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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1976 | 1977 | 1979

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Tomkinson's Schooldays

7 January 1976
New boarder Tomkinson is thoroughly miserable at Graybridge public school where he has to fight the grizzly bear,get nailed to the wall on St Tadger's Day and do the bidding of Grayson,also known as School Bully. When his mother refuses to let him come home he makes several attempts to escape,all unsuccessful,but after winning the Thirty Mile Hop against a rival (Buddhist) public school he is promoted to School Bully when Grayson leaves for Eton.

Michael Palin ... Tomkinson / Headmaster / TV Introducer / Mr Craffitt

Terry Jones ... Mr. Ellis / Bear / Mr. Moodie / Director
Gwen Watford ... Mummy

Ian Ogilvy ... Grayson
John Wentworth ... Chaplain
Sarah Grazebrook ... Maid
Chai Lee ... Suki
Terrance Denville ... Man (as Terence Denville)
Paul Barton ... Nude Man (uncredited)
Alf Coster ... Nude Man (uncredited)
Mark Dunn ... Heavy (uncredited)
Lorence Ferdinand ... Nude Man (uncredited)
Raymond George ... Nude Man (uncredited)
Paul Kirby ... Nude Man (uncredited)
Michael Raynell ... Master (uncredited)
Mark Taylor ... Daddy (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: The Testing of Eric Olthwaite

27 September 1977
Eric Olthwaite is so boring that his family all leave home to escape him. Then one day he is accidentally caught up in a bank robbery and discovers that the robber shares his interests in shovels,black pudding and rainfall so they team up to make daring raids to steal rainfall records. As a result Eric becomes famous and is considered interesting again,so much so that he is made the mayor of Denley Moor.

Michael Palin ... Eric Olthwaite / Bank Manager
Barbara New ... Mrs. Olthwaite
John Barrett ... Mr. Olthwaite
Anita Carey ... Irene Olthwaite
Liz Smith ... Mrs. Bag
Reg Lye ... Mr. Bag
Petra Markham ... Enid Bag
Kenneth Colley ... Arthur the Robber
Roger Avon ... Chauffeur
Clifford Kershaw ... Mayor

Norman Mitchell ... 1st Pressman
Anthony Smee ... 2nd Pressman
Marcelle Samett ... Boy's Mother
Peter Graham ... Boy
Robert Smythe ... Enid's Boyfriend (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 3: Escape from Stalag Luft 112 B

4 October 1977
During World War 1 major Errol Phipps is determined to escape from Stalag Luft 112B but his attempts all fail. However all the other prisoners and the guards succeed, leaving him alone in the camp to make elaborate plans - including a tunnel system so extensive it becomes the Munich Underground. He is so obsessed with his escape plans he fails to realise that the war has ended and dies a disappointed man. He does however manage to escape from his grave after he has been buried though.

Michael Palin ... Major Errol Phipps / Cpl Chipps

Roy Kinnear ... Vogel
John Phillips ... Colonel Harcourt Badger Owen

Timothy Carlton ... Nicholson
David Griffin ... Attenborough
Julian Hough ... Biolek
David English ... 2nd Guard
Roland MacLeod ... Dusty (as Roland Macleod)

Nicholas Day ... Sgt. Major Errol
Hugh Janes ... Carter
Philip Graham ... Ginger
James Charles ... Walcott

Glen Cunningham ... Bo Bo
David Machin ... Tosh
Ronald Fletcher ... Narrator (voice)

Season 1, Episode 4: Murder at Moorstones Manor

11 October 1977
Sir Clive Chiddingfield invites his family to his birthday party at lonely Moorstones Manor but in the course of the evening half of those present are murdered one by one and the remaining survivors except for Lady Chiddingfield each admit to being the killer,eventually shooting each other.

Michael Palin ... Charles Chiddingfold / Hugo Chiddingfold
Isabel Dean ... Lady Chiddingfold
Iain Cuthbertson ... Dr. Farson
Frank Middlemass ... Father
Harold Innocent ... Manners
Candace Glendenning ... Dora
Ann Zelda ... Ruth (as Anne Zelda)

Season 1, Episode 5: Across the Andes by Frog

18 October 1977
Explorer Walter Snetterton and his party travel to the Andes to prove his theory that frogs are able to climb mountains. Due to the Cup Final the only person willing to act as guide is an elderly - but extremely agile - old lady and as Snetterton prepares to strike camp all his men desert him for the charms of the local ladies. Snetterton is never found but the frogs manage to escape and make it to Mexico City,thus proving his theory to be right.

Michael Palin ... Captain Walter Snetterton

Denholm Elliott ... Mr. Gregory
Don Henderson ... Sgt. Major
Eileen Way ... Old woman
Louis Mansi ... 1st native
Charles McKeown ... 2nd native
John White ... 3rd native
Alan Leith ... Corporal
Kevin Moran ... 1st Private
Brian Nolan ... 2nd Private
Percy Edwards ... Frog Noises (uncredited)
Ronald Gough ... Lab Assistant (uncredited)
Dick Graham ... Narration (voice) (uncredited)
Linzi Jennings ... Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Terry Sartain ... Lab Assistant (uncredited)
Paul Satvendar ... Tennis Fan (uncredited)
Holly Ann Smith ... RSM's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Sumane ... Girl in Undergrowth (uncredited)
Willow ... Schoolgirl (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 6: The Curse of the Claw

25 October 1977
Sir Kevin Orr is anxious to return the Sacred Claw of the Naga hills given him as a child by his uncle Jack but warned that unless it is returned before his sixtieth birthday the curse of the claw will kill him. He sets sail to return it but falls for the ship's female officer,who throws the claw overboard,killing everybody but Kevin. Years later the claw has returned and on his sixtieth birthday Kevin finds his wife Agatha dead,the claw beside her. He finally sends the claw back to the Naga hills,breaking the curse but sending him back in time to his childhood,his relatives still alive.

Michael Palin ... Kevin Orr / Uncle Jack
Hilary Mason ... Kevin's mother
Tenniel Evans ... Kevin's father
Keith Smith ... Captain Merson

Aubrey Morris ... Grosvenor
Nigel Rhodes ... Young Kevin

Judy Loe ... Chief Petty Officer Russell
Bridget Armstrong ... Lady Agatha
Michael Stainton ... Ship's stoker
Vanessa Furse ... Ship's Engineer
Bob Babenia ... Native Leader (uncredited)
Diana Hutchinson ... Young Agatha (uncredited)
Karen Jeffrey ... Kevin's Sister (uncredited)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Whinfrey's Last Case

10 October 1979
In 1913 the British government, hearing that the Germans are planning World War I, ask top agent Whinfrey to intervene, but instead he decides to go on holiday to Cornish fishing village Torpoint. Here he believes he has stumbled upon a smuggling ring, but in fact they are Germans who are masquerading as locals in an advance invasion party. The British arrive and arrest them, believing that Whinfrey deliberately planned everything - though it is apparent that he did not.

Michael Palin ... Gerald Whinfrey

Maria Aitken ... Mrs. Otway
Anthony Carrick ... Admiral Jefferson (as Antony Carrick)

Edward Hardwicke ... Mr. Girton
Richard Hurndall ... Carne
Jack May ... General Chapman
Gerald Sim ... Lord Raglan
Ann Way ... Old Lady (Lotte)
Michael Sharvell-Martin ... Smooth German
Charles McKeown ... Mr. Ferris
Anthony Woodruff ... Portly Man
Roy Sampson ... Army Captain
Phillip Clayton-Gore ... Another Eddie
Patrick Bailey ... Vinney
Steve Conway ... Meat Porter

Season 2, Episode 2: Golden Gordon

17 October 1979
Barnestoneworth United is the worst football team of 1935,who lose every match. Gordon Ottershaw is,however,their loyal fan,determined to prevent them from being disbanded after their final game. To this end he recruits the players from the renowned winning team of 1922 who turn up to defeat rivals Denley Moor.

Michael Palin ... Gordon Ottershaw

Gwen Taylor ... Mrs. Ottershaw
Bill Fraser ... Mr. Foggen
Teddy Turner ... Chairman
David Leland ... Football Manager
John Berlyne ... Barnstoneworth
Ken Kitson ... Cyril
Roger Sloman ... 'Baldy' Davitt
David Ellison ... 1st Footballer
Colin Bennett ... 2nd Footballer
Matthew Scurfield ... 3rd Footballer
Charles McKeown ... Goalkeeper
Pat Taylor ... Mrs Foggen
Margot Lawson ... Chairman's Wife
Tom Harrison ... Man in Social Club
Danny O'Dea ... Man at Gum Factory
Burt Brooks ... Man at Gum Factory
Charles Marcelle ... Shepherd
Arthur Fortune ... Porter
Gillian McClements ... Nurse
Dickie Arnold ... Man in Wheelchair
Peter Graham ... Boy Behind Goal
Saltaire Football Club Members of Salts

John Cleese ... a Passer-by

Season 2, Episode 3: Roger of the Raj

24 October 1979
On the eve of the Great War Roger Bartlesham's aristocratic parents are firm believers in the Empire though Roger, encouraged by socialist Latin teacher Mr Hopper,dreams of equality and opening a tea shop with his sweet-heart Miranda. After a sojourn in India where various officers shoot themselves to atone for breaches in etiquette Roger gets caught up in Hopper's attempt to bring the Russian revolution to England but is rescued from the chaos by Miranda in time for them to pursue their dream.

Michael Palin ... Roger
Richard Vernon ... Lord Bartlesham
Joan Sanderson ... Lady Bartlesham
Roger Brierley ... Hopper

John Le Mesurier ... Colonel Runciman
Jan Francis ... Miranda
Allan Cuthbertson ... Major Daintry
David Griffin ... Captain Meredith
Charles McKeown ... Captain Morrison
David Warwick ... Captain Cooper
Michael Stainton ... the Gamekeeper
Ken Shorter ... 1st Mutinous Officer
Douglas Hinton ... 2nd Mutinous Officer
Dorothy Frere ... Housemaid
Marta Gillot ... Miranda's Servant (uncredited)

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