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Season 6

6 Oct. 1981
Jack Bares All: Part 1
As Cindy goes off to UCLA, Jack and Janet need a new roommate. Meanwhile, Mr. Angelino offers Jack a job as a chef in his restaurant. He cuts his finger and goes to the emergency room where a nurse named Terri Alden gives him a tetanus shot. Their interaction is anything but friendly.
6 Oct. 1981
Jack Bares All: Part 2
Janet invites Terri to stay in the apartment as their roommate, not realizing that she and Jack have met before.
13 Oct. 1981
Terri Makes Her Move
Terri moves in as a new roommate. When she meets Larry, he makes up a story about Jack not having any confidence with women. Terri decides to build his confidence by being extra nice to him. Janet thinks she is interested in Jack.
27 Oct. 1981
Professor Jack
Janet's boss's wife wants to learn Chinese cooking and asks Jack to teach her. The classes are weekly, and as Terri overhears the lessons, she assumes they are sex lessons without looking at what they are doing. Terri decides to move out.
3 Nov. 1981
Some of That Jazz
Janet has been taking a dance class and has been enjoying it. Her teacher, Michael, has decided to put her in one of his productions. After the show, he gives her a chance to take up a career as a dancer, which means quitting her job at the florist. Jack thinks there is something suspicious about the whole thing, and thinks Michael wants something more than to teach Janet dancing.
10 Nov. 1981
Lies My Roommate Told Me
Jack has a dinner date planned with Janet, but Larry comes in and offers him a date with "Greedy Gretchen" if he can hook Larry up with Terri. Jack convinces Terri to go out with Larry, but that leaves Janet without a date, so Larry pays Mr. Furley to go out with her.
17 Nov. 1981
Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Dr Miller, a psychiatrist from the hospital, tells Terri he is stressed out. Terri invites him to dinner at her place to get a break from his patients. Misunderstandings arise when Jack and Janet think he is an escaped mental patient.
24 Nov. 1981
Eyewitness Blues
While Jack waits for Janet at the flower shop, the place is held up. They report the crime to the police, and Jack has his picture taken and put in the paper as a witness. A policeman guards Jack at the apartment since he is a marked man.
1 Dec. 1981
Boy Meets Dummy
Mr. Angelinos daughter, Francesca, visits the restaurant and meets Jack. Mr Angelino warns Jack to keep away from his daughter, but Francesca pursues Jack. Jack pretends he is married to discourage her.
8 Dec. 1981
Dates of Wrath
Janet is interested in the bartender at the Regal Beagle, but is afraid to ask him out. She talks to the bartender and accidentally tells him to ask Terri on a date.
15 Dec. 1981
Macho Man
A guy gives unwanted attention to Terri and she uses karate when he starts to get surly. Jack asks Terri to teach him some basic moves. Eager to use his skills, Jack tries to stop someone he thinks is a burglar, but is really a cop.
5 Jan. 1982
Strangers in the Night
Trying to impress his "Southern Belle" girlfriend, Arabella, Jack wants to serenade her. He doesn't sing well, so he lip-syncs while Larry does the singing. The problem begins when he throws the rock with a dinner invitation into the wrong girls' apartment window. When Berniece shows up(who is heavy-set and not as pretty as Arabella), Jack is shocked. When Arabella shows up, she is disgusted with the fact that Jack would rather be with Berniece. Instead of hurting Berniece's feelings, he tells Arabella off.
12 Jan. 1982
The Matchbreakers
A woman stops to look at the apartment building. Mr Furley & Marsha flirt and start dating. After a few weeks, the trio wonder why she is interested in Furley. They think she wants his money. Turns out she wants to buy the building.
19 Jan. 1982
Oh, Nun
Terri gets a visit from her friend Catherine who is a nun. Jack takes Catherine to Disneyland. Later, Catherine tells Terri about a nun who left the convent to marry. Jack overhears and assumes Catherine is leaving the convent to marry him.
26 Jan. 1982
Maid to Order
Jack convinces Janet & Terri to hire their former roommate Cindy as a maid to clean the apartment. It does not work out.
2 Feb. 1982
Hearts and Flowers
Janet has had problems lately. Her company has sent efficiency expert Bobbi Willard to her floral shop to monitor and critique her performance. It has been driving Janet crazy as she sees it as nitpicking. It doesn't help matters when Jack takes Bobbi out for lunch either. Janet finally has enough so she quits. With the help of Mr. Furley, Terri hatches a plan to get Janet's job back and Bobbi out of her life.
9 Feb. 1982
Urban Plowboy
Larry pretends he is Jack to go out with a woman, who turns happens to be engaged. When the woman's fiancé hears of the date, he goes after Jack - the real Jack. Jack escapes by joining Janet & Terri on a farm owned by Cindy's aunt.
16 Feb. 1982
A Friend in Need
Jack's friend asks Jack to be a substitute chef for a few days. Even though Jack was fired from Angelinos, he agrees. A mobster eats at the restaurant and enjoys Jack's food. The mobster insists Jack be hired and the other chef fired.
23 Feb. 1982
Jack's 10
Jack meets a beautiful woman who also happens to be rich. They continue to date for weeks and Jack is smitten. Denise has plans to mold him into the perfect man with dress, actions, and a new career for her spouse.
2 Mar. 1982
Doctor in the House
Jack's grandfather visits and is under the impression that Jack is a doctor. He wants to visit the hospital where Jack works. Terri tries to help Jack pull off the lie.
9 Mar. 1982
Critic's Choice
A food critic's article says there are no great food chefs in the city. Janet & Terri encourage Jack to invite the critic to the apartment to review his food for the newspaper. The critic comes, but seems more interested in the gals.
16 Mar. 1982
Paradise Lost
Upon the discovery of Jack, Janet and Terri's planned move out of the apartment, Ralph Furley and Larry hatch a scheme to divide and conquer in order to keep them at their current location.
23 Mar. 1982
And Now, Here's Jack
Jack prepares poached salmon on a television show with Janet and Terri as assistants. On the day of filming, the director changes the layout of the kitchen without telling Jack. Jack cannot find anything in the kitchen and the girls are no help.
6 Apr. 1982
Janet Wigs Out
Janet not having dated much recently,buys a blonde wig because she says that guys usually notice blonde first. Jack and Terri try to talk her out of wearing it and just be herself. She doesn't listen but does end up meeting a man named Bill who's truly impressed by her. Meanwhile Jack & Terri try to think of a way to get Janet to come to her senses. The wig seems to take over as Janet begins behaving like a stereo-typical dumb blonde around Bill. Will the real Janet stand up or be lost?
4 May 1982
Up in the Air
Janet is interested in a very well to do man and gets invited to a private party on a small island and will be flown there. She asks Jack to go with her but Jack's afraid to fly. He (foolishly) takes a tranquilizer but drinks at the party as well. A drink called "The Rocket". Along with lying about his profession,he later dances up a storm,making himself & Janet look bad.
11 May 1982
Mate for Each Other
Joan, a friend of Jack & Janet stops at the apartment for a visit. She introduces her husband and says they met through a computer dating service. Jack & Janet each decide to try computer dating - and end up matched with each other.
18 May 1982
The Best of Three's Company: Part 1
Lucille Ball pays tribute to Three's Company in hosting a retrospective of the series. Introducing memorable clips of the show's funniest and most touching moments of the first 6 seasons.
18 May 1982
The Best of Three's Company: Part 2
Lucille Ball helps Three's Company conclude season six with part two of her tribute. With help at the end from John Ritter actually making an appearance as himself to introduce the final "classy" clips.

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