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Season 4

29 Nov. 1980
Tell Her She's Great/Matchmaker, Matchmaker Times Two/The Baby Alarm
Two sets of parents try to get their children together. And the children are fed with them pushing them together that they decide to do something. But it blows up in their faces. A single mother looking for a guy will only date someone whom her baby likes. And Isaac's aunt and uncle come on board and her aunt who fancies herself an actress, performs and Isaac asks them to praise her and in doing so she decides to pursue it which means she will leave her husband.
6 Dec. 1980
She Stole His Heart/Return of the Captain's Brother/Swag and Mag
A kleptomaniac meets a psychiatrist who tries to help her but when they fall for each other, the psychiatrist keeps his distance. A television star comes on board and Vicki who adores him expects him to be like his character but is not. And the Captain's brother comes on the cruise to introduce the woman he is going to marry to the Captain. But a woman whom he was involved with follows and tries to woo him back to her and he finds it hard to resist her.
13 Dec. 1980
Boomerang/Captain's Triangle/Out of This World
A woman whom Stubing knows comes on board with her husband but is feeling neglected so he turns to him. A woman who wants to keep guys from hitting on her puts on a wedding ring. And a scientist thinks a woman is an alien and convinces Gopher of it who freaks out.
28 Feb. 1981
Black Sheep/Hometown Doc/Clothes Make the Girl
Isaac's uncle who's not exactly been an upstanding guy comes on board. And a government agent tells the Captain that he is following Isaac's uncle he thinks he's involved in something that's not exactly legal. A member of the crew is attracted to a passenger but her mother is hoping she can snag a wealthy man. So he borrows another passenger's clothes and pretends to be a man of means. And a guy from Doc's hometown whom he helped send to medical school so that their hometown can have a doctor comes on board to introduce Doc to his fiancée and tells him that he's not ...
11 Apr. 1981
Vicki and the Gambler/Love with a Skinny Stranger/That Old Gang of Mine
Captain Stubing's friend, Gene Barry, is a gambler, who becomes a bad influence on Vicki; a man (Charles Siebert), who lost a lot of weight, and his fiancée, Vicki Lawrence; old-time members of a gang reunite to rob the ship's vault.
9 May 1981
Maid for Each Other/Lost and Found/Then There Were Two
Passengers: Gopher's aunt (Jane Powell); a playboy (Joe Namath) with a scheme for his best friend (Fred Willard); an abandoned baby.
16 May 1981
Tony and Julie/Separate Beds/America's Sweetheart
Julie has a run in with a guy who turns out to be a passenger and they butt heads. A young actress comes on board and makes a fool of Vicki. And an estranged husband and wife,one of whom is neat freak and the other a slob find themselves not only on the ship but in the same cabin.

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