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10 Sep. 1977
The Survivors of Zalon
The Cadets race to a planet in its death throes to rescue a young orphan serving there as caretaker to alien eggs. Gampu enters delicate negotiations with the alien over the boy's future.
17 Sep. 1977
Castaways in Time and Space
Gampu and Laura are lost through a black hole. Chris leads a rescue mission against orders, combating an alien monster and contending with an arrogant new recruit whose selfishness jeopardizes the mission.
24 Sep. 1977
Hide and Seek
When the Seeker vaporizes a rogue meteor bearing down on Space Academy, the resulting space dust has a mysterious effect on the Cadets.
1 Oct. 1977
The Cadets investigate a hulk adrift in space, debris from the Vegan War of 200 years earlier. They find and revive a cryogenically suspended soldier convinced the war is still underway and that the Cadets are enemy combatants.
8 Oct. 1977
There's No Place Like Home
A shape-shifting alien named Kane sneaks aboard Space Academy. Kane claims to be from Loki's home planet and demands the boy do his bidding, even if means betraying his adopted family.
15 Oct. 1977
The Rocks of Janus
The Cadets set out to investigate two strange asteroids on a collision course with Space Academy. What they discover astounds them.
22 Oct. 1977
Monkey Business
The Alturus agricultural asteroid is plunged into a deep freeze when its reflecting mirror becomes misaligned. Chris and Paul with stowaways Loki and chimpanzee Jake hope to arrive in time to save the crops.
29 Oct. 1977
The Phantom Planet
The mysterious Phantom of Proteus confronts and confounds the Cadets when they investigate an unstable asteroid slated for destruction.
5 Nov. 1977
Planet of Fire
Tee Gar invents the Cryotron, a device that emits an amazing freeze ray, but which is also unstable and causes whatever is frozen to explode within minutes. While conducting field tests, the Cryotron falls into the hands of an alien.
12 Nov. 1977
Life Begins at 300
Gampu is humiliated by a cocky young Cadet and comes to believe that at 300 years of age he has nothing left to offer Space Academy except his resignation. Chris and the Cadets rally to restore their commander's self-confidence.
19 Nov. 1977
The Cheat
Dispatched on a dangerous assignment, Chris bristles at being under the command of his nemesis Matt Prentiss, a smug and swaggering show-off who flouts safety regulations and endangers the lives of his crew.
26 Nov. 1977
My Favorite Marcia
Gampu and the Cadets respond to a distress call and discover Gampu's old girlfriend on the run from her rogue robot.
3 Dec. 1977
Space Hookey
Loki and Peepo cut class and take a Seeker for a joyride, contracting from a passing comet two mischievous aliens who play pranks on the people whose minds they've pirated.
10 Dec. 1977
Star Legend
The Cadets come upon Space Academy's twin planetoid, inhabited by the legendary Captain Rampo. The iconic captain has been waging a long and lonely war against alien vapors that feed on energy and that now threaten the galaxy.
17 Dec. 1977
Johnny Sunseed
Gampu's Luddite brother Johnny Sunseed visits the Academy and rages against the machine, Peepo in particular. Tee Gar tries to contain an outbreak of silliness after the Cadets consume space lettuce.


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