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Season 8

27 Sep. 1983
Jack Be Quick
Jack's girlfriend wants him to be the father of her child but not get married which Jack believes in. He then leaves. Later she calls him to talk about it and when Janet hears it, she assumes that his girlfriend is already pregnant. So she tells Jack to go there and do the right thing, which he assumes is Janet telling him it's OK to father her child.
4 Oct. 1983
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Larry visits Jack as he is cleaning the apartment and finds a magazine quiz about sleeping with a roommate. Larry & Jack assume Janet or Terri must have filled it out. Larry suggests they all go to a mountain cabin to figure it which gal.
18 Oct. 1983
The Money Machine
Jack goes to the ATM to withdraw $100. The ATM malfunctions and gives him a $1,000. Jack leaves a message for the bank to return the money on Monday. He hides the money in the couch at home, not realizing Mr Furley is taking the couch.
25 Oct. 1983
Out on a Limb
When a critic comes to Jack's restaurant and stays only for a moment. Jack feeling that the guy was going to pan the restaurant, on advice from Larry writes a mad letter expressing his disgust. After he mails it, the critic calls him telling him thanks for a good time. So Jack goes to the man's office to try and get the letter before he sees it.
1 Nov. 1983
Alias Jack Tripper
Janet arranged for Jack to go out with a friend of hers. But he forgets and has plans so he asks Larry to pretend to be him and go out with her. She was only suppose to be in town for a night but Larry convinced her to extend her stay and invited her to "his" restaurant.
8 Nov. 1983
Hearing Is Believing
Janet's father is visiting. Jack tells his roommate about his new girlfriend Doreen, but is hesitant to tell what she does for a living. She is a sex therapist, but when Janet meets her, she thinks Doreen is a prostitute.
22 Nov. 1983
Grandma Jack
Larry used Jack's chocolate chip recipe to make cookies & entered them in a contest. Larry tells Jack he won, but to accept, he has to dress as a woman. Of course, there is more to it than that.
29 Nov. 1983
Like Father, Like Son
Jack's father makes a surprise visit and starts interfering in Jack's life. Jack Sr has lost his salesman job and tries to keep it from Jack. When Jack finds out, he gets his father something to do.
6 Dec. 1983
The Odd Couples
Terry thinks the only way she will get a promotion is if she has an affair with him, so Terry pretends to be married. When Dr Kenderson & his wife show up at the apartment for dinner, Jack pretends to be the husband.
13 Dec. 1983
Now You See It, Now You Don't
Jack's dating a wealthy girl. He goes with her to a party her family is throwing. When he arrives he sees that they're gambling. Her father gives Jack some chips to bet with. When he loses he freaks out that he can't pay it. So he goes home, Larry says he has a system. So they go back to the party. But what they don't know is that they're just playing for fun.
20 Dec. 1983
The Charming Stranger
A new neighbor moves in next to Jack and the girls. He is quite charming; Janet and Terri are smitten with the English, sophisticated man. Jack is suspicious of him and thinks he is a thief.
3 Jan. 1984
Janet Shapes Up
Janet starts working as an aerobics instructor. Jack, Terry, & Mr Furley attend her class to show their support. Jack shows an interest in her female boss, but it turns on him when Tina expects Jack to be her constant companion.
10 Jan. 1984
Itching for Trouble
A former girlfriend of Jack's calls and asks to meet in the park to discuss how to save her marriage to her jealous husband. When Mr Furley comes to the park, they hid from Furley accidentally in the poison ivy. How to explain that?
17 Jan. 1984
Baby, It's Cold Inside
Jack purchases a side of beef and take it to restaurant freezer. Mr Furley goes with him. At the restaurant Jack and Mr Furley interrupt a burglar who locks them in the freezer. Fear of death, Jack confesses he is not gay. They are rescued.
24 Jan. 1984
Look What I Found
When they find a cat on their door step they take it in but unfortunately pets are not allowed in the building so they hide it. But when Furley sees it he takes a liking to it and takes it in. But when an inspector his brother sent to see if all the rules of the building are enforced he hides it. At the same time the cat's owner a little girl comes looking for it and when jack asks for it Furley tells him that he took the cat to the pound. So they each get a cat for the girl. When the inspector arrives they try to hide the cats.
31 Jan. 1984
Jack's Tattoo
When Jack has a reunion with some of Navy buddies and after getting drunk, he discovers he got a tattoo on his derrière that says "The Love Butt". So Terri arranges for Jack to go to the hospital to have it removed. Janet and Furley over hears parts of Jack's conversations and assume he's having a procedure that they think is too drastic so they try to convince him not to.
21 Feb. 1984
Jack Takes Off
A pretty art teacher moves in next to the three, and Jack takes her classes in order to get close to her. He agrees to be a model but finds out he has to be nude. Embarrassing enough, but then Mr Furley joins the class.
28 Feb. 1984
Forget Me Not
Jack uses Janet's new car without permission and has an accident. He totals the car. When he in in the hospital, Terri overhears the wrong diagnosis and assumes Jack has amnesia. Jack plays along so he does not get yelled at by Janet.
13 Mar. 1984
The Heiress
One of Janet's customers who passes away and she is one of his beneficiaries. He leaves her a vase. One of his relatives who is an art dealer says it's a cheap one. When he asks Janet out Jack suspects he lied about the vase's value and is trying to get it.
15 May 1984
Cupid Works Overtime
Janet's boyfriend proposes, and she announces she is moving out. Jack is on an airplane and nervous. He meets Vicky, a stewardess, and everything goes wrong. He asks her to dinner for a second chance, but her father interferes.
18 Sep. 1984
Friends and Lovers: Part 1
Janet & Phillip plan for wedding at Janet's apartment. Jack wants to win the approval of Vicki's father. Mr Bradford tells Jack that Vicki is up for a promotion at work, in another state, and turned it down. Jack tells her to take it.
18 Sep. 1984
Friends and Lovers: Part 2
Janet is married and starts her new life. Terry announces she is moving to Hawaii. Vicki and Jack get back together but she does not want to get married. Since her parents divorced, she does not believe in marriage, but she will live with him.

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