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Film Review: ‘Live by Night’

Film Review: ‘Live by Night’
In the ten years he’s been directing movies, Ben Affleck has shown a rare ability to choose projects artfully and wisely, hitting creative and commercial growth rings with each new outing. His first film behind the camera, “Gone Baby Gone” (2007), established Affleck as a serious filmmaker with a flair for mood and performance and locale. In the soulful heist drama “The Town” (2010), he proved he could fashion a real yarn, even as he traced the fate of characters with a life below the surface. “Argo” (2012), of course, was Affleck’s home run: not just a movie that triumphed at the Oscars but one that caught the national mood — it was time to look back at the 1979 Iran hostage crisis — in a way that converted a (somewhat) true story of hot-button politics into a sizzling conversation piece.

That’s a sterling track record, which is why I’m far from
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Sound On Sight’s Best Films Ever Made

With the notion of film canonization once again at issue, we thought it might be an appropriate occasion to check in on our staff’s collective opinion of the greatest films of all time. We had no idea what to expect; our contributors come from all over the world and come from vastly different backgrounds and occupations. The results were, appropriately, eclectic, ranging from acknowledged cornerstones to contemporary classics.

A few facts worth throwing in: with five films appearing, Orson Welles is the most frequently-cited director, followed by Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock and Akira Kurosawa; the newest film to merit an appearance was Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds; animated films made a dent, particularly Toy Story and Snow White; several shorts managed to find their way in, as well.

The list, along with some individual writers’ thoughts on the entries that make up the Top 10, follow including special mention of
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Top 10 Greatest Gangster Films of All Time!

If you were to peruse any greatest films of all time list chances are you would find a ‘gangster’ film pretty high up there, battling it out with the Jedis, Sharks and Tim Robbins.

But who exactly would come out on top if the wise-guys squared off against each other? Who’d end up sleeping with the fishes and who would reign supreme as the big screen don? (I’m done with the clichés now…)

So to celebrate the release of the ridiculously awesome looking Scarface on Blu-ray I thought I would compile said list, so here is a countdown of the Top 10 Gangster Films to ever hit the big screen and if you don’t like my list don’t put a horses head in my bed… Capiche?

(Okay, now I’m done…)


The Untouchables


Based on some of the most infamous figures in organized crime history, directed, and written,
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Ennio Morricone’s 80th Birthday

I have always been moved in some way or another by film music, but no one has created a bigger lump in the throat or watered my eyes more than Ennio Morricone.

He made film music transcend the film. He made me realize that film music could invoke emotions that went beyond just playing sad or tense or action themes. His music became the emotional anchor of the films he scored. This is music that didn’t have to make you think of the film it was used in, but gives your life its own score. I know that may be getting a little carried away, but that’s how I’ve always viewed it.

Being a (very) amateur composer myself, I always fall back on not just his work but the context of how it’s placed in movies. The few cues that were written before filming especially in
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