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The title song "I'd Like to be You for a Day" is sung by Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster.
Feature film debut of actress Charlene Tilton who played Bambi.
The fake braces that Jodie Foster wears in the movie were designed in such a way so as to cover the cap between her top palate's two front teeth. Foster says on the DVD bonus feature that the dental bands had a vocal effect on her speech in the movie.
Actress Jodie Foster was offered the Princess Leia role in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) around the time that this movie was in development when George Lucas had wanted to make the character young and Foster had actually got the part when it was realized that Foster was still under contract to Disney. There may have been a way for Foster to get out of the contract but her mother decided to honor the contract and as such Foster contractually completed Freaky Friday (1976) for Disney in 1976.
The date of the "Freaky Friday" in the movie's story-line was a Friday the 13th.
The age of the Annabel Andrews character played by Jodie Foster was thirteen. This was the actual age that Foster was around the time the picture was made but Foster had turned fourteen by the time the movie debuted late 1976.
Both Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris were nominated for Best Actress - Musical or Comedy at the 1977 Golden Globes for this film. Technically, as they also played each other's characters, they were both nominated for playing the same character(s).
The nick-name that Annabel Andrews (Jodie Foster) had for her brother Ben Andrews (Sparky Marcus) was "Ape Face".
Jodie Foster said of the film whilst doing press publicity for the picture around the time the movie first launched: "I think it's important for my career that I make all different kinds of films. I'm proud that I made Freaky Friday (1976). I shouldn't make one kind of picture like so many child stars of the past did. And I thought the idea of Freaky Friday (1976) was terrific. A lot of my friends think it's my best picture. I really like working for Disney".
The film was made and released about four years after its source novel of the same name by Mary Rodgers had been first published in 1972.
The picture has often been attributed to being the movie that "spawned a whole subgenre of body-switching movies in the 1980s".
Marc McClure (Boris Harris) would later play Boris the milkman in the remake Freaky Friday (2003). He is the only actor to appear in both films.
Linguistically and phonetically, the movie and source book's title is notable for being a phrase containing two words, which both have the same number of syllables (two), both having the same number of letters (six), and for both words together also being alliterated with two prefixes of "Fr" characters.
Actress Debra Winger tried out for the role of Annabel Andrews which in the end was cast with Jodie Foster.
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Neither of the film's two lead actresses, Jodie Foster nor Barbara Harris, performed any actual water-skiing in the movie. All this was done in the studio in front of blue screens. Foster on the DVD states that she trained on water-skis for three days ending up not actually doing any real water-skiing in the movie. Professional water-skiers were used as doubles for the long shots.
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On the DVD bonus extra Jodie Foster says that this picture was a transition film for her from being a child actor to one with who was now an adult leaning actress the movie representing her in-between child-adult years.
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The water-skiing story element was an add-on for the film version and was not in the 1972 source novel of the same name by Mary Rodgers.
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The name and breed of the Andrews pet family dog was a Basset Hound called "Max".

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