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3 Jan. 1978
Episode #1.15
Corrine's natural mother, formerly the Tates' Swedish maid, travels to Dunn's River to be with her daughter; tiring of running from the mob, Danny winds up in bed with the daughter of mob boss Mr. Lefkowitz.
10 Jan. 1978
Episode #1.16
Corinne meets her real mother, Ingrid Svenson, for the very first time; still vengeful at the loss of her child, Ingrid has hired a German detective whose abrasive nature rubs Benson the wrong way; and Chief of Police Tinkler gathers enough evidence to arrest Jessica for Peter's murder.
17 Jan. 1978
Episode #1.17
Chester has to mortgage the house to make Jessica's bail; Burt claims he can make himself invisible.
24 Jan. 1978
Episode #1.18
Chester enlists on Jessica's behalf E. Ronald Mallu, the most expensive attorney money can buy; Chester's spiteful secretary Claire finally makes good on her threats by turning him in to the SEC.
7 Feb. 1978
Episode #1.19
E. Ronald Mallu struggles to find good character witnesses for Jessica among her crazy family; Jessica's heartfelt pleas to Corinne are shot down by the bitter Ingrid Svenson, who convinces Corinne that she only did it to prevent her testifying against her mother in court.
14 Feb. 1978
Episode #1.20
Exhausted by Elaine's affections, Danny is stunned to learn that he must marry her or have his brains blown out; Jodie hides Bob in the refrigerator, only to learn that Chuck cannot carry on a conversation without another identity.
21 Feb. 1978
Episode #1.21
Jessica's trial begins, with the prosecutor saying such nasty things about her that she threatens not to come back; Jodie meets Carol David, E. Ronald Mallu's assistant, who finds the 'suicidal homosexual' adorable.
28 Feb. 1978
Episode #1.22
While dining at a Japanese restaurant, Carol convinces Jodie to go away with her for a weekend; Jessica's trial continues, with the prosecutor announcing a surprise witness.
14 Mar. 1978
Episode #1.23
Burt finally tells Mary how he killed her first husband; Ingrid loses Corinne after sleeping with Judge Petrillo; and Tim's mother can't suppress the desire to strangle Corinne, the girl who stole her son away from the priesthood.
21 Mar. 1978
Episode #1.24
Jodie wakes up in bed with Carol, understandably confused about the previous night's events; Chief of Police Tinkler drops by to arrest Chester for his stock manipulations; E. Ronald Mallu's summation brings Jessica's trial to a close.
28 Mar. 1978
Episode #1.25
Tim and Corinne plan their wedding; Carol convinces Jodie that they should live together; and the jury returns a verdict in Jessica's trial.
14 Sep. 1978
Episode #2.1
Chester saves Jessica by confessing to Peter's murder, winding up in a cell with convicted killer Dutch Lightner; Carol cannot bring herself to tell Jodie he's going to be a father.
21 Sep. 1978
Episode #2.2
Danny marries Elaine; Jodie returns home from a date with Dennis to hear Carol reveal that she's pregnant; Dutch and Chester escape from prison and hide out in the Tate cellar.
28 Sep. 1978
Episode #2.3
Dutch and Eunice spend the night together; Tim's mother makes an unexpected appearance at his wedding to Corinne; Mary's problems just can't seem to top Jessica's.
5 Oct. 1978
Episode #2.4
Just as Corinne works her charms on her new husband, Tim's vengeful mother interrupts the honeymoon to inquire if the bride is there; Danny tries to curb his wife's expensive tastes by killing her with kindness; Mary decides to go to college; and Chester's birthday celebration abruptly ends when he suffers another blackout.
12 Oct. 1978
Episode #2.5
Chester's doctor reveals how he was able to commit murder, requiring a delicate brain operation; Danny refuses to allow Elaine to eat or sleep because nothing is good enough for her; and Tim's mother has the temerity to place a curse upon her 'fallen priest' son with her dying breath.
19 Oct. 1978
Episode #2.6
Jodie tells Dennis about his impending marriage to Carol; Mary convinces Danny to try being nice to Elaine; no one is more surprised than the doctor to find that Chester survived the operation.
2 Nov. 1978
Episode #2.7
Carol introduces Jodie to her overprotective father; Elaine confesses her love to Danny; Burt's secretary Sally reveals her love for him.
9 Nov. 1978
Episode #2.8
The amnesiac Chester returns home; Eunice wants to join Dutch at his grandmother's farm; Corinne reveals that she's pregnant; and Burt spies his wife on the couch with her English professor, reaches the wrong conclusion, then spends the night in bed with Sally.
23 Nov. 1978
Episode #2.9
Burt has to concoct a wild story to explain to Mary why he failed to come home the night before; Jessica confides that Chester may have started cheating on her on their wedding night, which explains how the chambermaid's underwear got into her suitcase.
30 Nov. 1978
Episode #2.10
Dutch tells Jessica how he killed an extortionist in self defense; an amnesiac Chester has vanished; and Elaine's loving new relationship with her husband is interrupted when she gets kidnapped by two masked men.
7 Dec. 1978
Episode #2.11
Detective Donohue is hired to find the missing Chester; Corinne learns that she's five months pregnant, yet only married a month; Jodie directs a TV commercial featuring Mr. Peppy Flake and Rodney Raisin; and Elaine's kidnappers demand a huge ransom for her safe return.
14 Dec. 1978
Episode #2.12
Danny negotiates with Elaine's kidnappers; Detective Donohue confesses his love for Jessica; and Jodie's marriage to Carol is called off by the absent bride.
21 Dec. 1978
Episode #2.13
Tim refuses to believe that Corinne's baby is really his; Burt lies to Mary about who he spent that wayward night with; Elaine escapes from her kidnappers, dying in her husband's arms.

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