful Life" is kind of like repainting the Mona Lisa: It is doomed to be compared to the original, and inevitably, less than favorably. Having said that, standing on its own, "It Happened One Christmas" simply glows.

It's difficult not to fall in love with Marlo as Mary Bailey Hatch, to cheer for her when she flourishes, and to cry with her when she believes that life isn't worth living.

The supporting cast is adequate. Wayne Rogers likely had the same problem as Marlo, having recently left the cast of "MASH," but in the supporting role of George Hatch--almost a background character--he played well. Cloris Leachman, as the angel Clara, was cute, but succumbed to the temptation to overact. For Orson Welles, it was about the era when he was known for the phrase, "We will sell no wine before its time" (in a popular television commercial for Paul Masson wines), and his performance as villain Henry Potter was almost an extension of that. Doris Roberts as Ma Bailey had yet to find the spark which she would later exude as Ray Romano's mother. And Christopher Guest, as younger brother Harry Bailey, was simply wooden, even in the classic signature line in the final scene.

The biggest strike against "It Happened One Christmas" is that it was what those in the business refer to as a "madefor"--that is, it was a made-for-television movie, putting severe restrictions on length and budget. Many elements of the story were either condensed or eliminated, and it simply has the "look and feel" of a "madefor." If you've seen and loved "It's a Wonderful Life," you will surely say that "It Happened One Christmas" falls short...

But Marlo will steal your heart.

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What a waste

Author: drwam from United States
5 August 2012

At the time, Ms. Thomas stated that she undertook this pointless remake of a classic as a way of showing that women could be as valuable as men. That point had been proved in 1946 by a woman named Frances Goodrich who coauthored the original screenplay with a man named Albert Hackett. That was a wonderful screenplay and it showed how the value of women is proved by original creative output not by pallid hackwork like "It Happened one Christmas." I really wish Ms. Thomas had spent her considerable resources and the considerable talents of her cast on something original. They had nothing to add but to switch the male and female leads. Curiously, Ms. Thomas did not switch genders in casting Mr. Welles in the Lionel Barrymore role as the evil Mr. Potter. Evidently, Ms. Thomas belief in the potential of women does not extend to villainy. Pity.

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