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  • Story of an upper class college in the early '50s and how a "harmless" hazing resulted in a student's death.


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  • Some interesting aspects of 'Fraternity Row' to note: Scott Newman, the late son of actor Paul Newman plays the lead 'heavy' character, Chunk Cherry, as a convincing bully, where he fit the part well and buttressed the film's dramatic intensity. The movie was filmed on USC's Fraternity Row on 28th St. in Los Angeles at both the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity tudor style mansion and the Delta Delta Delta Sorority mansion across the street. The film was inspired by a similar fraternity house tragedy that supposedly took place at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house at USC, also on 28th St., back around the time in the 50s when Ozzie & Harriet's sons, Rick and David Nelson were attending members. Peter Fox (Rodger) is Michael J. Fox's older brother. Nancy Morgan (Jennifer) was the late actor, John Ritter's wife. Members of the SAE house and Tri-Delt house attending USC at the time were actors and actresses in the cast. Hopefully this brief synopsis will be added onto by others who can offer more insights.

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