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13 Jan. 1979
My Sister, Irene/The 'Now' Marriage/Second Time Around
Irene Austin (Martha Raye) agrees to meet her college classmate, Andy Hopkins (Ray Bolger), after 40 years, then panics and tells him she's Irene's sister; Dr. Todd Gardiner (Peter Marshall) wrote a book about open marriage, but finds his own marriage, to Eleanor Gardiner (Barbara Rush), in jeopardy, as he gets close to a fellow passenger (Phyllis Davis); Doc's (Bernie Kopell) ex-wife (Tina Louise) arrives with a new fiancé (Lyle Waggoner).
20 Jan. 1979
Gopher's Opportunity/The Switch/Home Sweet Home
Gopher's (Fred Grandy) friend (Bobby Van) offers him a job managing his hotel; a magician's (Michael Gregory) assistant (Melinda Naud) is upset when the magician sends his brother (Ron Palillo) to replace him in the act; a woman (Nancy Walker) moves her furniture into a ship's cabin, so she can get closer to a ship's porter (Abe Vigoda), to whom she is attracted.
27 Jan. 1979
Second Chance/Don't Push Me/Like Father, Like Son
A widower and his son (Robert Mandan and Randolph Mantooth) fall in love with the same woman (Cathy Lee Crosby); Isaac (Ted Lange) worries that a young woman on probation (Debbi Morgan), working in the gift shop, has stolen some jewelry; a henpecked man (Roddy McDowall) feels he's being pressured, by his girlfriend (Tammy Grimes), into marriage, against his will.
3 Feb. 1979
Alas, Poor Dwyer/After the War/Itsy Bitsy/Ticket to Ride/Disco Baby: Part 1
Julie's English teacher (Raymond Burr), a lonely alcoholic, is aboard ship for Julie's high school class reunion.
3 Feb. 1979
Alas, Poor Dwyer/After the War/Itsy Bitsy/Ticket to Ride/Disco Baby: Part 2
Conclusion. At their high-school reunion, Julie and her former boyfriend find they'll still attracted to each other.
10 Feb. 1979
Best of Friends/Aftermath/Dream Boat
Hans Conried) offers Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) the command of a super-luxury liner; Doc meets his former mentor (Richard Anderson), now a disgruntled amputee, and his wife (Diana Muldaur); old college friends (Carol Lynley and Donna Pescow) are attracted to the same man (Ben Murphy).
17 Feb. 1979
A Good and Faithful Servant/The Secret Life of Burl Smith/Tug of War/Designated Lover
A chauffeur (John Mills) takes up with his employer (Celeste Holm); an 8-year-old blames himself when his parents (Juliet Mills, David Hedison) separate; Gopher has a crush on a cover model (Hayley Mills).
24 Feb. 1979
Love Me, Love My Dog/Poor Little Rich Girl/The Decision
A former waitress (Maren Jensen), who inherited a fortune, isn't sure if her boyfriend (Dennis Cole) loves her or her money; a man (Gene Rayburn) is interested in a woman (Fannie Flagg) but her dog (Cricket, a terrier) doesn't like him; Isaac (Ted Lange) falls for a woman (Debbie Allen), who's engaged.
3 Mar. 1979
A Funny Valentine/The Wallflower/Home is Not a Home
Two shy people (Patty Freedman and Zane Lasky) keep missing each other, due in part to Gopher's (Fred Grandy) interference; two residents of an old folks home (Minnie Pearl and Arthur Godfrey) take a cruise, only to be followed by their meddling children (Elinor Donahue and Warren Berlinger); a fortune teller (Samantha Eggar) may be a fraud but she may be something else for the Captain (Gavin MacLeod).
10 Mar. 1979
Ages of Man/Bo 'n Sam/Families
Attracted to an older man (Paul Burke), Julie (Lauren Tewes) discovers she is being pursued by a teen with a crush (Patrick Labyorteaux); Bo and Sam (Philip Charles MacKenzie and Michael Tucci) break a ship model, meant for a party to celebrate Stubing's fifth year as Captain, and work to fix it in time; a couple (Ellen Bry and Mark Shera) try to find common ground between their parents (Leslie Nielsen and Arlene Dahl).
17 Mar. 1979
Murder on the High Seas/Sounds of Silence/Cyrano de Bricker
Isaac overhears a couple (Peter Lawford and Dana Wynter) talking and thinks they are planning to kill Captain Stubing; a famous rock star (Sonny Bono) meets a deaf woman (Sheila Lenham); Doc's old friend (Jill St. John), who is on her honeymoon, believes her new husband (Charlie Callas) doesn't really love her.
5 May 1979
April's Return/Super Mom/I'll See You Again
Former stowaway April Lopez (Charo) returns, this time as a lounge singer; a woman (Anne Meara) brings her kids on her second honeymoon, to the consternation of her husband (Jerry Stiller); a WW II veteran (Craig Stevens) and a USO entertainer (Cyd Charisse) reunite, after 35 years.
12 May 1979
Third Wheel/Grandmother's Day/Second String Mom
A widower's (Ken Berry) second wife (Beth Howland) tries to win the acceptance of his two teenage daughters (Michele Tobin and Shelly Juttner); Gopher's (Fred Grandy) relationship with his father (Robert Cummings) is tested when his parents come on board for a Mother's Day cruise and his father feels like a third wheel compared to Gopher and his mother (Ethel Merman); an older woman (Nanette Fabray), with grown children, worries what her husband (Barry Nelson) will say when she tells him she's pregnant.
15 Sep. 1979
Alaska Wedding Cruise: Buddy and Portia's Story/Julie's Story/Carol and Doug's Story/Peter and Alicia's Story: Part 1
The ship goes to Alaska to host the wedding of Doug Bradbury (Mark Harmon) and Carol Bowers (Lisa Hartman). The wedding arouses problems between the two families (Ray Milland and Eleanor Parker, and Lorne Greene and Audra Lindley). What's more, Doug's old girlfriend (Caren Kaye) is still in love with him. Marv Prine (Don Most) pursues Julie but she is hoping to reconnect with Jack Chenault (Tony Roberts), the man who once asked her to marry him. And Alicia Bradbury (Eleanor Parker) struggles to avoid the shame of her impending bankruptcy.
15 Sep. 1979
Alaska Wedding Cruise: Buddy and Portia's Story/Julie's Story/Carol and Doug's Story/Peter and Alicia's Story: Part 2
Natalie (Caren Kaye) tries to prevent Doug (Mark Harmon) and Carol (Lisa Hartman) from getting married; Buddy (Lorne Greene) and Portia (Audra Lindley) come to an important decision; Julie gets a surprise when she finds her lost love, Jack (Tony Roberts); Doug and Carol's wedding is endangered by both Natalie's interference and Alicia's (Eleanor Parker) bankruptcy. Conclusion of two parts.
22 Sep. 1979
The Grass Is Always Greener/Three Stages of Love/Oldies But Goodies
Julie envies her friend Tina, who gave up a career for marriage. Mike annoys his girlfriend Robin with constant talk about love's stages. A romance between seniors Nora and Phillip is disrupted by her flighty daughter and his stuffy valet.
29 Sep. 1979
Going My Way/Dance with Me/Doc, Be Patient
A free spirit (Arlene Golonka) impulsively invites a cabbie (Buddy Hackett) she just met to go with her on a cruise; a former ballet dancer (Carol Lawrence) interjects herself into the affairs of her former partner (John Meehan), which doesn't please his current partner (Starr Danias); Dr. Bricker (Bernie Kopell) becomes ill and becomes a difficult patient under the care of an attractive doctor (Susan Sullivan), who is a cruise passenger.
6 Oct. 1979
The Scoop/The Audit Couple/My Boyfriend's Back
Uptight IRS agent Viola Penny audits Stubing, who tries to get her to loosen up. A tabloid reporter trails a female celebrity because he thinks she's meeting a secret lover. A honeymooner discovers her ex is on the ship and wants her back.
13 Oct. 1979
Gopher's Greatest Hits/The Vacation/One Rose a Day
A singer cancels and Julie (Lauren Tewes) tries to find another. So when Doc (Bernie Kopell) and Isaac (Ted Lange) overhear Gopher (Fred Grandy) singing in the shower, they persuade Julie to recruit Gopher as the replacement. Sisters Joan Horner (Joanna Cassidy) and Olivia Brinkley (Jaye P. Morgan) take a cruise together once a year and are joined this time by Joan's stuffy husband, Byron (Conrad Janis). Widow Janet Latham (Martha Scott) receives a surprise from her florist Henry Dobson (Don Ameche), who has been delivering a rose each day, in her husband's name, since he died.
20 Oct. 1979
The Reunion/Haven't I Seen You?/Crew Confessions
A shoe salesman (Don Knotts), who strongly resembles a famous TV star, initially tries to deny it until an attractive woman (Julie Newmar) hits on him; a woman (Jane Wyatt), who was separated from her husband (Jean-Pierre Aumont) in WW II, hopes to reunite with him; Isaac (Ted Lange) decides to become a writer but can't decide on what kind of genre to write.
27 Oct. 1979
Play by Play/Cindy/What's a Brother For?
A woman with a stepmother and two stepsisters gets a chance to shine thanks to Gopher. A sportscaster woman gets surprised by her sexist TV partner and challenges him to a contest. A man with his handicapped brother meets a beautiful woman.
3 Nov. 1979
Trial Romance/Never Say Goodbye/A New Woman
Two opposing members of a hung jury (Jo Ann Pflug and Vic Tayback) run into each other on the cruise; the Captain's (Gavin MacLeod) estranged daughter (Jill Whelan) runs away from her aunt (Sandra Deel)'s home to be with Stubing; Julie (Lauren Tewes) tries to play matchmaker for a male passenger (Louis Nye) and a female passenger (Gale Storm), but he (Nye) mistakenly thinks Julie is after him.
10 Nov. 1979
The Love Lamp Is Lit/Critical Success/Rent a Family/Take My Boyfriend, Please/The Man in Her Life: Part 1
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are among those on board for a charity cruise to benefit an orphanage. Show business legend Stella Logan (Ginger Rogers) rebuffs her ex-fiancé Elliott Norman (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.), a tough theatre critic who has written a play for her and wants her to critique it but is afraid she'll reject it, due to his past treatment of her when they broke up. Divorcing Lou and Nora Hayman (Larry Linville and Gunilla Hutton) plot to steal fifty thousand dollars in gems that are hidden in a lamp, which is making the rounds of the crew members. Helen Ames (Dina Merrill) thinks that her daughter Wendy (Gaye Carter), a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, is trying to ...
10 Nov. 1979
The Love Lamp Is Lit/Critical Success/Rent a Family/Take My Boyfriend, Please/The Man in Her Life: Part 2
Stacy (Tami Barber) begins to regret her decision to avoid Mark's (Stephen Shortridge) amorous advances. Lou (Larry Linville) and Nora (Gunilla Hutton) look high and low for the diamonds. Helen (Dina Merrill) thinks that Bill (William Windom) is really interested in her daughter Wendy (Gaye Carter), instead of her and wants to marry her. Paul (Bill Daily) regrets his decision to fool his new boss (John Hillerman) with a fake family (Roz Kelly, Patsy Kelly and Jackie Earle Haley), when he falls in love with Lisa (Kim Kilway), one of the cheerleaders. Elliot (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and Stella (Ginger Rogers) continue to bicker with each other, until they each reveal a secret they've each been hiding.
17 Nov. 1979
The Brotherhood of the Sea/Letter to Babycakes/Daddy's Pride
The guys deceive Julie in elaborate fashion to plan her birthday surprise. Rich adulterer Bart uses his assistant Wally to cover for him. Olympic hopeful Penny Barrett would rather hang with a male teenager than practice in the gym.
24 Nov. 1979
Not Now, I'm Dying/Too Young to Love/Eleanor's Return
Doc's friend Lucy's boyfriend Peter fakes an illness to avoid marrying her. Stubing hopes to reunite with ex-flame Eleanor, and recruits Gopher to keep teenage lovers Terry and Monica apart and appease a cruise line VIP.
1 Dec. 1979
The Stimulation of Stephanie/Life Begins at 40/The Next Step
A professor's assistant is in love with him but he hasn't a clue; a pro football player has to accept the fact he can't play any longer; a woman comes on board determined to marry the first man who says yes.
8 Dec. 1979
The Harder They Fall/The Spider Serenade/Next Door Wife
Gopher dates passenger Claire Dalrymple, who tells him she's separated. Carol Hanson tries to pry her ex-husband Chet away from his girlfriend Kim by rooming next door. Ex-boxers Ed Taylor and Jack McTigue renew their decades-old rivalry.
15 Dec. 1979
Making the Grade/The Gift/Doc's 'Ex' Change
Bricker discovers he is still married to one of his ex-wives; a financially troubled couple find an envelope filled with cash; A boy is excited about the cruise until his teacher comes on board and romances his mother

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