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5 Jan. 1985
Instinct/Unmade for Each Other/BOS
Two men, named Shelley and Leslie (Vic Tayback and Conrad Bain), are on the cruise to meet their matches which were chosen by a computer dating service. But they discover that they were matched with each other. They both meet a woman (Janet Leigh) and both pursue her. Isaac (Ted Lange) pretends to accept a woman's (Berlinda Tolbert) self-help philosophy. A woman (Irlene Mandrell), who was suppose to go on the cruise with her boyfriend, discovers that he's not coming and that he sent another guy (Bruce Penhall) to keep her company. He tells her that her boyfriend is with her best friend. She later learns that he hasn't been completely honest with her.
12 Jan. 1985
Ace Takes the Test/The Counterfeit Couple/The Odd Triple
"Ace Takes the Test; Odd Triple; Counterfeit Couple": A childless couple seek Ace's help; a woman (Mary Ann Mobley) vies with her daughter (Crystal Bernard) for Gopher's company; singles pretend to be wed.
26 Jan. 1985
Love on the Line/Don't Call Me Gopher/Her Honor, the Mayor
Corporate bigwig workaholic John Stockton (Cesar Romero) meets charming but slightly evasive Marcy Banes (Jane Wyatt) on the cruise, without realizing that she is the switchboard operator in his office building. Big-time advertising agency executive Janet Thompson (Katherine Moffat) takes the cruise and meets her friend Gopher (Fred Grandy), who adamantly insists that people call him Burl, but winds up alienating all his friends on the crew, in the process. Newly-elected Mayor Frances Hardy (Shelley Fabares) is on the cruise with her campaign manager Barry Singer (David Hedison), but falls for Phil Haines (Robert Fuller), the city council president whom ...
2 Feb. 1985
Scandinavia Cruise: Girl of the Midnight Sun/There'll Be Some Changes Made/Too Many Isaacs/Mr. Smith Goes to Stockholm: Part 1
Part 1 of 2. A Scandinavian cruise on the Royal Viking Sky begins in London and travels through Oslo and Stockholm. Grant Cooper (John Davidson) is the VP of Promotions for the Midnight Sun suntan lotion and is seeking a native Scandinavian female to be the company spokesperson from dozens of applicants. Greta Lund (Christopher Norris) impersonates a native Scandinavian in hopes of winning. Lonely Mel Davis (Jack Klugman) thinks women don't like him because of his large nose, so he plans to get cosmetic surgery in Stockholm. But he meets Kay Webber (Susannah York) along the way and she falls in love with him but thinks ...
2 Feb. 1985
Scandinavia Cruise: Girl of the Midnight Sun/There'll Be Some Changes Made/Too Many Isaacs/Mr. Smith Goes to Stockholm: Part 2
Conclusion: As the Scandinavian cruise continues, Grant (John Davidson) and Ace (Ted McGinley) go to Greta's (Christopher Norris) parents' home for a photo shoot with her. Kay (Susannah York) expresses concern to Doc (Bernie Kopell) about Mel's (Jack Klugman) operation. Dr. Fabian Cain (Telly Savalas) tries out Isaac's (Ted Lange) robot double in public, while the real Isaac goes on a romantic boat ride with Delia Parks (Janet Jackson). Gopher (Fred Grandy) leaves the cruise line to work with Helga (Priscilla Barnes).
9 Feb. 1985
Ace Takes a Holiday/The Runaway/Courier
A courier (Michael Spound) refuses to remove the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist but pursues a fellow passenger (Charlene Tilton); a woman (Florence Henderson) can't understand her daughter's (Tracy Nelson) hostility toward her stepfather (Peter Mark Richman); Ace (Ted McGinley) is temporarily sidelined with an injured foot, replaced by Kim (Michelle Johnson) and nursed to health by a female passenger (Marla Heasley).
16 Feb. 1985
Getting Started/Daughter's Dilemma/The Captain Wears Pantyhose
The Captain fails a woman (Cathy Lee Crosby) testing for a captaincy; a boy (James A. Osmond) is convinced that his father's surprise birthday present is a prostitute (Karen Kopins); a woman (Tracy Reed) has a dislike for her father's (Bernie Hamilton) on-board romance (Esther Rolle).
23 Feb. 1985
Vicki's Gentleman Caller/Partners to the End/The Perfect Arrangment
Marc Silverton (James MacArthur) charms Vicki (Jill Whelan) and Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) is none too happy about the difference in their ages. Business partners Lou Tangle (James Coco) and Stan Garner (David Doyle) had borrowed money from loan sharks to meet their company's payroll and now plan to have Lou fake his death to collect the insurance money to pay back the loan sharks. But fellow passenger Harriet Wolters (Ruta Lee) seems attracted to Lou and might complicate their plans. Bicoastal television personalities Jennifer Kearn (Cristina Raines) and Tom Whitlaw (Richard Hatch) have been married for six months but have spent little time together, until...
23 Mar. 1985
Judy Hits a Low Note/Love Times Two/The Problem with Papa
Judy is asked to sing in the cruise-line commercial. A daughter (Jessica Walter) fears her father might be senile. A husband (Barry Van Dyke) will do anything to win back his wife's love.
30 Mar. 1985
Charmed, I'm Sure/Ashes to Ashes/No Dad of Mine
Ace meets an old girlfriend who is now in a wheelchair. A couple (Jimmie Walker, Telma Hopkins) take advantage of the cruise to quit smoking. A man and a woman hide that they are relatives (John Beck, Cathy Silvers).
4 May 1985
Caribbean Cruise: Call Me Grandma/A Gentleman of Discretion/The Perfect Divorce/Letting Go: Part 1
Part 1 of 2. An British ex-military officer (Stewart Granger), escorting the singing sensation group, Menudo, is tired of a woman (Lana Turner), who lies; while a young couple (Jared Martin and Hayley Mills) is bewildered because Doc Bricker (Bernie Kopell) seems very much in love with his visiting ex-wife (Elizabeth Ashley), which Doc attributes is why they divorced; Vicki (Jill Whelan) falls for a young man (Timothy Patrick Murphy), who is continually pampered by his mother (Anne Baxter), who refuses to see him as anything other than a child; an employer (Andrew Stevens) is being set up for a sex-discrimination lawsuit by a woman (Linda Purl), who is disguised as a man.
4 May 1985
Caribbean Cruise: Call Me Grandma/A Gentleman of Discretion/The Perfect Divorce/Letting Go: Part 2
A woman falls for the chaperone of the boy band Menudo, a female job seeker poses as a man while on the ship, a couple reconsiders their relationship, and a teenage boy proposes to Vicki.
28 Sep. 1985
A Day in Port
The ship gets a makeover and gains new dancers. Isaac gets the surprising visit of a former girlfriend who wants to renew with him.
5 Oct. 1985
Your Money or Your Wife/Joint Custody/The Temptations
Vicki is thrilled to let everyone know that she got the famous band The Temptations to perform during the cruise. A couple fight each other to gain custody of their son.
12 Oct. 1985
Hidden Treasure/Picture from the Past/Ace's Salary
A couple is looking for a rare stamp hidden somewhere on the boat. Ace and the crew campaign for a salary raise. A woman avoids Andy Warhol, wanting to forget the time she was in one of his movies.
2 Nov. 1985
The German Cruise: The Villa/The Racer's Edge/Love or Money/The Accident: Part 1
The crew is now in Germany. And among the passengers is a woman (Alexis Smith), whose family estate was taken by a nemesis (Craig Stevens), who runs into an old flame (Mel Ferrer). Doc meets a woman (Susan Blakely), who's traveling with her brother (Ken Olandt), who doesn't warm up to Doc. Later, while they're out, Doc hits a man (Olandt) who appears to be seriously injured. Two sisters (Audrey Landers and Judy Landers), who are looking to score a rich guy but, when one of them is attracted to Ace (Ted McGinley), the other tries to sabotage the relationship. And a biker (Jack Coleman), who just got married (Lisa Whelchel) and is retiring from competition, is being courted by his coach (Harry Morgan...
2 Nov. 1985
German Cruise: The Villa/The Racer's Edge/Love or Money/The Accident: Part 2
Conclusion. On the Rivera: a former bike-racing coach (Harry Morgan) tries to lure a newlywed champion (Jack Coleman) out of retirement; a woman (Alexis Smith) wants to visit the family villa before it's sold; Doc feels badly about a young man (Ken Olandt)'s death; two sisters (Audrey Landers and Judy Landers) try to attract wealthy men.
16 Nov. 1985
Forties Fantasy
Gopher dreams that he is living in the forties and that the ship is a troop carrier during WWII.
23 Nov. 1985
Good Time Girls/Iron Man/Soap War
Three college girls (Carrell Myers, Toni Hudson and Christie Claridge) are mistaken for prostitutes; a fitness expert and health book author (Charles Frank) suffers fainting spells during triathlon training; soap opera star's (Carol Channing) jealous friend (Betty White) auditions for a new part with the star's lecherous co-star (Louis Nye).
30 Nov. 1985
Trouble in Paradise/No More Mister Nice Guy/The Mermaid and the Cop
Julie McCoy asks Gopher for advice when her marriage starts to fall apart. One of the Mermaid dancers is on the run and is afraid that a Las Vegas cop might recognize her. Ace is forced to fire two employees.
7 Dec. 1985
Roommates/Heartbreaker/Out of the Blue
New roommates Vicki and Judy, have to deal with their opposites habits. A multimillionaire makes everyone's dreams come true.

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