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Disappointing even for the trash fan

Author: (rolandbrilla) from Chicago, IL
29 October 2001

I rented this movie as part of the mini-series "cult video", hoping for as much fun as I had with "Laserblast" or "creepozoids" that are also part of the edition. Unfortunately, this movie cannot keep up with those gems. Even though it is stupid enough, it is all in all just boring, and moments of fun (like the seconds where the "true face" of the aliens is shown) are too rare to make it up. I have to say, however, that the concept of destroying the whole earth is somewhat audacious, and the movie even delivers one scene of odd true horror, that is when the couple watches the end of the world (earthquakes, inundations) on some TV screens like from the distance ...

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Christopher is great...this movie is not!

Author: sreillyx from Medford, MA
20 May 2000

Christopher Lee is one of my favorite actors! I'm trying to view all of his work. He has been known to single-handedly save movies with his presence. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. This movie suffers from a low budget and it's production values are disturbing. Please...for the love of Christopher....avoid this film!

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Inferior production about an extraterrestrial invasion with the great Christopher Lee as a strange alien

Author: ma-cortes
25 September 2012

After witnessing a man's death in a bizarre accident, a coffee machine explodes sending him through a window and into a neon sign where is electrocuted , Father Pergado (Christopher Lee) encounters his alien double bent on world conquest and he then retreats to a convent . Meanwhile , a marriage formed by a scientist (Kirk Scott) and his wife (Sue Lyon) are investigating weird signals from beyond space , it leads them the convent where are some nuns and the Doppelganger Father Pergado who have malignant objectives .

This laughable below average Sci-Fi deals with an extraterrestrial invasion from outer space formed by aliens plotting to destroy the Earth while disguised as religious figures . It's realized in a television style , terribly developed and slowly paced . This is a low-budgeted film and plenty of stock-shots about disasters and catastrophes . Protagonist duo is mediocre as Kirk Scott and the famous ¨Lolita¨, Sue Lyon , who had a bad career . Stoic and serious acting by the incombustible Christopher Lee , still today successfully playing , such as ¨Dark Shadows¨and ¨The Hobbit¨ . Support cast is very good , but really wasted , being featured by experimented veterans in brief interventions such as Dean Jagger as Collins , Lew Ayres as Beckerman and Macdonald Carey . Middling cinematography and electronic musical score by means of synthesizer , being composed by Andrew Belling and Joel Goldsmith , Jerry Goldsmith's son . The picture was produced by Charles Band and absurdly directed by John Hayes . John was a writer, director, usually produced and edited as well as often penned the scripts for his films , and occasionally actor who made a wide variety of outlandish and obscure low-budget independent pictures throughout the 60's and 70's . John made his feature length debut with the interesting 1961 drama "The Grass Eater." Hayes went on to make a diverse array of drive-in exploitation outings in such sub-genres as World War II potboilers ("Shell Shock," "The Cut-Throats"), rowdy redneck romps ("The Farmer's Other Daughter," "All the Lovin' Kinfolk"), sleazy crime fare ("Convicts' Women," "Mama's Dirty Girls"), Terror ("Dream No Evil," "Tomb of the undead," "Grave of the Vampire" , ¨Garden of dead¨), low-brow comedy ("Up Yours - A Rockin' Comedy" , ¨Five minutes to love¨), Drama (Sweet trash , Fandango) . John pops up in bit parts in the wholesome Disney family features "The Shaggy D.A." and "Treasure of the Matecumbe." His last directing credit was an episode of the horror anthology TV series "Tales from the Darkside." ¨. ¨The End of the world¨ results to be his only Sci-Fi movie and is considered a bottom of barrel flick . It might be good for a few , for the Christopher Lee hardcore fans . Rating : 3,5/10 . Below average .

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If you like watching people do a lot of nothing, this is the film for you

Author: ( from Pennsylvania, United States
22 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film had a great cast going for it: Christopher Lee, Dean Jagger, Macdonald Carey, Lew Ayres -- solid b-movie actors all. But this downer of a movie didn't use any of them to any sort of advantage, with none of their characters even meeting on screen (though Christopher Lee does get to play opposite himself in several scenes).

The motivations for the aliens in this movie seem to change at the drop of a hat. First, they just want to repair their ship and leave, then they turn on the main character by killing most of his friends and not releasing his wife after he gets them the crucial part they need. Then, out of nowhere, this "peaceful" race decides they have to destroy the planet because it causes too many "diseases" (though they do offer the main character and his wife a spot in their society).

Most of the film is spent watching the man and wife drive or walk or stand around or sit at desks doing nothing. You almost wish they had gotten taken out with the rest of the planet at the end, just in vengeance for boring us to death.

Unless you really like Chris Lee or seventies low-budget sci-fi, I'd give this one a miss. It falls into that narrow range of wasted celluloid between Star Odyssey and UFO: Target Earth.

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Father Christopher Lee

Author: wes-connors from Los Angeles
20 June 2008

"A scientist discovers signals from space that appear to carry information concerning a series of seemingly unrelated natural disasters, occurring across the globe. Hoping to discover the source of these signals and who's behind them, the scientist and his wife set out on a trek to locate the intended recipient of the signals. What the couple eventually discovers is a small remote convent with occupants who are not really who they appear to be," according to the DVD sleeve's synopsis.

Kirk Scott (as Andrew Boran) is the scientist who intercepts alien messages on his computer. He suspects a series of "Large Earth Disruptions" may be connected to the weird space static. Mr. Scott and pretty blonde wife Sue Lyon (as Sylvia Boran) investigate the mysterious signals from outer space. They discover priestly, but creepy Christopher Lee (as "Father Pergado"), and other silliness. Given that, "End of the World" is remarkably dull.

*** End of the World (1977) John Hayes ~ Kirk Scott, Sue Lyon, Christopher Lee

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Alien Nuns Destroy The World By Boring It To Death

Author: junk-monkey ( from Highlands of Scotland
24 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's got Christopher Lee, it's got huge banks of 1970s computers that make Teletype noises as letters appear on the screen, it's got radioactive isotopes that not only glow in the dark but emit pulsing thrumming noises, it's got volcanoes! evil aliens disguised as nuns! tidal waves! earthquakes! exploding cars! exploding coffee machines! and as a climax the entire planet blows up. How on earth does this film managed to be so incredibly, mind-numbingly DULL? The answer, my friend is because 90% of this movie is made up of establishing shots, most of them involving long tracks, pans, or zooms in combinations, or occasionally all three, that do nothing except give the crew something to do. There are endless shots of our protagonists driving, getting in and out of cars, driving again, walking around looking at stuff, getting in cars and driving... I just sat there watching endless parade of nothingness in stupefaction muttering "Say something, please somebody, just say something... DO something... anything!..."

The dialogue, when it does come, is terrible.

"Maybe their minutes are measured on a different scale than ours." was a typically meaningless line. The script culminates in the destruction of the world by stock footage, justified in this speech from Lee as the head alien:

"The planet Earth has emitted an over-abundance of diseases, they are contaminating the Universe. All the planets light years away from here will suffer unless it is destroyed!"

This is is Neanderthal SF script writing. This is the sort of motivation you find in the sort of 1950's Japanese monster suit movies aimed at 7 year olds. It is, and I collect such things, the most god-awful line from an English language SF movie since Buster Crabbe retired. It beggars belief that this movie was released in the same year as Star Wars and Close Encounters.

Lee, who always struck me as a smart, useful actor with a sure knowledge of his limits, delivers his lines as if he is going to kill his agent for getting him into this pile of drek. I don't blame him.

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My all time worst

Author: pgx00 from United States
29 March 2007

I saw this movie in the theater when I was a kid and always remember it as my first experience with getting ripped off by a horrible movie with a good commercial. The commercial was great, but it I found out later that it had every explosion or 'special effect' in the entire movie (about 4) and even some that weren't in the movie. There was some sort of plot relating to the aliens but the aliens were never actually shown in the movie as far as I remember. It was clearly a case of someone making a buck off a cheap movie designed to scam people. I guess my world of innocence ended that day, when I found out there were bad people out there who make bad bad movies.

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Here today, Nun tomorrow...

Author: barnthebarn from Oxford, England
3 June 2008

The Earth is destined to be no more thanks to Father Pergado and a bunch of Nuns. Christopher Lee (who has since said that he was duped in to appearing in this by his producers who told him loads of great actors were involved) is Father Pergado and gets to do his usual serious and scary routine. The cast are not too bad, though most have now retired from acting. The film has terrible sound effects (mainly created from pressing keys on an old computer it seems) and it ridiculously pondering at times - showing a scene of the sky, for instance, for what feels like hours at a time. Despite this the story is pretty humorous in a world-is-doomed sort of way and the production is adequate. Interestingly one scene features Albert Band and wife Jackie; Meda Band; Writer Frank Ray Perilli and Charles Band's assistant Bennah Burton. Despite its plodding nature I genuinely wanted to see how it all worked out and thus quite liked it.

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The End of this movie is the best thing about it!

Author: dpnyneo from United States
30 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love B science fiction/Horror movies & Christopher Lee is a legend but this was so bad it was actually funny! Acting is bad, soundtrack is bad, extra's bad, sound effects bad, special effects bad & it's very boring! Especially for 1977. Check it out if you want to waste almost 2 hours of your life or just for laughs if you are a die hard movie fan etc. On the good side, the TV screens at the end of the movie with every part of the planet going to hell being destroyed by floods, storms, earthquakes etc & viewed on these screens looked pretty eerie and I thought this was a nice idea for shock value for this scene & freaked me out as a kid visually but it was filmed poorly. Also the movie poster is a creative Idea. I can understand why Christopher Lee did not like being in this movie. I think they can redo this movie as a remake better this time around in this era of movie's in our lifetime. I would like to remake this and maybe use Christopher Lee again! God bless him he is still alive!

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It almost takes until the end of the world to watch this.

Author: gridoon
12 February 2003

Dull, cheap sci-fi thriller, made with an almost total lack of conviction (a control room full of computers and other devices used to receive and decipher messages from outer space is run by only ONE MAN, and is VERY poorly guarded at night), and full of campy sound effects. Christopher Lee is not only wasted, but he also gives one of his few "I'm here strictly for the money" performances. (*1/2)

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