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Season 3

12 Sep. 1978
Double Date
Jack pretends he's sick to get out of a date with Linda so he can spend some time with a new girl. He finds that acting ill is harder than it sounds.
19 Sep. 1978
Good Old Reliable Janet
Janet is tired of her reliable image so she decides to cut loose and join a demonstration at a nude beach with Mrs. Roper in tow.
26 Sep. 1978
The Love Diary
Chrissy gets a job typing out an X-rated diary for a client. Things get complicated when Mr. Roper sneaks a peek and assumes that the diary is about Chrissy and her secret lust for the "older man downstairs".
3 Oct. 1978
The Fast
Jack and Chrissy have a contest to see who can go without the longest. Jack has to abstain from women and Chrissy has to abstain from food.
10 Oct. 1978
Helen's Rendezvous
Mr. Roper is not getting along with his best friend Jerry. Jack, Janet, Chrissy, and Jerry all get the wrong idea when Mrs. Roper asks to use their apartment to talk to Jerry privately.
17 Oct. 1978
My Sister's Keeper
Jack takes Janet's visiting sister around town but Janet gets angry when he accidentally slips into bed with her in the middle of the night in a sleepy error.
24 Oct. 1978
Chrissy and the Guru
Jack and Janet are concerned that they are going to lose Chrissy when she falls for the charms of a guru with bad intentions.
31 Oct. 1978
Larry's Bride
Larry thinks that he has found the girl he wants to marry but things get complicated when she makes a pass at Jack.
14 Nov. 1978
Chrissy's New Boss
Janet and Jack are concerned with Chrissy when she starts to make a great effort to impress her new boss.
21 Nov. 1978
The Crush
A teenage girl who is visiting the Ropers develops an unhealthy crush on Jack.
28 Nov. 1978
The Kleptomaniac
Jack and Janet suspect that Chrissy is stealing from them and Mrs. Roper.
5 Dec. 1978
The Party's Over
After Mr. Roper ruins a party for the roommates, Mrs. Roper threatens to leave him.
12 Dec. 1978
Eleanor's Return
Jack feels threatened when the girls' old roommate, Eleanor, pays a visit so he and Larry conspire to streak at a party held in Eleanor's honor.
16 Jan. 1979
The Older Woman
Jack falls for a woman who is slightly older than him. Janet and Chrissy become concerned when they mistake the woman's mother for the woman.
30 Jan. 1979
Stanley's Hotline
Mr. Roper thinks that Chrissy is pregnant when he hears a conversation while eavesdropping through the pipes.
6 Feb. 1979
The Catered Affair
Jack caters an office party for Chrissy but gets in trouble when some of his chocolate mousse ends up all over the sleazy president's clothes.
13 Feb. 1979
The Best Laid Plans
The girls find a mouse in their room. Jack and Janet switch beds when she is too afraid to sleep.
20 Feb. 1979
The Harder They Fall
Janet wants the place to herself to entertain a date. Jack breaks his leg on the stairs as he and Chrissy leave.
27 Feb. 1979
The Bake-Off
Chrissy accidentally eats a pie that Jack has prepared to represent his school in a bake-off contest.
13 Mar. 1979
An Anniversary Surprise
When Mr. Roper alludes to a big surprise that he is going to have for Mrs. Roper on their anniversary, the roommates think that he is going to leave her for another woman.
8 May 1979
Jack Moves Out
Jack ponders a job offer to become a live-in cook but reconsiders when the lady of the house makes a pass at him.
15 May 1979
Triangle Troubles
Jack starts dating a new girl and they both have a difficult time trying to hide the fact that they live with two members of the opposite sex.

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