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Season 4

29 Oct. 1980
Jessica's Wonderful Life
In a recap of season three, Jessica pleads with her guardian angel to allow her to rejoin her family on Earth.
12 Nov. 1980
Episode #4.1
Jessica comes out of her coma; Eunice wins Dutch from Corrinne; Burt and Danny receive blackmail photos; Mary's baby seems normal; Jodys custody battle for Wendy is decided
19 Nov. 1980
Episode #4.2
Corinne bids goodbye to her mother; Polly turns down Danny's marriage proposal; Burt refuses to knuckle under to Tibbs; Mary returns home with baby Scott, while Jodie finds that his daughter Wendy has been kidnapped.
26 Nov. 1980
Episode #4.3
Jessica admires Burt's blackmail photos; Eunice and Dutch announce their engagement, as Jessica banishes Chester to the pool house.
3 Dec. 1980
Episode #4.4
Chester meets Annie, Eunice's maid of honor. Dutch and Eunice tie the knot. The x-rated photos of Burt show up in the newspaper. Burt and Mary face the public's outrage, as well as each other's. Annie moves into the pool house with Chester. Jessica announces her plans to go on a private vacation to Malaguay. Jessica frees El Puerco, a Malaguayan revolutionary, who immediately takes her hostage.
10 Dec. 1980
Episode #4.5
Jodie hires private detective Maggie to find his kidnapped daughter; Billy heads off to Malaguay to find his mother; Mary is depressed over the media's treatment of her husband, who plans to infiltrate one of Tibbs' massage parlors for evidence.
17 Dec. 1980
Episode #4.6
Burt and Danny disguise themselves at the massage parlor; Danny recognizes Gwen as one of the girls in the blackmail photos; with Jessica still lost in Malaguay, the Tates have no access to her money.
31 Dec. 1980
Episode #4.7
Jessica convinces El to conduct his revolution from her Connecticut home; Danny promises protection for Gwen; the Tates are still strapped for cash, as Dutch gets fired from a car wash because he didn't know what 'agua' meant.
7 Jan. 1981
Episode #4.8
Learning that Carol is now into rodeo clowns, Jodie and Maggie follow her trail to Albuquerque; Danny persuades Gwen to tone down her clientele while under his protective custody.
14 Jan. 1981
Episode #4.9
Jessica's entourage arrives home safely; Danny and Gwen acknowledge each other's feelings; Jodie and Maggie admit their attraction for one another; Burt's crisis of faith results in the death of his boyhood Bishop.
21 Jan. 1981
Episode #4.10
After Jessica announces that she's now officially divorced from Chester, he announces his engagement to Annie; Jodie and Maggie confirm their relationship; a bullet meant for Gwen hits Danny instead.
28 Jan. 1981
Episode #4.11
Burt vows to make Tibbs pay for his crimes; Jessica makes an unsuccessful attempt to seduce El; and Danny's critical injury requires a kidney from a blood relative.
9 Mar. 1981
Episode #4.12
Jodie and Maggie are taken captive by Minja warriors in Malibu; Burt becomes a hero after finally capturing Tibbs; and Mary reveals that Danny's natural father is Chester.
16 Mar. 1981
Episode #4.13
Chester becomes the vital kidney donor on Danny's behalf; Dutch and Eunice try to spice up their sex life by play acting; believing her sister has betrayed her, Jessica refuses to speak to a despondent Mary, who reveals how their mother arranged scatterbrained Jessica's marriage to embezzler Chester.
23 Mar. 1981
Episode #4.14
Jodie and Maggie are rescued from their dungeon prison, after which she proposes marriage; Jodie visits a psychiatrist who puts him under hypnosis, leaving him an elderly Jew; Chester and Annie celebrate their getting married, but his jealousy over Jessica will not end; Mary reconciles with her forgiving sister, then walks out on her high and mighty husband, telling him she doesn't like him anymore.
13 Apr. 1981
Episode #4.15
No one believes Mary when she insists her baby can fly; lamenting his washed up relationship with wife Eunice, Dutch fondly recalls the days of 'screaming and scratching Corinne'; the Governor offers Burt a run for the Senate; and Danny finds his attractive new stepmother Annie as lonely, and irresistible, as he is.
20 Apr. 1981
Episode #4.16
A despondent Chester wants to kill himself, until he finds his new bride in bed with his son; the syndicate baits a trap for the unsuspecting Burt; El Puerco's enemies kidnap Jessica and put her in front of a firing squad.

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